2 weeks travel itinerary in Indonesia

Q – We are planning to travel to Indonesia before heading on to Australia, and was bogged down with the sheer size of Indonesia. What itinerary would you suggest for us or where are the areas we should cover in Indonesia. Unfortunately we only have 2 weeks before we need to get to Australia. We love a good mix of culture and history with some adventure, as we both dive. Can you please recommend us an itinerary?
– Rose and JD

In trying to cover the top 10 must visit places in Indonesia, but still not overstress or rush yourself, yet able also to cover important cultural and history while also fit in diving and the beach, you may have play around this suggested itinerary:

Fly into Yogyakarta, yes you would be missing out on Jakarta but with limited time we have to sacrifice that, so yes go to Yogyakarta for the must see Borobudur and Prambanan, and besides it has a lot of arts, culture and history as well, a really good mix for a lot of things. You should stay at least about 4 days in Yogyakarta. Then move on to Malang for Mount Bromo at East Java, and spend about 3 nights to make way to Bromo and do the hike up Mount Bromo. From there continue on straight to Bali, for a good chill out for 5 days to explore the Bali’s top must visits, this is where you may get the best of Indonesia backpacker scene, with culture, history, people, beach and dive all mix into one.

Adding in between the travel days between places, the above plan should make up to a 2 weeks itinerary in traveling Indonesia. Have a good time!

Author: Pearl

Living in Jakarta for more than 20 years now, she still have not manage to cover the tip of Indonesia’s diverse destinations, people and even food! Pearl loves shopping as much as enjoying luxury but she knows all these have to be done sensibly and on a budget. Therefore you may find the best scoop and offers in Jakarta and beyond with her.