Bandung Trip Itinerary – 3 days or nights

Bandung is your one-stop destination for culinary, culture, shopping and nature. Your trip will definitely tickle your every sense with Bandung’s diverse tourist attractions and things to do.

Culinary wise, you will find unique cafes in every corner and delicious local food everywhere. Culture-wise, there are the Lawangwangi art space performances while shopping wise, you will be spoilt for choices with its many factory outlets and boutiques.

To top it off, get around Bandung for excursions to famous places like the Kawah Putih Crater or chill by Situ Patenggang lake or look up the legend of Tangkuban Perahu.

Read on for our Bandung Trip 3 days itinerary plan that will help you to maximise your visit here!

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Day One – Shopping, Cafe and Restaurant

Bandung is really quite a vibrant city and is considered a hub for retail and culinary tourism. Jalan Setiabudi, Jalan Cihampelas, and Jalan Riau are a couple of very popular areas where you’ll find the streets fill with shopping and eating opportunities!

Start the morning with a trip to Rumah Mode on Jalan Setiabudi (to beat the afternoon crowds!). This factory outlet bursts at the seams with all things retail. They also have a few eateries where you can taste local treats such as Batagor, Nasi Timbel, and Martabak, set around beautiful garden settings.

Rumah Mode at Bandung, Indonesia

Rumah Mode at Bandung. Photo by Isna On/Off

Midday head down to Jalan Cihampelas, popularly known as ‘Jeans Street’ due to the huge amount of denim sellers there. This is also a busy street with a notable lack of walking areas – so take care when moving from shop to shop! What makes this street stand out are the large cartoon statues that head some of the shops. You’ll find Rambo, Spiderman, Aladdin, Hercules, Superman, to name just a few! This street isn’t the cleanest or most organized, but it’s worth a visit if only just to see it’s unique visual appeal.

If Jeans Street tired you out, which it most certainly will, you can pop into Ciwalk Mall for a bit of relaxation with more complete, organized shops and restaurants. It’s designed in a garden walk style which makes for pleasant strolling. Gokanna serves up traditional Indonesian and Sundanese (the local food in Bandung) dishes, or there are western favourites such as Soho, Raffles, and Pizza Hut among others.

Jeans Street at Bandung, Indonesia

Jeans Street at Bandung. Photo by ann_espino

After a bit of rest, Jalan Riau calls for more shopping and an abundance of delectable cafes and restaurants. Two favourite factory outlets here are The Secret Factory Outlet and Heritage Factory Outlet. They’re both comfortable, complete, and reasonably cheap. Heritage is set in one of the old Dutch buildings that have been refurbished to suit modern Bandung, and there’s quite a good restaurant next door called Dakken Coffee and Steak, also in a refurbished colonial building. They serve tasty local and western food, recommended! Otherwise, there’s a lovely café around the corner on Jalan Progo called Hummingbird Eatery, which also has a decadent selection of cakes and cookies!

The Secret Factory Outlet at Bandung, Indonesia

The Secret Factory Outlet at Bandung. Photo by Irwandy Mazwir

If you don’t fancy settling in for dinner here around Riau, there’s a nice restaurant not too far away called Atmosphere Resort Café that has a stunning traditional décor and delectable menu.

Day Two – Excursions from Bandung

With shopping and eating thoroughly explored in the city, it’s time to find some nature!

Head to the south Ciwidey hills in the morning. You’ll find the temperatures drop and the natural scenery takes over. Kawah Putih Crater Lake is quite a beautiful sight! The enchanting turquoise crater, ghostly bare trees, grey hills and white mist make it a rather stunning spot for budding photographers and selfie-takers. Make sure you wear a mask or cover your nose and mouth as breathing in sulfur fumes can be uncomfortable. Nearby, you’ll find lushly green tea plantations such as Rancabali that will also take your breath away! They cover rather large areas, so crowds aren’t a worry and peaceful moments are enough for everyone. There are a few places that have thermal hot pools too, but they’re usually full of local families and can get really crowded.

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Excursion from Bandung to Kawah Putih Crater, Indonesia

Excursion from Bandung – Kawah Putih Crater

Stop by Situ Patenggang lake and prepare to witness yet another sight for sore eyes. Take a small boat ride to Batu Cinta and hear the old story about this ‘Love Rock’ in the middle of the lake. This is a really picturesque lake so make sure you have your camera ready! No doubt you’ll be doing a lot of snacking on local treats around Ciwidey, but for a late lunch, there are some good traditional restaurants. Saung Gawir comes recommended, as does Sidang Reret, both boast delicious local cuisines and stunning natural scenery. They are located on the main road from which you come and go from Ciwidey area.

Situ Patenggang lake, Bandung, Indonesia

Situ Patenggang lake

In the evening, you might find yourself tired from the hectic traffic getting to and from Ciwidey. So it might be a nice idea to chill at your hotel or take an evening stroll along Jalan Braga, possibly the most unique and well-known heritage streets in Bandung that still holds it’s colonial style architecture. Here you’ll find cafes, restaurants, art shops and even a mall (Braga City Walk). On the southern corner sits Gedung Merdeka which houses the Asian-African Conference Museum that was first held in 1955, and its 60th-anniversary conference was held just recently in 2015. Masjid Raya Bandung is just around the corner in Alun-Alun. The most noteworthy mosque in the city is open to the public on Saturday and Monday. It should also be said that most shops on Jalan Braga are closed on Sundays, so a visit to this area would be best on Saturday (though very busy), or Monday.

Masjid Raya (Mosque) Bandung, Indonesia

Masjid Raya (Mosque) Bandung. Photo by Ikhlasul Amal

Day Three – Nature, art and food

Today can be a relaxing and unwinding mix of nature, art, and food.

30km to the north of Bandung lies a stratovolcano crater called Tangkuban Perahu (meaning: ‘up-turned boat’) which has an interesting local legend about love and tragedy that can be told by locals there, just ask! There are three main craters: Kawah Ratu, Kawah Domas, and Kawah Upas. The atmosphere is friendly and very local, with souvenirs, snacks, and plenty of photo opportunities. It gets pretty chilly up there so be sure to bring a jacket and scarf. Or you can buy colourful scarves and gloves on the site!

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Tangkuban Perahu, Bandung, Indonesia

Tangkuban Perahu, Bandung

Beautiful view from Lawangwangi Art Space Bandung, Indonesia

Beautiful view from Lawangwangi Art Space. Photo by Riana Ambarsari

Also in the north, there are a few villas and resorts like Gracia Resort and Spa * (75,000 IDR entrance) and Ciater Hot Springs (40,000 IDR entrance) which have hot spring pools and nice restaurants. Spend a night here to experience the cool temperatures and steamy springs, and sample local delicacies in any of the cosy restaurants. Really, quite a treat! Again, the temperatures are comfortably neutral during the day but can get rather cold once night falls.

While you’re in the area, visit an art gallery and restaurant. One popular gallery is called Lawangwangi Art Space. They have alternate exhibitions monthly with both local and international artists, a café, event rooms, garden, and photogenic balcony with a beautiful view of Bandung. Another famous gallery is called Selasar which has similar features but specializes in delicious Indian dishes among other Indonesian and western flavors. Selasar tends to be a lot quieter and calmer in the atmosphere than the ever-popular Lawangwangi.

Tam Indonesia Travel Guide

Tam has lived in Bandung and traveled Indonesia for more than 6 years.
You can connect with her at Instagram

Best Accommodations in Bandung is my favourite site to book a place when I am planning my trip. The main reason is that most of the bookings can be cancelled right up to the trip, allowing flexibility. Most people like to stay in the center of Bandung for easy access to shopping and food, but if you are looking for a relaxing and tranquil getaway, a little up north are some beautiful retreats, with quicker access to tourist spots. Here are a few of the best accommodations that we recommend to stay in Bandung:

Luxury (from 150 USD)
Padma Hotel
For those who enjoys nature and tranquillity, this hotel is surrounded by greeneries and mountain breeze. Highly recommended for luxury seekers. This deluxe hotel comes with a stunning pool area, impressive outdoor dining and a variety of free activities to choose from.Find latest prices or reviews at *
The Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung
For those seeking luxury in a good location, this hotel is attached to a major mall. The skyline views from the rooms will make you want to stay in! The interior is extravagant yet comfortable. It is also a favourite of family, as there are clubs and sand area at the pool for the kids. Find latest prices or reviews at *
Mid-range (50 - 150 USD)
Hilton Bandung
For those looking for a well-known hotel with world class services and strong security. You will find all the usual luxury here, with impressive rooftop pool, featuring beautiful views of Tangkuban Perahu mountain. Also well located, it is only 5 minutes walk to the shopping center and 5 minutes drive to the airport. Book quickly as this hotel often sells out. Find latest prices or reviews at *
Grand Mercure
Another safe and well known hotel for a mid-range budget. This hotel located quietly just off center of Bandung. With a grand design, it comes with impressive pools, sun terraces and a fitness center. Find latest prices or reviews at *
Budget (below 50 USD)
Harris Hotel
Well-known name for its good budget hotels, this one in Bandung lives up to it. Value for money, this hotel comes with a rooftop pool, gym and spa. The spacious rooms come with a view to the beautiful Ciumbeuleuit area. Located north of Bandung, it has easy access to Lembang area with many of Bandung’s must see places above. Find latest prices or reviews at *
Ivory by Ayola Hotel Bandung
For those looking for an affordable hotel in the center of Bandung. Located strategically at the Riau Street, this stylishly designed hotel is spacious yet cozy. Guests love it here for the price, location, comfortable beds and good coffee. Find the latest prices and reviews at *

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Visa for Long Term Stays in Bali and rest of Indonesia

Below are the two types of most common visas for non-professional longer term stays.

You should note that the date of arrival in Indonesia is counted as day one of the permitted stay and the date of departure is also counted as a full day even if the flight leaves just after midnight.

Visa on Arrival

As the name states, this is a visa you can purchase when you arrive in Indonesia at designated entry points by paying US$35. The VOA is a single entry visa good for up to 30 days and can be extended ONLY ONCE for an additional 30 days for another $35. So essentially its $70 visa for a maximum stay of 60 days. You can also apply for this visa before you travel at your respective country’s Indonesian embassy/consulate if you’re not a slacker.

Social/Cultural Visit Visa

For people who want to stay longer than 60 days, a social/cultural visit visa may be your best bet. Commonly used for those overseas coming to study, for research, training programs or to visit family members, the visa allows you to stay for 60 days, but can be extended up to four more times, for a maximum of 180 days total. Applying for this visa takes a little more effort because all good things in life must be earned and you must do it while you’re out of the country.

  • You’ll need:
    • A letter of invitation/sponsorship from
      • an Indonesian citizen
      • a foreigner with a Temporary (ITAS)
      • Permanent (ITAP) Resident permit
    • A photocopy of the sponsor’s ID card (KTP or ITAS /ITAP)
    • A photocopy of the Kartu Keluarga (family card)
    • A copy of your bank statement from the last two weeks, or a letter from the bank stating that the applicant has a sufficient fund
    • Proof of return or onward ticket booked for a date no later than 6 months after your date of entry into Indonesia for the maximum stay
    • Your passport
    • Two passport photos
    • Completed application form which you can get here
    • Visa fee
  • The letter of invitation/sponsorship must include:
    • The full names and addresses of the visitors
    • Visitor’s passport numbers
    • Description of the purpose of the visit
    • Principal addresses during the stay
    • A guarantee that the sponsor will cover all living expenses, transportation costs, and any other costs incurred during the visitor’s time in Indonesia

The validity of the social/cultural visit visa will be three months from the date of issue. If you want to extend this particular visa, you must apply for the extension in the same wilayah (district) as the address stated by your sponsor’s identity card. This means that if the KTP of your sponsor has been issued in Java, you must apply for all extensions in Java and not Bali.

If you do happen to overstay your visa, you will be fined Rp 200,000/day for every day, then deported once you have paid the fine. The maximum fine for overstaying a visa is Rp 25 million and 5 years in jail, so just don’t do it!

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Top 10 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Bali

If you’re planning a family holiday to Bali, there are a number of important things you’ll need to take care of in advance, such as checking the latest travel warnings, selecting a suitable travel insurance policy, ensuring everyone’s vaccines are up to date, and last but not least, putting together an itinerary that will keep everyone happy.
When it comes to choosing things to do, however, you may find that many travel advisories list activities like water parks and kids play clubs for families with kids.

But since the thought of visiting overcrowded attractions that are quite similar to the ones at home may not appeal to you, here are ten outdoorsy yet family-friendly activities that will allow you to take in as much of this beautiful island as possible.

Kids at the beach in Bali, Indonesia

Kids at the beach in Bali

Have a tree-top adventure

The Bali Treetop Adventure Park located within the Bali Botanical Garden in Bedugul is the perfect mix of nature and organised fun. There are circuits to suit all ages, from the Squirrel Yellow Circuit for small children to the Adrenaline Black Circuit for older kids and adults, which includes challenges such as uphill nets, climbing walls and flying swings.

Dolphin spotting with kids at Bali, Indonesia

Dolphin spotting with kids at Bali

Visit the Bali Bird Park

The Bali Bird Park is home to 250 species of birds and plays an important role in protecting and conserving the endangered wildlife in Indonesia. Aside from watching and learning about the different types of birds, kids will enjoy wandering through the various natural environments that have been recreated to simulate the birds’ natural habitats, including a tropical rain forest and African savannah.

Visit Bali Bird Park with kids at Bali, Indonesia

Visit Bali Bird Park with kids at Bali

Go dolphin spotting at Lovina Beach

Watching dolphins glide through the water in their natural habitat is an experience neither you nor your kids will quickly forget. Lovina Beach is one of the best places to view dolphins in Bali thanks to its calmer waters, and while you’ll have to get up pretty early to catch one of the dolphin-watching boats that head out at sunrise, it will definitely be worth it when you see the dolphins twirling, jumping and playing right next to your boat.

Brave the rapids north of Ubud

If your kids are a bit older and you feel up to a more adventurous activity, Bali is an excellent place to try white water rafting for the first time. The Ayung and Telaga Waja rivers located north of Ubud are great for rafting all year round, although the Ayung River is calmer and better suited to younger kids between five and eight years old. Also, keep in mind that the rapids will be easier for kids and beginners in the dry season when water levels are lower.

Snorkeling with Kids at Menjangen Island, Bali, Indonesia

Snorkeling with Kids at Menjangan Island, Bali

Visit a cacao plantation

There are numerous coffee and cacao plantations in Bali, and learning about how cacao beans are transformed into chocolate can be an entertaining and educational experience for kids. Some plantation tours also include a chocolate tasting, so kids can sample some different types of chocolate for themselves and even try their hand at turning the bitter cacao into something delicious.

Visit the Cacao Plantation with Kids, Bali, Indonesia

Visit the Cacao Plantation with Kids, Bali

Try some snorkelling at Menjangan Island

If you want to try snorkelling while in Bali, Menjangan Island is one of the best places to go. The island is part of the West Bali National Park and getting there requires hiring a boat, so it’s still relatively secluded compared to some of the other popular spots around Bali. Kids will be thrilled to watch the many colourful fish, sea turtles and coral, but make sure you bring or hire everything you’ll need, including food, drinks and snorkelling gear, as there are no shops on the island.

Stroll or cycle through the rice paddies

Although Bali is famous for its white sandy beaches and clear waters, the inland scenery is spectacular too and well worth visiting if you want to get a glimpse of rural life. You take guided walks or cycle tours through the rice fields and terraces, and you may even get to visit with a local family and sample some authentic island cuisine. Just make sure your guide knows you’ll be bringing kids so the tour can be adjusted to include more rest stops or a quicker route if necessary.

Stroll the rice paddies with Kids, Bali, Indonesia

Stroll the rice paddies with Kids, Bali

Take a surf or body board lesson

Even if your kids have never surfed before, taking surf or body board lessons can be an exciting experience, and may even help them discover a brand new hobby. Although Bali is known for its big and powerful waves, there are plenty of beaches suited to kids and beginners who are still learning the basics. Some surf schools even provide group lessons for families who want to learn together.

Surf or beach board with the Kids at Bali, Indonesia

Surf or beach board with the Kids at Bali

Enjoy a morning at the Bali Butterfly Park

If you’re looking for a lower-key family activity after all the excitement of surfing, rafting or snorkelling, the Bali Butterfly Park or Taman Kupu Kupu in Balinese might be just the thing. It’s a lovely tropical garden where you can spot hundreds of colourful butterflies as well as a number of other interesting insects including stick and leaf insects. The best time to visit is in the early morning when the butterflies will be more active.

Go strawberry picking with the kids at Bali, Indonesia

Go strawberry picking with the kids at Bali

Go strawberry picking

Another place you can spend a peaceful but memorable morning or afternoon is the Bali Strawberry Farm located in the mountains of Bedugul. You can start with a tour of the lush strawberry fields and even pick some of the juiciest ones to bring back with you. Once you’ve gathered as many strawberries as you can carry, the onsite restaurant serves up refreshing strawberry snacks and desserts like pancakes, smoothies and ice-cream.

Have you travelled to Bali with kids? Share your recommendations for family-friendly activities with us in the comment section.

Stenger Indonesia Travel Guide

Marianne Stenger is a freelance writer and travel fiend. You can connect with her on Google+ and Twitter, or find her latest articles Google+ and here.

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Where to Stay in Indonesia: Homestay

How can you get the most out of your Indonesian holiday, save money and get to know local cultures and local people? Stay in a homestay!

Homestays are accommodations offered either in a local person’s home, or in a home-like setting.

Why Stay in a Homestay?

One of the best things about staying in a homestay is that your money goes directly to local people, which has a positive effect on their lives, and can have a positive effect on the environment. Some communities in Indonesia rely on slash and burn agriculture to survive, and tourism can provide an alternative source of income to reduce the threat of deforestation.

Homestays can often help you hire a car and driver, or offer you transportation in between cities or from the airport. They can also organize tours for you or connect you to local tour guides.

View from a Homestay in Indonesia

View from a Homestay in Indonesia

Favourite Homestay Indonesia

My favorite homestay is in Batuputih, North Sulawesi, near Tangkoko Nature Reserve. Ranger Homestay is located a few minutes’ walk from the park entrance. Sakar, who formerly worked with English-speaking NGOs, served as our driver and nature guide during our short stay. He and his daughter Fiona showed us the wonders of the forest: black tail macaques, cuscus, hornbills, tarsiers, and miscellaneous exotic birds. They welcomed us into their village, and even invited us to a family wedding. Ranger Homestay felt like our home away from home, in this small seaside village.

Tangkoko Nature Reserve, Indonesia

Tangkoko Nature Reserve, Indonesia

What to expect when you stay in a homestay

Accommodations are similar to how local people live. In Indonesia, this typically means the furnishings will be sparse (the mattress may be on the floor and dinner may be served on a rug), the toilet may be a squat toilet, and showers may consist of dumping a small bucket of water over your head. While these accommodations might be outside of your comfort zone, you can relax knowing that you’re being taken care of by a local family. Meals are usually included, which is a great way to try out local dishes. Most of the family will probably not speak much English, but don’t worry if you don’t speak Bahasa Indonesia – there is probably a younger relative who speaks good English.

Homestay in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Homestay in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

What to bring

Definitely bring cash. The local ATM might not work, and the homestay will only take payments in cash.

If you’re coming from a cooler climate, bring a sarong or bed sheet. Don’t be surprised if your room comes without a blanket, or with a very thick blanket. It’s best to bring your own sheet for covering up.

In the beautiful small towns of Indonesia where homestays are common, the nightlife can be quite sleepy. Bring a book, a deck of cards, an iPad loaded with movies, or other evening entertainment.

And definitely don’t forget your sense of adventure, and your curiosity! Homestays are a great way to get to know local people and to understand their way of life.

Heather Indonesia Travel Guide
Heather is an American living in Jakarta, surviving the macet and trying to get the most out of life in “the big Durian.” She loves traveling around Indonesia and writing about her discoveries here, and at

Photo credits from top: Becky Stern, Lip Kee and yb_woodstock