Itinerary for Travel in North Sulawesi around Manado for a week

I would like to travel around the Sulawesi Utara besides just diving, which is of course my main aim there. I will be diving either at Bunaken Island or the Togian Islands, I haven’t decide. What other places can I cover in between? A suggested sample itinerary for week in North Sulawesi would be great!
– Evika

For a week itinerary, you may go along these plans along with your dive trips:
Day 1 – Manado and arrive and go around
Day 2 – Tomohon
Day 3 to 5 – Diving in either Bunaken Island or Togian Islands
Day 6 – Lake Tondano or Tangkoko Nature Reserve and back to Manado
Day 7 – Manado and fly off

Author: Pearl

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  1. Do not think you have given yourself enough time to travel to Togians. Need a whole day or two to travel each way from Manado. Best to dive in Bunaken as nearer.

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