Looking for planning ideas for your itineraries? Look no further as here are some of our recommended itineraries for Bali, Jakarta and the rest of Indonesia so that you do not miss out the must visit places and things to do in your trip.

Featured Cities

Jakarta 3 Days

3 Days Itinerary in Jakarta In this itinerary we will check out one of Indonesia’s largest city Jakarta. It would be a challenge but nonetheless, we may be able to check out much of the must visit places in Jakarta.

Bandung 3 Days

3 Days Itinerary in Bandung

Explore Bandung, your one-stop destination for culinary, culture, shopping and nature. Unique cafes and delicious local food everywhere, with also many things to do and see in Bandung for everybody.

Featured Bali Itinerary

10 days in Bali Itinerary

10In this itinerary you will find yourself relaxing at one of the best beaches of Bali, eating the best foods of Bali, catching the famous Kecak Dance performance, visiting two of the best temples in Bali, attend a cooking class, enjoying the sunrise at Mount Batur, taking some surfing lessons, shopping of course and tasting coffee. Read more

Featured Sumatra Itinerary

Sumatra 7 Days / 1 Week Itinerary

SumatraIn this itinerary, you will find yourself covering the 3 main tourist locations of Sumatra that are interlinked to your convenience. They are Medan, the main city and where you most likely fly into, Berastagi, the Karo highlands of rice fields and the famous Lake Toba, the largest volcano lake in the world with arguably the best tourist facilities in Sumatra. Read more

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