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Here in Indonesia Travel Guide, we strive to bring you All information about Indonesia for your independent travel here, planning itinerary, tips, routes, budget and everything else.

Plan to visit Indonesia? Wanted to travel Indonesia independently yet safely? In Indonesia, you can be sure to find something that would feed your travel style and choices. Not sure where to go or how to plan your itinerary? Have a look at the top 10 places to visit in Indonesia before deciding and planning. Or if you haven’t even decide whether Indonesia would be your next travel destination, then see why you should visit Indonesia.

We hope to help promote wonderful country which has so much to offer and also to show you that it is possible to travel independently or backpack in Indonesia. We also hope to spur you to travel to this country which is full of friendly people, rich in culture and history, diverse in nature and with both well-trodden and unbeaten tracks for you to enjoy and discover.

The Team

Indonesia Travel Guide Team - Rachel

Rachel Ooi
Being fascinated by Indonesia, Rachel hopes to bring the best guides and tips to independent travelers, so that they can enjoy what Indonesia has best to offer. Being an independent wanderer herself, Rachel knows what it takes to make a good, fun-filled yet responsible independent traveling. So let’s join her to discover wonderful Indonesia together.

Mathias Goebel
After arriving in Indonesia out of chance and without a plan, Mathias found himself staying and extending his travel in Indonesia to 3 months. Even that, he finds that he has yet to discover everything about this wonderful country. He wants to share his experiences and tips here in Indonesia Travel Guide, in a way of giving back to the beautiful people he meet here, and to inspire others to come discover this country.

Indonesia Travel Guide Team - Pearl

Pearl Koon
Living in Jakarta for more than 20 years now, Pearl has not manage still to cover the tip of Indonesia’s diverse destinations, people and even food! Pearl loves shopping as much as enjoying luxury but she knows all these have to be done sensibly and on a budget. Therefore, you may find the best scoop and offers in Jakarta and beyond with her.

Current Contributors

Indonesia Travel Guide writer - Aisyah

Aisyah Llewellyn
Aisyah lives in Sumatra of beautiful Indonesia and writes widely about food and travel in Southeast Asia. Fluent in Indonesian, she also runs food tours educating travellers about Indonesian food and ingredients. She has travelled all over Indonesia but fell in love with North Sumatra when she first visited over 10 years ago. You can follow her on Twitter @BRITgrlINDOfood. View all posts by Aisyah

Indonesia Travel Guide writer - Isti

Isti Istiningsih
A native Indonesian who is still trying to travel and explore every part of her own country. Though sometimes she is also curious to see what’s out there in the world, to seek another knowledge, culture and habits. She got a couple of chances to travel solo and now thinks that it will give her more valuable experiences. Hence, she is planning now for her next solo journey.

Past Contributors

Indonesia Travel Guide Team - Andrea

Andrea Wangsanata
Native New Yorker turned world traveler. As a first generation Indonesian-Chinese-American (gado-gado, as the locals call her), Andrea has been practicing her Bahasa Indonesian and eating her way through the beautiful archipelago. After 16 months on the road, Andrea has finally settled in Australia… for now. View all posts by Andrea

Indonesia Travel Guide writer - Diya

A traveller and a spontaneous trip-planner, Diya is a freelance writer from India who is now settled in Singapore. She’s chosen to freelance as her career because it gives her the freedom to travel. Exploring the South East Asia, Diya got fascinated by the Indonesian culture, its people and, of course, the cuisine. She spends a lot of time finding/visiting interesting Indonesian destination spots and sharing her tips with all the wanderers.View all posts by Diya

Indonesia Travel Guide Team - Devender

Devender Kundaliya
Traveler by heart, Devender is a freelance travel writer from India who loves reading, writing, playing, singing and much more. He is an admirer of the great diversity and natural beauty that Indonesia offers to its visitors. Enthralled by the rich history and culture of Indonesia, Devender attempts to provide valuable and interesting information on some of the most fascinating and remote destinations in Indonesia. View all posts by Devender

Indonesia Travel Guide Team - nil

Nil Hajra
Writer with a mind that travels through time and with time. Having seen some of the most beautiful places in the world, Nil enjoys discovering new places and learning about its people. She believes in learning through experiences of others for self-betterment. She also thinks that having an open mind will help us respect and understand one another. View all posts by Nil Hajra

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