Top 10 Beaches near Jakarta

If you are looking for beaches near Jakarta to get away from the city, you have come to the right place. Our list of beaches are reachable from Jakarta on just land or plus boats, from as little as 3 hours and up to 6 hours or more. Paradise is worth some effort!

Nobody would ever think that the landlocked Jakarta city has beaches, but you will be surprised how you can get to some beautiful ones in no time. Beaches are one of the best getaways from the hustle and bustle of this metropolitan city. Here is our list of beaches nearby Jakarta that you can get ti

Beaches at Jakarta

Ancol Beach

This beach is located in the North Jakarta. It is the most well-known beach and the closest one from the city center since you don’t have to cross the sea by boat to get into this place. Ancol beach is inside the main complex of Taman Impian Jaya Ancol (Ancol Dreamland). It is divided into six different beaches; Pantai Karnaval Ancol, Pantai Festival Ancol, Pantai Ria Ancol, Pantai Indah Ancol, Pantai Beach Pool or Ancol Lagoon, and Pantai Marina Ancol. Besides staying in the best hotels in Jakarta and just visit this place, or stay at this nearby well rated Hotel Grand Mercure Jakarta Kemayoran * which has free shuttle to this place or a new up and coming cozy Peggy Apartment * with a sea view.

Ancol Beach, Jakarta, Indonesia
Beautiful sunset at Ancol Beach, Jakarta. Photo by Starco

Beaches around 3 hours from Jakarta

Beach at Macan Island

This is an exclusive and private island with only 30 minutes away by boat from Marina Ancol, Jakarta. Scuba diving is a favorite activity here. This exclusive island allows only up 30 guests each time. Hence, it is reserved for those who are out to splurge. This island is well known for combining eco concept with modern technology. It is also no doubt a favourite of many romantic getaways.

Macan Island, a private paradise.
Macan Island, a private paradise. Photo by Christine und David Schmitt

Anyer Beach

The next nearest beach is about 150 km away from Jakarta and it is called Anyer Beach. This beach is famous for its beautiful sunset here. While for those who like activities, there’s water sports, snorkeling and surfing at this beach. Staying for one or two nights here would be enough. Accommodations are available from hotel, villa, cottage, and homestay. Best place to stay on Anyer Beach * itself is at the Hotel Aston *, a luxury villa with Indonesian charm. If you prefer nearer to Anyer town, then Hotel Aston * is for you with its own private beach and sunset dining option.

Anyer Beach, Jakarta, Indonesia
Anyer Beach, Jakarta, Indonesia. Photo by Rudi Ardiansyah

Carita Beach

Beside serving as a gate to into Peucang Island, Carita Beach is worthy as a destination itself. This beach has a wealth of resources such as fish, seaweed, and other marine products. Together with a long sandy beach and an amazing view of Mount Krakatau, you can enjoy the rhythm of the waves along with fresh breeze. Carita Beach can be found after you exit at Serang, coming from Jakarta. A good place to stay near Carita beach is the Villa Roca Layung *.

Beautiful sunset at Carita Beach near Jakarta.
Beautiful sunset at Carita Beach near Jakarta. Photo by Sita Basuki

Pasir Panjang Beach on Sangiang Island

If you are a big fan of underwater life, then Sangiang Island is a good choice. The route to Sangiang island is quite easy. From Jakarta, get to the city of Serang, Banten, and then you can use public transport or car directly to Cilegon and head directly to Paku Anyer Port. Take a boat about 45 minutes then you will find one of the hidden paradises in Banten. If you snorkel or dive here, you will find thousands of clownfish down there. Unfortunately, there are no resorts is built here yet but you can stay at the local houses or homestays.

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Pasir Panjang Beach, Sangiang Island, Jakarta, Indonesia
Leave Your Footprint on Sandy Beach. Photo by Isti

Beaches about 6 hours away from Jakarta

Sawarna Beach

Sarna beach is about 280 km from Jakarta. The fastest route is starting from Jakarta to Serang Timur – Pandeglang – Malimping – Bayah then Sawarna. This place is still very much off the radar since there is no public transportation that takes you directly here. Most visitors drive here themselves. A tourist attraction here is the iconic large rock which the local people call Batu Layar. The waves are also good for surfing at this beach. If you plan to stay longer, some resorts are available with sea-view rooms and other facilities. At such less touristed place, it’s your chance to try out an authentic homestay, such as Sawarna BimBim Seaview Homestay *

Batu Layar Beneath The Sunset
Batu Layar Beneath The Sunset. Photo by Jeffrey Manzini

Ujung Genteng Beach

Find a typical white sandy beach with the sun dancing on the sea which is safe to swim in at Ujung Genteng Beach. It takes around 4 to 5 hours from Jakarta to get here, first with a bus going to Sukabumi and then by public transport to Lembur Situ – Surede – Ujung Genteng. The route is steep and uphill but once your eyes finally meet this coastline, you will forget your long journey. Turtle Beach Hotel * is a good choice here with its own private pool and direct beach access, plus there’s BBQ!

Irresistable Ujung Genteng Beach.
Irresistable Ujung Genteng Beach. Photo by Deku Kertorahardjo

Peucang Island Beach

A province close by to Jakarta called Peucang has one hidden beach which you can easily visit during your weekend. Peucang Island is located inside Ujung Kulon National Park in the Pandeglang district, Banten. It is truly a heaven in the westernmost part of Java Island. Here you will find soft white sandy beaches, clear blue sea, and stunning coral reefs. There are also deer playing around at the beach! This place is accessible by taking a speed boat for 3-4 hours from Sumur Dock or Carita Beach.

Peucang Island, Ujong Kulon National Park.
Peucang Island, Ujong Kulon National Park. Photo by Wahyu Widhi

Tunda Island Beach

Nearby beaches to Jakarta are mostly located in Banten area and this one is another stunning beach on Tunda Island. The location is farther compared to Sangiang. Take a bus from Jakarta to Merak, get off at Pakupatan Serang Terminal then continue the journey by public transport directly to Karangantu Port take a 2 hours boat ride to the island. This place is great for snorkelling with rich coral reefs.

Tunda Island, Bahasa Indonesia
Tunda Island, Bahasa, Indonesia.  Photo by ASYFTRR11 via Wikimedia Commons

Pahawang Beach

From Jakarta, you can take the bus to Merak Port to cross Sunda Strait for 3 hours reaching Bakauheni Port in Lampung. After that, head to Ketapang Dock and take the boat for 2 hours to finally get to Pahawang Island. This remote island is worth the effort to get to, especially for marine life lovers. Snorkeling is the best activity to do here but besides that, it is great to walk down the beautiful white sand beach that is lined with rows of palm trees.

Pahawang Island, Indonesia
Pahawang Island, Indonesia. Photo by Fidelia Zheng

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Top 5 Things to Do in Tana Toraja, Sulawesi

Having thousand of islands, each area in Indonesia has its own unique culture and ritual. Tana Toraja in Sulawesi is one which has the said unique feature. Tana Toraja means simply Toraja Land. To get here, you have to first get into Makassar, which is a capital city of South Sulawesi. There is no flight going to this area. That is why you would have to take a private car or bus from Daya Terminal in Makassar to get to Tana Toraja. It takes around 8 to 10 hours driving from Makassar to Toraja.

Most people make their way to this remote location to take part and view the famous ancient burial rites. Death is an important part of the Toraja culture and their funeral rites are definitely worth an experience. Besides this fascinating activity, here are our suggested things to do while you are in Tana Toraja.

Rambu Solo death ritual, Tana Toraja in Sulawesi, Indonesia
People gather around to have the most awaited ritual, Rambu Solo. Picture by : Marina & Enrique

Watch the ancient funeral ceremony

First of all, we must check out the funeral ceremony or burial rites of the Toraja people. It is, after all, the most intriguing part this mountainous region. The local people called this mortuary death ritual Rambu Solo. The history of this ancient rite go way back and the concept of death is deeply entrenched in the people of Toraja.

They believe that a dead person is just someone who is sick and not completely dead until his/her family conduct the ritual. Since a lot of money is required to set a Rambu Solo, many wait for a while until they can afford the buffalos and pigs for the ceremony. Consequently, Rambu Solo also becomes a tool to classify people based on their social structure. The more sacrificial animals they can afford, the more people will discover that a family belongs to the upper social class. The people in Toraja always help one other to run this sacred and obligatory ritual, whether in terms of cost or labour. There is no exact date for Rambu Solo but mostly the rituals are carried out in June, July, and August. Come to Tana Toraja during these months to have a chance to participate in this ritual.

Tana Toraja, Sulawesi, Indonesia Map
Tana Toraja, Sulawesi, Indonesia Map

Visit the amazing Graves of Lemo

Visiting graves is surprisingly one of the exciting activities in Indonesia. Take walks around the place to visit various gravesites or other popular sites, normally around 1 – 3 hours walk. If walking is not your thing, you may try taking short bemo (minibus) rides from Rantepao. The most popular and photographed are the graves carved into the wall of the natural rocks at Lemo.

Graves at Lemo, Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Graves at Lemo. Photo by Arian Zwegers

Marvel at the traditional Tongkonan houses

These houses with upward-sloping roofs are decorated with intricate design, and they have been used as a center for Aluktodolo (an old Toraja people’s religion or belief) rites. The Aluktodolo rites are like storing harvest in a carved rice barns or water buffaloes slaughter for ceremonies. Places with houses, granaries and/or ceremonial grounds and burials are Pallawa, Bori Parinding, Kande Api, Nanggala, Buntu Pune, Londo, Lemo and Tumakke.

Tongkonan House at Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Tongkonan House. Photo by Arian Zwegers

Visit Ke’te Kesu village

This village is nominated for having a completed settlement in Tana Toraja. It has houses, granaries, burial place, ceremonial ground, rice fields and water buffalo pasture.

Learn The Traditional Spinning Process in Sa’dan Village

Learn how to spin the cotton with its traditional spinning process here in Sa’dan Village. Although not so well known by tourists, this is one of the must do things here. Grandma Panggau, one of few old people who is still strong and healthy, will teach you how to spin the cotton ball into a yarn. She is here with the support of government through Culture and Tourism Department to demonstrate this rare spinning process to tourists.

After that, buy some local-made woven fabrics to take home. All the fabrics here are directly distributed by the makers around Sa’dan. You may easily find many weavers in Toraja since almost all locals also rely on this job to earn some money. But it is now rare to find someone who can still process the yarn itself for the materials as per traditions.

Traditional Spinning Process in Sa’dan Village, Toraja, Indonesia
Traditional Spinning Process in Sa’dan Village, Toraja. Photo by Isti

View The Highest Statue of Jesus

Everyone knows about the world famous statue of Jesus in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with the height of 38 m. But few know about this other statue of Christ the Redeemer here in Toraja. Touted to be at the height of 40m, this may be the higher statue of the two!

Get yourself ready to climb the steep stairs 1km uphill to this statue. It is also good to spend your evening here to watch the amazing sunset. It is a picturesque viewpoint with the statue against the violet sky. Do be careful when you go downhill since this place does not provide proper lights along the pathway yet.

Highest statue of Jesus, Tana Toraja, Sulawesi, Indonesia
The Highest statue of Jesus at Tana Toraja. Photo by Isti

Take a bath at the Tilanga Spring Water

If you wish to keep yourself away from the crowd, then this place is for you. Tilanga spring water is a natural pool away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This pristine lake is nestled between rocks surrounded by the lush trees and natural sounds. The deepest part is about 5 meters down.

This destination is located at Sarira Village, Makale, about 15 km south of Rantepao. You can reach this place without any trekking. A parking area is provided. A fun thing to do here is to throw coins into the lake, as the local children here will excitedly jump into the water to catch them.

Take a bath at the Tilanga Spring Water, Toraja, Indonesia
A kiddo is trying to look for coins inside the water. Photo by Isti

Catch The Land Above The Sky

Wake up in the early morning to catch the most beautiful sunrise in Toraja. This place is located 1400 meters above the sea level in North Toraja. Lolai is the name of this place, also known to the people as “The Land Above The Sky”. To get the great view up here, you have to arrive here at least at 4.30 AM. As the sun rises, you will be awed by the light up clouds beneath your feet.

A travel tip is to take your own motorbike here. Please be careful though since the road access to here is narrow with limited street lighting. Drive slowly and stay alert when facing oncoming vehicles down the hill.

Catch The Land Above The Sky, Toraja, Indonesia
Catch The Land Above The Sky of Tana Toraja. Photo by Isti

Toraja is such an exotic destination, not only for its rich culture and unique ritual of generations but also its relatively unknown nature and tourist attractions. Motorbike is the best option here to explore the area. You can rent a motorbike with only IDR 150,000-200,000/day. Also, stay in the tourist area at Rantepao, so that you can easily find everything that you might need there.

Where to stay at Tana Toraja

Most travellers will choose to stay at Rantepao * as it is the most convenient. Popular hotels here are The Heritage Hotel * and Toraja Misiliana Hotel *.

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Top 10 Best Restaurants in Jakarta – Locals’ favourite

Indonesia has been known well for its thousand kinds of local food. In Jakarta itself, you can find all the food from around Indonesia ranging from street food to restaurants. We locals love to eat out too in search of our own favourite foods and here are our very own best restaurants in Jakarta. The restaurants here are mainly from Javanese and Balinese influence.

Eating out in Jakarta will definitely delight your palate with sweet and spicy dishes such as turmeric fish, fried duck with green chillies, mixed rice with all sorts of dishes, meat skewers and much more.

Here is a list of the top 10 locals’ best restaurants in Jakarta that you should try:

Café Batavia

This restaurant is located in the Kota Tua (Old Town) of Jakarta. Do not be surprised if see more foreigners than Indonesian people here. This restaurant preserved its colonial design and structure since 1837. Enjoy your seating in the classy wooden chairs with your selected local food such as Soto Betawi, Nasi Campur, or their signature Batavia Fried Rice.

Address: Jl. Lada No.14, RT.7/RW.7, Pinangsia, Tamansari, Jakarta Barat 11230

Café Batavia, Pinangsia, Tamansari, Jakarta, Barat
When foreigners and locals are hunting the same kind of cuisine at Cafe Batavia. Photo by Isti

Omah Sendok

Taken out from the Javanese language, Omah Sendok literally means “House of Spoon”. This restaurant used to be a house which has been turned into a restaurant. That is why you will find the authentic home ornaments such as its wooden chairs and tables. There is also a view of the pool while you enjoy your meal. I recommend to try Bandeng Priyayi, a dish made with milkfish with a touch of turmeric inside, covered with eggs on the outside, and served with crunchy crisps on the top.

Address: Jl. Taman MPU Sendok No.45, RT.8/RW.3, Selong, Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan 12190

Bandeng Priyayi, Omah Sendok Baru, Kota, Jakarta, Selatan
The delicious Bandeng Priyayi. Photo by Omah Sendok

Bebek Kaleyo

If you ask the people in Jakarta about the best place to eat duck in Jakarta, they will definitely answer “Bebek Kaleyo!”. This place is especially for those who love spicy meals. The duck which can be a kind of tough meat can be found tenderly cooked here, with the taste of spices perfectly absorbed deep within. The favourite dish here is Bebek Goreng Cabe Hijau (Fried Duck with Green Chili). But if you still cannot live without red chillis, don’t worry as they are always ready on each table.

Address: Jalan Lapangan Roos No.49, RT.4/RW.1, Tebet Timur, Tebet, RT.4/RW.1, Tebet Timur,  Jakarta Selatan 12840

Best place to eat Duck Bebek Kaleyo, Tebet Timur, Jakarta Selatan
Spacious restaurant around Tebet. AC room is available at the corner of this restaurant. Photo by Isti

Smarapura Resto

Balinese food does not have to be enjoyed in Bali. It can be found in this capital city of Jakarta too. Just located not far from Bebek Kaleyo, Smarapura Resto has a homey ambience with a local touch of Bali. There are 4 wooden gazeboes adorned with typical Balinese fabric in its surrounding. The waiter and waitress here also wear a traditional Balinese suit. A famous dish from Bali you must try is Nasi Ayam Betutu. Another good option is Nasi Campur Bali.

Address: Jalan Tebet Timur Dalam II No.43, Tebet, RT.3/RW.3, Tebet Timur, Jakarta Selatan, 12820

Ayam Betutu, a grilled spiced chicken. Photo by Smarapura Resto Tebet

Mbah Jingkrak

From Bali, we move then to Java. Mbah Jingkrak is a restaurant which serves many kinds of Javanese dish with the typical taste of sweeti and spicy. The menu is displayed in the front and you may choose your own favourites here. There is also a live Javanese music called Keroncong every day starting from 7 PM until 9 PM here. Mbah Jingkrak is located in an ancient Javanese concept house. There is also a pool at the corner that contains colourful balls that you can use for your photo background.
Address: Jl. Setiabudi Tengah No.11, RT.1/RW.1, Setia Budi, Setiabudi, Jakarta Selatan 10220

Javanese food at Mbah Jingkrak, Setia Budi, Setiabudi, Jakarta
Mangut, fish spiced up with coconut milk and chili at Mbah Jingkrak. Photo by Andreas Surya

Dapur Solo

This is another Javanese restaurant which specifically serves a variety of dishes from Solo, Central Java. As the other Javanese restaurant, dishes at Dapur Solo comes laden with sweet and spicy. One of the most renowned food from Solo is Nasi Liwet or in Javanese, we call it Sego Liwet. Nasi Liwet is a kind of rice cooked with coconut milk and Indonesian herbs added with shredded chicken, cooked squash, boiled egg, and of course, sambal (chilli sauce).

Javanese restaurant at Dapur Solo, Melawai, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta, Selatan
Nasi Liwet in Javanese Restaurant Dapur Solo. Photo by @dapursolo1988

Address: This restaurant has few branches. One of them is located in Jl. Panglima Polim Raya No.1, RT.3/RW.6, Melawai, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan

Bunga Rampai

For some more Indonesian local cuisine, you should give this A-class restaurant which a Dutch architecture a visit. This restaurant is very popular among the expats around Jakarta. You will find the entire restaurant filled with luxurious furniture and wallpaper. For the food, you can try Nasi Buketan, a big portion of green rice accompanied with meat skewers, sweet fried potato, diced omelette, and chilli sauce.

A classy dutch style restaurant, Bunga Rampai, Menteng Kota, Jakarta, Pusat
Classy Dutch styled Indonesian restaurant, Bunga Rampai. Photo by Isti

Address: Jalan Cik Ditiro No.35, Menteng, RT.10/RW.5, Menteng, Kota Jakarta Pusat, 10310

Bebek Bengil

Adopted from The Balinese language which means Dirty Duck, Bebek Bengil has been here in Jakarta since 2009. The first branch is originally located in Ubud, Bali. Their concept is actually to bring the Balinese ambience to this city. The signature dish here is the Crispy Duck served with stir-fried of string bean and bean sprouts. Don’t worry, the chilli sauce has been included in the package.

Address: The Ubud Building, Jl. H. Agus Salim No. 132, RT.1/RW.5, Menteng, Kota Jakarta Pusat 10310

Bebek Bengil, Menteng Kota, Jakarta, Pusat
Get used to the chili sauce just like the locals. Photo by Naotake Murayama

Sate Khas Senayan

This is one of the restaurants that has opened a lot of branches in Jakarta since 1974. Just like its name, Sate, meat skewers, is their main dish here. The decoration is dominantly filled with the Javanese touches such as the Wayang characters framed on each branch. Wayang is a popular puppet-shadow show in Java. If you visit Sate Khas Senayan, you should order Sate Ayam Campur which serves you chicken skewer layered with good fat and served with peanut sauce.

Address: They open so many branches in Jakarta. One of them is in Jl. Salemba Raya No. 59, Kenari Senen, RT.9/RW.5, Paseban, Senen, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10440

Sate Khas, Senayan Paseban, Senen Kota, Jakarta, Pusat
Chicken satay is placed above the compressed rice cakes. Photo by Aulia Masna

Kedai Tiga Nyonya

When we recall in memory of our grandmother’s cooking, we would go to Kedai Tiga Nyonya. Before you even enter the restaurant, you will see a window styled in typical traditional windows of Batavia (the previous name of Jakarta). You will also find some pictures of old generations framed on the wall with a touch of sepia colour. The recommended food from Kedai Tiga Nyonya is Ayam Siao. It is a chicken dish cooked with ketchup and a touch of kluwak (one of the typical herbs which can only be grown in Southeast Asia)

Address: TIS Square Kav. 8-9, Jl Mt Haryono, Tebet, RT.11/RW.5, Tebet Barat, Jakarta Selatan  12810

Kedai Tiga, Nyonya, Tebet Barat, Jakarta, Selatan
Grilled Gurame accompanied with Stir-Fried Swamp Cabbage and Some Sambal. Photo by : Rollan Budi

As previously mentioned, Indonesia has plentiful of local cuisine, so it might not be enough to just visit one restaurant to have a representative of the Indonesian food. So, get your stomach ready and choose what typical local cuisine you prefer. Do not forget to always order sambal, which is really mandatory to accompany any kind of Indonesian food.

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Top 10 Day Trips from Jakarta

Jakarta city may be really fun to visit itself, but if you have enough days, doing some day trips out of Jakarta would just be what you need. There a lot of opportunities to discover new sights or explore a new culture, all within the range of a day from Jakarta.

Our day trips from Jakarta covers from historical sites to tasting Indonesian food to exploring nature, be it mountains or the sea, from must visit tourist attractions to simple but fun local activities.

Here are our recommended day trips from Jakarta for you:

Enjoy Indonesian food in Central Bogor

Located 53 km south of Jakarta, Bogor will offer you with a wide range of Indonesian food. Recently, many new cafes and restaurants are mushrooming on the narrow streets of Bogor. Drop by the area of Taman Kencana, Central Bogor where you can find a row of great restaurants lined up along in one alley. There is a famous Kedai Kita restaurant which people go for their famed BBQ Grilled Pizza (Pizza Bakar BBQ). After that, don’t forget to get delicious desserts at Death by Chocolate or Klapertaart Huis.

Where to stay: Popular hotels here are Santika Hotel and Hotel Salak the Heritage *.

How to get there: Take the train to Bogor station then you can take the public minivan (angkot). Pay IDR 4,000 and get off in Taman Kencana.

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Grilled Pizza, Kedai Kita, Bogor, Jakarta, Indonesia
Grilled Pizza, the Signature Dish at Kedai Kita Bogor. Photo by Angels

Visit The Historical Sites in Cirebon

Another place in the West Java you have to visit is Cirebon. Cirebon offers you the richness of their culture and history. Visit Kasepuhan Cirebon Palace to see the relics from the Islamic Kingdom in Cirebon. Also, satisfy your cravings by having a bowl of Empal Gentong which you can easily find around this city. Also before heading back to Jakarta, buy some colourful Batik patterns in Trusmi Batik Village as souvenirs.

Where to stay: Recommended hotel in Bandung is the Aston Cirebon Hotel & Convention Center *, a four stars hotel with a contemporary design.

How to get there: You can take a car or simply take the train and have three hours journey from Jakarta. There are Cirebon Express and Argo Jati. Both are departing from Gambir Station. The ticket is only IDR 85,000.

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Kasepuhan Cirebon Palace, Keraton, Jakarta, Indonesia
Kasepuhan Palace in Cirebon

Shop and get around in Bandung

This city is quickly becoming one of the most popular places to visit in Java. Especially with the number of restaurant, café, factory outlet, and boutique that are growing rapidly in Bandung nowadays. Stroll along Jalan Riau where most of the boutiques are located. After that, head to Jalan Braga and Jalan Asia Afrika to dwell in old city ambience. Alternatively, get closer to nature with Bandung’s tourist attractions such as Situ Patenggang Lake, Tangkuban Perahu, and Keraton Cliff (Tebing Keraton).

Where to stay: The popular luxury hotels here are the Padma Hotel * and Trans Luxury Bandung *. If you are looking for a more budget options, you won’t go wrong with either Harris Hotel * or Ivory by Ayola *.

How to get there: So many bus options can take you to Bandung. If you want to sit more comfortable and private, you may choose to use elf. The price is considered to be still affordable with around IDR 90,000-IDR 100,000.

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Tebing Keraton, Bandung, Jakarta, Indonesia
Great Morning View from Tebing Keraton at Bandung. Photo by Isti

Find beautiful beaches in Banten

Banten is another area that is easy to reach, with approximately 3 hours drive from Jakarta. Since Banten is located in the lowlands, there are several beaches you can visit. Our favourites are the Sawarna Beach, Tanjung Lesung Beach, and Sangiang Island. After getting your skin tanned at the beach, you can move on to learn some history in Old Banten (Banten Lama). Here, visit the Keraton Kaibon which was built in 1815 and then destroyed by the Dutch in 1832.

Where to stay: You can stay at Serang * or Cilegon * for quick access to the beaches.

How to get there: Take a bus going to Merak or Cilegon, Jakarta to Serang from only IDR 28,000 (as of 2017).

The Ruins of Keraton Kaibon, Banten, Jakarta, Indonesia
The ruins of Keraton Kaibon in Banten. Photo by Isti

Dive and snorkel at Thousand Island

Thousand Island (Pulau Seribu) does not literally consist of thousands of islands, it has approximately 342 islands. One of the most visited islands here is Pulau Harapan, which 4 hours away by ship from Jakarta. People say this island has the best snorkeling spot in Thousand Island. If you find snorkeling is not enough, then you have to explore more by diving deep under where you will find underwater paradise. You can also visit turtles in a sanctuary in Pulau Kelapa Dua and eagle care in Pulau Klotok.

How to get there: You can depart from Muara Angke by paying IDR 50,000 only or from Marina Ancol using a more luxurious boat with a more expensive ticket.

Pulau Harapan, Pulau Seribum Thousand Islands, Indonesia
Pulau Harapan of Thousand Island (Pulau Seribu). Photo by B10m

Explore the unique Baduy Tribe

Baduy is located in Lebak Regency. This tribe decided to live without electricity or any vehicles. They also do not use shampoo or soap. They chose to stay by these rules and not follow any form of modernity. Baduy is divided into two area, Inner Baduy (Baduy Dalam) and Outer Baduy (Baduy Luar). If you want to experience this unique way of living without modernity, then you should take a look to Baduy Dalam. Baduy Luar is the gateway to Baduy Dalam.

How to get there: You can take the train to Rangkasbitung from Jakarta’s Tanah Abang station. Then transit at Aweh Terminal and continue your journey to Ciboleger Terminal, the entrance gate to Baduy Tribe

Traditional House, Sulah Nyanda, Baduy, Lebak Regency, Jakarta, Indonesia
Traditional House, Sulah Nyanda in Baduy. Photo by Hendry Sudarman

Take amazing photos at Gunung Pancar

Gunung Pancar is an area surrounded by pine trees in Sentul, West Java. You can also camp and enjoy your leisure time by hammocking here. If you venture further into the national park, you will find spring water which is one of the source of clean drinking water for the local people.

How to get there: It takes only two hours drive from Jakarta city. Use Jagorawi toll road and exit in South Sentul. A direction map will take you easily to reach Gunung Pancar.

Tall Pine trees in Sentul, West Java, Indonesia
Pine trees of Gunung Pancar, West Java. Photo by Isti

Head up to Puncak (The Peak) for tea plantations or paragliding

Puncak might be the destination where most of the local people go on the weekend. Therefore, a tip is to know when the one-way road system is conducted. Usually, starting from 09.00-11.30, it will be only one-way direction up to Puncak while the one way down back to Jakarta is from 15.00-17.00. Enjoy the vast view of tea plantations or visit the strawberry garden at Berry Farm. For those who like a more challenging experience, try paragliding here!

How to get there: It will be simple to take a car. Use a long toll road and exit in Ciawi.

Tea plantations, Green View, Puncak, Jakarta, Indonesia
Tea plantations at Puncak. Photo by Irman Fauzi

Picnic at Selabintana

Another place which can be reached just 120 km from Jakarta is located at the foot of the Pangrango Mountain. Surrounded by big pine trees, it is really fun to picnic here in the greens. Roll out your picnic blanket and bring some of your own favourite snacks. Else you can also try the popular food from West Java here called Cuanki, a dish consists of tofu, meatball, and dumplings.

How to get there: Get on the bus heading to Sukabumi Terminal and then take angkot number 15. You will arrive right in front of the entrance of Selabintana.

The tasty Cuanki at Selabintana, West Java, Indonesia
Get one of the tasty Cuanki at Selabitana. Photo by Budi Nusyirwan

Fishing or boating at Situ Gunung

Another charm of West Java nearby Jakarta is this artificial lake called Situ Gunung. You can go for fishing and boating here to enjoy its tranquillity. You can also just sit at the lakeside and observe how local people pull in the trawl to trap the fishes. If you are feeling active, you can jog uphill for 4 km to Curug Sawer. Be prepared to get some swimming in too under the waterfall.

How to get there: Go to Bogor Station to take the train to Sukabumi. Get off at Cisaat Station. It is advisable to rent a public minivan to reach Situ Gunung for convenience, at an estimated price of about IDR 80,000. A minivan can take up to 8 people.

A Man Fishing with Traditional Net, Situ Gunung, West Java, Indonesia
A local fishing with the traditional net at Situ Gunung. Photo by CIFOR

Making a journey to these places near Jakarta will is definitely a good idea to get away from the hustle and bustle of Jakarta city. It is sometimes a welcome break or sometimes a much sought for adventure. These places are easily visited in a day from Jakarta and much recommended!

Best Accommodations in Jakarta is a good choice because most of the bookings can be cancelled right up to the trip, allowing flexibility. is another good one because they have the most extensive hotel listings in Asia.

The best areas to stay in Jakarta would be the north and central Jakarta, having most of the tourist attractions here. Here are a few of the best accommodations that we recommend to stay in Jakarta:

Luxury (from 150 USD)

The Hermitage, by Marriott, Central Jakarta
A charming refurbished colonial house made into an elegant hotel. The location is also really strategic, being near a train station and quick access to the city center and beyond. With an outdoor pool, a gym, luxurious lounge area, and a restaurant situated in a courtyard, this hotel also gives a romantic atmosphere with some rooms opening up to a back garden. Truly a dream.
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Ritz-Carlton Hotel Jakarta Pacific Place, Kuningan, Central Jakarta
For those who want high security and well-known hotel with world-class services. You will find all the usual luxury here, with an impressive outdoor pool and bar, featuring a view of the city skyline. Kuningan area is also well known for its upmarket, shopping malls and restaurants all well located with good sidewalks.
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Mid-range (50 – 150 USD)

Oakwood Premier Cozmo Apartment Hotel, Kuningan, Central Jakarta
For those looking for luxury and with the comfort of a home. This hotel comes with apartment suites completed with kitchen, dining, and washing facilities. Breakfasts are also included and the location is also strategically located in Kuningan. This would also be a good fit for a family or a group.
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Harris Vertu Hotel Harmoni, Gambir, Central Jakarta
For those who are looking for the best value mid-range hotel in the middle of the action. It is situated smack in between all the top must see things in Jakarta. Recommended for smart travelers who wants to cover everything in a short time. Modern clean rooms, an outdoor pool with a view, spa, gym and restaurant.
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Budget (below 50 USD)

Yello Hotel Harmoni, Gambir, Central Jakarta
For those on a budget but wants an alternative to a hostel. This place comes with private rooms set in a hip and stylish budget hotel style. The location is great, just walking distance to the National Monument park. There is also a restaurant if you are too lazy to go out and brave the traffic at the end of the day.
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Wonderloft hostel, North Jakarta
For those on a budget and still want to be in the city center. Located in the north, this hostel is right at the corner of the famous Jakarta’s Old City, Fatahillah Square. It has a charming mix of old colonial-style with hipster-inspired interiors. Best value for money!
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