Is Indonesia safe for solo female traveler?

Q: I am a solo female traveler and I am planning to visit Indonesia for about 3 weeks. I plan to go to Jakarta, Bandung, Bali, Lombok and Yogyakarta for a start. I might be traveling to several off the track places too but have yet to decide. Do you think it is safe for a woman to travel alone there?
– Lisa

Depending on the are you are visiting in Indonesia, it is generally safe for women or solo travelers depending where you go. Yogyakarta and Bandung are noted to be safe and friendly place to travel. Just practice the usual caution of taking care of belongings and well aware of surroundings, especially in crowded places. Therefore experienced solo women travelers would be fine but the new and fresh ones should be more careful and may think twice to bring companions or at least experience somewhere else first. Rachel have done backpacking in Java Indonesia as solo female traveler and finds it safe.


Author: Pearl

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Boat from Singapore to Indonesia

Q: I am wondering if there is another option to go to Indonesia from Singapore without flying, probably by boat? I am thinking it might be a cheaper and more adventurous option.

You can take a boat from Singapore to either Batam or Bintan which are in Indonesia, and from there you can get boats to Riau or southern Sumatra. It may not necessarily be a more budget option considering there are so many budget airlines that serve this route but it may definitely be an experience itself if you are looking for some adventure. Be forewarned though it is not one of the safest methods to travel.

If you are planning to visit Batam Island or Bintan Island, however, boats are definitely the preferred choice, especially for weekend or day trippers from Singapore.

Check out our Batam and Bintan Island Guide for more information.

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