Top 10 Best Beaches in Java, Indonesia

Being the main island, Java has been the most popular destination for tourists to Indonesia. This is because it has many things to offer, from the famous capital city Jakarta, to shopping haven of Bandung, rolling hills in Dieng Plateau, untouched waterfalls in Purwokerto, ancient temples in Yogyakarta, volcanic mountain in Mount Bromo and white sand beaches in Karimunjawa.

Speaking of beaches, this is one of the hidden secrets of Java, where most travelers did not expect to come here for it. If you are looking for some beautiful beaches and underwater activities, you will be delighted to find that Java has some good spots to offer. Here are our tips on where to find the best beaches in Java:

White sand beach at Karimunjawa, Java, Indonesia

White sand beach at Karimunjawa, Java

Karimunjawa Island, Central Java

Karimunjawa is a quiet place with many small islands that are known for its finest silky white beaches. For tourists, to reach this land of paradise is quite a journey. But it is said by visitors that the long journey is well worth it. Karimunjawa has the most beautiful beaches surrounded by a deep blue and green-turquoise ocean. It has a great marine life and is perfect for those who are looking forward to some underwater activities. One of the serene white sands beaches found at the Karimunjawa Islands is the Geleang Island Beach. It is a place that provides great tourist facilities and is quite affordable for tourists as well. Specialty lodgings like the huts in Ayu Hotel Karimujawa * or more private cottages like Casa Velion * are well recommended here.

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Thousand Islands, North Jakarta

The nearest beach to Jakarta that you can find, and many use it as a day trip to catch some sun and sea. The Thousand Islands has lovely beaches and is a great place to experience underwater as it has a range of diving and snorkelling activities for tourists. It is perfect for those, who are looking for some snorkelling activities. There’s the Putri Barat Island Beach, which comes across as a secluded and private island. Altogether, there are 110 islands found on Thousand Islands, but only 36 are appropriate enough to be visited and enjoyed by tourists. These islands are perfect for those craving for tranquillity and beauty. The beachfront resort Royal Mermaid *, situated on Pramuka Island, is one of the best from the minimal choices around these islands.

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Pulau Macan at Thousand Islands, Java, Indonesia

Pulau Macan at Thousand Islands, Java

Pangandaran, West Java

The Pangandaran beach is a great place to watch the sinking sun in the afternoon on the beach after a tiring day of activities. It is also one of the region’s best surf breaks. It has a surrounding area with a beach that is just beautiful. Voted by tourists as the best beach in Java, it is suitable for everyone who enjoys swimming in its crystal clear water. There are also cave sites dated from years ago that can be visited and experienced at a small price. Bale’ku * is the top-rated guesthouse here with a price to steal, starting from only 13 USD.

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Batu Karas, West Java

Batu Karas is known as a great spot in the north for surfing activities and swimming. It is well-liked for the different coloured sands on the beaches. Batu Karas is a laidback place where tourists can thoroughly relax themselves through many activities, including swimming, walking on the beach, surfing and eating fresh sea food. To escape the crowd in Pangandaran, you may check out the surfing spots here.

Pangandaran beach at West Java, Indonesia

Pangandaran beach

Kukup beach, special region Yogyakarta

Kukup is a nice isolated place in the south of Java, located in Kemadang village. It is only about 1.5 hours drive from Yogyakarta. But the view of its beach is a sight waiting to be seen as it is perched on cliffs overlooking the beautiful coast. It is an adventure to reach there, but it will be worth the effort when you see the breath-taking sunrises and sunsets over the small beaches. You can swim or fish in the sea in Kukup.

Pok Tunggal beach, Yogyakarta

One of the best beaches in the special region of Yogyakarta, about 2 hours drive away, this beach offers both serenity and adventure. If you take up the challenge, you may climb up the cliffs for a breathtaking view over the entire beach. Its natural coastline stretches with white sands and clear blue sea. One of the famous spot to take a picture here is under the famous Duras Tree.

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Kukup beach near Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia

Kukup beach near Yogyakarta

Parangtritis beach, Yogyakarta

This is another beautiful beach near Yogyakarta, about 27km away. It has natural curves of white sandy beaches with a magnificent backdrop of hills. It is also a sacred place for may where they perform the traditional ceremony called labuhan. Due to its wonderful sound of crashing waves and serene location, it is also a popular place for meditation. Adinda Beach Villas * is one of the few that is situated right on this secluded beach.

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Tambakrejo Beach, East Java

Tambakrejo Beach is another beautiful beach not far from Blitar, about 30km. Blitar is an area that is much quieter than the tourist places in Java. So there, you will find calmer beaches and some excellent sites, such as volcanoes and much more. There are rubber forests around the beach where you can explore in between sunbathing on its white sandy beach. It is also safe for swimming here.

Parangtritis beach near Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia

Parangtritis beach near Yogyakarta

Jolosutro beach, East Java

Another famous beach near Blitar (45 km away) is Jolosutro beach, located in Ringenrejo village. Many tourists come to this beach for its many activities that include swimming, canoeing, and fishing. Its soft sandy beach is also a popular spot for sunbathing. The south sea of Java is famous for its sweeping natural scenery that has attracted many visitors that has an inside scoop of the hidden gems here.

Sempu Island, East Java

Nearby Malang, there’s also Pulau Sempu (Sempu Island), which is an offshore island that can be reached by boat. It is a lagoon that is isolated from the rest of Indonesia and serves as one of the best getaways for quiet and peace surrounded by blue waters. It can be reached via train from Malang and then by a boat crossing.

Pok Tunggal beach near Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia

Pok Tunggal beach near Yogyakarta

Indonesia has the longest coastline in the world, so it is not that hard to find many beautiful beaches there. There are all kinds of beaches in Indonesia and it will take visitors years to discover and experience every single one of these beaches. But for now, why not get started on the top ten beaches in Java.

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