Best International Budget Airlines Flying into Indonesia

There are many international airlines that fly into Indonesia but if you want to go for budget airlines, you may still find plenty to choose from.

Asia is well known for having many low cost carrier flights, therefore Indonesia is no exception to this independent travelers’ answer to budget traveling.


From Indonesia to various countries in Asia and also Australia.

Tiger Airways

From various places in Indonesia to Singapore
From Jakarta to various Asia countries and also Australia
From Singapore to Jakarta, Denpasar, Medan, Padang in Indonesia


From KL and Penang, Malaysia to various locations in Indonesia.


This is an Australian base low cost carrier, flying between Indonesia and various countries in Asia and Australia and New Zealand but not really cheap in comparison to the above.
not really cheap


This is a local Indonesian carrier that serves to/from Singapore and Malaysia, but not really popular due to safety rumors.

You may also read about domestic and local Indonesian Airlines.

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