Weather in Denpasar, Bali

Denpasar is the city that serves as the gateway to Bali, with many international flights coming into the airport daily. Bali the ever popular destination in Indonesia share the Indonesia tropical climate of two seasons – the dry season and the wet season. It is also one of the drier places to enjoy in Indonesia with temperatures averaging around 30 C and are mostly humid.

Therefore mostly you may enjoy your time here with good amount of sun if you can ignore the humidity, and during wet season with some bouts of rains in the day but it should not be much of a deterrence in your holiday. The dry season is from May to October, where it is also the peak season where most tourists flock to Bali, though this is also the best time to go here. The wet season is from October to March, with rain less than an hour a day, therefore can be your alternative choice to escape the crowd.

Month Maximum Temperature Minimum Temperature Average Rain
January 31°C 25°C 29 cm
February 31°C 25°C 23 cm
March 31°C 25°C 12 cm
April 31°C 25°C 9 cm
May 30°C 25°C 4.5 cm
June 29°C 24°C 3 cm
July 29°C 24°C 2 cm
August 29°C 24°C 1 cm
September 30°C 24°C 2 cm
October 31°C 25°C 7 cm
November 31°C 25°C 11 cm
December 31°C 25°C 19 cm

Top 10 Things To Do in Bali

Bali may be overrun with tourists for many years, but it still is for many reasons. Not only does is there many must visit places in Bali, there are also activities that you can indulge in.

Travelers here would not be bored and will definitely find something to do that will suit them. Be it from just partying at the beach and drinking the night away, to culture, arts, and history or from adventures to relaxing with spa and yoga, Bali does have a lot to offer.

With so many to choose from, here are some of the recommended things to do in Bali for you to start with:

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Interact with locals

One of the best things in independent travel is that you have the ample time to truly connect and interact with the locals. Eat at the local warung, chat up with the owner, take a local public transport and talk to people around you, ask for direction, ask for ideas, talk to the people you meet on the streets and just join in some of the fun stuff they are doing. With this, you can learn the Balinese way of life and the how friendly and hospitable the people can be.

People of Bali, Indonesia, Indonesia


People of Bali. Photo by Robert Tannemaat



Join a festival like Bali Arts Festival

The Balinese knows their arts well and they celebrate in style. Bali Arts Festival is an annual event, normally held from June to July. This is a well known event throughout the world where travelers from all over the world travel to Bali to catch this festival of a full month of daily cultural performances, handicraft exhibitions and many more arts related activities.

Opening Ceremony of Bali Arts Festival, Indonesia


Opening Ceremony of Bali Arts Festival. Photo by Pandu Adnyana

Splurge and have a cocktail in Ayana Bar on Rocks

Ayana bar on rocks is known as the best bar in bar with long line of people daily trying to get in and have a drink on this bar that is perched on a cliff overlooking the sea and waves crashing the rocks below. Get a cocktail here, which is surprisingly good, and drink your night away staring at the roaring sea that seem to stretched into infinity with white waves crashing in like a spectacular natural show. If you stay at Ayana Resorts and Spa * you can skip the queue and enjoy every evening!

Bar on rocks @ Ayana, Bali


Bar on rocks at Ayana, Bali. Photo by Jeda Villa Bali

Learn to surf on Kuta Beach

If there is one place on earth you want to learn to surf, Bali may be one of the good choices. Kuta beach has the waves breaking over sand rather than corals, making it a haven for beginner surfers. There are many good surf schools here so you are not short of choice, with famous ones like Odyssey or Rip Curl School of Surf, else you can always hire a local guide for a cheaper alternative. After the surf, relax and unwind with drinks and sunset at Ku De Ta and stay at one of the hotels near Kuta Beach * to maximize your surfing.

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Learn to surf at Kuta Beach, Bali


Learn to surf at Kuta Beach. Photo by Rip Curl School of Surf

Climb Mount Batur at Kintamani

If the surfs have not broken your bones yet, you may want to try yet another adventure in Bali. Climb the famous Mount Batur, a volcanic mountain that rises over a lake that beautifully mirrors it. It is best to be conquered in the morning, where there are hikers starting their ascent as early at 4am to reach in time to catch the sunrise at 6 am. It may be cold so remember to bring a jacket and always remember to be careful as it is an active volcano and there are accidents that happened on this mountain before. This is not a physically demanding hike, unlike its cousin, Mount Rinjani on nearby Lombok Island which takes several days, Mount Batur which stands at 1,700m can be done in just a morning.

Hike Mount Batur @ Kintamani, Bali


Hike Mount Batur, Bali. Photo by ValeriosVeo

Watch Kecak Dance in Puri Dalem Taman Kaja

Kecak dance is one of the traditional dances and musical dramas in Bali that is enchanting and favourite among travelers. Kecak dance has 150 performers wearing check cloth around their waist chant the word “cak” while throwing up their arms in the depiction of the battle of Ramayana, with roots of the dance dating back to Sanghyang, a trance-like exorcism dance of the old. The best place to watch it is on the temple grounds of Puri Dalem Taman Kaja, where you will find an authentic atmosphere and setting.


Kecak Dance at Bali, Indonesia, Indonesia


Kecak Dance at Bali. Photo by Meru Muhammad

Explore Bali on two wheels

You can find many cycle tours in Bali now simply because it is such a wonder to explore Bali this way. For those who rather go independent, you may also rent a bicycle and do your own exploring to your heart’s content. Some of the places to explore are the surrounding villages and rice paddy fields, soaking in the arts and culture, and the hard-working locals. Also, cycle to Monkey Forest to visit the crab-eating macaques and then head on to Goa Gajah, known as one of the holiest places in Bali. Then end your day in the village of Petulu, where you might catch a massive migration of Heron returning to their roost.

Rice Paddy Fields, Bali


Rice Paddy Fields, Bali. Photo by rajkumar1220

White water Rafting on Ayung River at Sayan

Ayung River, right down inside the Ayung gorge, is very scenic for a white water rafting. Imagine yourself rafting through the very heart of Bali, with you riding the wild rapids through rice paddies, people working the fields, and children playing. You will feel as if you are traveling in speed and style through a motion picture of the hidden parts of this paradise island. There are two well-established operators that you can find on the main road in Sayan, but there are also other new operators which open up in recent years.

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Sunset Seafood dinner at Jimbaran Bay, Bali, Indonesia, Indonesia


Sunset Seafood dinner at Jimbaran Bay, Bali. Photo by Kevin Poh

Eat seafood in Jimbaran bay

At Jimbaran Bay, you may walk down along the beach and find it dotted with warungs and candle-lit tables like mushrooms after the rain. Here you can dine on prawns, squids, and fishes fresh of the sea onto your table, almost literally. Couple it by feasting over the sun setting over the horizon make this authentic setting much more atmospheric. Unsurprisingly, as one of the popular areas for people to stay, Jimbaran hotels * are people’s favourite.

Snorkel and Diving at Bali, Indonesia, Indonesia


Snorkel and Diving at Bali. Photo by Ilse Reijs and Jan-Noud Hutten

Snorkel or dive the reefs of Bali

While Bali has so much to offer on land and beaches and mountains, do not forget the marvels of what’s under the sea. Here the sea is full of wild marine life such as manta rays and turtles while surrounded by beautiful coral reefs. For the best snorkeling experience, take a boat out the coastline to Lembongan Island, where the reefs surrounding it are spectacular. Here divers can also experience a 40 m drop off into the wonders of the sea.

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Top 10 Things To Do in Indonesia

Unknown to many travelers, there are many things to do in Indonesia, and some of them are unique to only in Indonesia. Be it from swimming in the largest natural volcanic lake to shopping in one of the major cities in Asia to immersing in culture and histories and having adventure and activities on the sea to something different like sitting the becak around soaking in the environment. Indonesia is the place for every independent traveler, promising many experiences and adventures to those who seek them. Here are the top 10 things you must do in Indonesia:

Shop till you drop

One of the best shopping places in Asia or some might even say the world is in Indonesia. You may find from international brands in the big shiny malls of Jakarta to affordable and cheap bargains in the markets and smaller malls.
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Shopping mall in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Shopping mall in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Sit a becak to sightseeing in the city

Use one of the becak (trishaw) in cities like Yogyakarta or Malang, and just let it take you around the city in style. It can wind through narrow streets and let you immerse in the environment better. With wind in your face, you feel the place and let sights and smells sink in from all corners of the city.

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Becak in Indonesia

Becak in Indonesia

Immerse in history and culture

Indonesia itself host two of the most beautiful ancient wonders in the proximity of Yogyakarta – the famous Borobudur temple and the revered Prambanan temple. Be wow by the well preserved remains of the two great kingdoms of two very different religion – Buddhism and Hinduism and then look around you to find that currently the majority of the people here is Muslim. Now this is the epitome of religions and cultures experience.

Borobudur, Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia

Photo: Borobudur, Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia

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Hike up and watch sunrise from/over volcanoes

Trek and hike up one of the many volcanoes of Indonesia, one being the most famous is the Mount Bromo in Java another is Mount Rinjani in Lombok. The hike up to view sunrise over Mount Bromo is famous for many reasons, but sometimes viewing it from the tip of the volcano across crater is also breathtaking.

Catching sunrise @ Mount Bromo, Indonesia

Catching sunrise @ Mount Bromo, Indonesia

Diving in world’s most beautiful spots

Indonesia is not a stranger to the serious divers of the world, with amazing dive spots like Raja Ampat and Togian Islands. The marine life around Indonesia boasts more than 3000 species and huge biodiversity. Put on your dive gears and explore the well-preserved ocean in search of new species that you have never encountered before.

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Diving Pulau Raja Ampat Islands, Papua Indonesia

Diving Pulau Raja Ampat Islands, Papua Indonesia

Trek in natural rainforest in search of Orangutan

Bukit lawang is one of the last few places on Earth to see Orangutans living in the wild. Trek through the lush tropical rainforest in search of Orangutans, not only you will have the jungle trekking of your life, the Orangutans will bring your last breath away.

Mother and Baby Orangutan @ Bukit Lawang

Mother and Baby Orangutan @ Bukit Lawang

Island hopping and snorkeling

With 17000 islands to choose from in Indonesia, it brings the idea of island hopping to a new scale. With its clear blue sea, snorkeling is a natural thing to do at every new spots in the ocean and nearby all the pristine beaches. Snorkel off beautiful islands like Togian islands, or Karimunjawa and Gili Islands in Lombok.

Beach at Gili Islands, Indonesia

Beach at Gili Islands

Surf the powerful waves

Surf in the many spots of Indonesia that promises powerful waves for beginners to expert. One of the few best surfing spots of Indonesia around the many islands it has, such as Mentawai or Panaitan and even the famous Bali and Lombok! You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to surfing in style in Indonesia. Check out our Top 10 Places to Surf in Indonesia

Surfing in Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

Surfing in Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

Join in ancient culture and rites that had stood the test of time

Up in the highlands of Tana Toraja, the people are still practicing funeral rites from more than 100 years ago or explore the land of the indigenous tribe of Baliem Valley, Papua that still live like their ancestors in terms of cultures, clothings and way of life.

Dani People @ Baliem Valley, Papua, Indonesia

Dani People

Swim in one of the world’s largest crater lake

Lake Toba, also known as Danau Toba, is the largest volcanic lake in the world measuring at 1,707 sq ft. Swim in this natural world wonder clear lake amidst mountains reflecting on the clear water. It is one experience you would not want to miss.

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Fishing boat Lake Toba @ Sumatra, Indonesia

Fishing Boat on Lake Toba

There you have it, the top 10 things you must do in Indonesia, for of course there are much more not mentioned here, so if you have any more things to do in Indonesia, please share in the comments below!

Photo credits from top: Maks Karochkin, Alfan, Rachel, schristia, lakshmioct01, Arian Zwegers, martingarri, wikier, 710928003 and Indo_girl2010

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Indonesia Travel Tips and Information

Indonesia comprises of approximately 17,000 islands and is one of the largest countries in Asia, being in both size and also population.

It has 34 provinces but can be loosely divided by area of interests to regions Java, Sumatra, Bali and Lombok, Flores, Kalimantan, Maluku, Sulawesi and Papua.

Known as Wonderful Indonesia, it has a lot of places of interests to offer, ranging from tourist attractions and shopping to nature and adventures.

Major Cities

Jakarta (capital city), Surabaya, Bandung, Medan and Semarang. Other prominent cities are Banjarmasin, Manado, Makassar, Yogyakarta and Jayapura.

Geographical Location

Being large and scattered, Indonesia neighbors with Malaysia, Borneo, Papua New Guinea, East Timor and Philippines.


237.6 million people


Around 300 distinct native groups with the largest ethnic group being Javanese, who comprises of 42% of the population. The rest is the Sundanese, Malays, Madurese and Chinese Indonesians.


The official language is Indonesian among the 7542 different languages and dialects


There are six official religions in Indonesia – Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism. All others have religious freedom base on Indonesian consittution.


It is a republic country with a presidential system.


Being a tropical country that lies along the equator, it has two distinct climate which is the wet season and dry season. Temperatures ranges in Jakarta from 26C-30C. Average annual rainfall from lowland of 1,780 millimeters to highland of 6,100 millimeters.

Entry requirement

Visitors must possess a valid passport with the minimum of six months validity. Selected countries do not need a Visa to visit while the rest are usually granted visa on arrival, with exception to a few countries, please refer to our Visa Requirement for further information.

Check out Visa for Long Term Stays in Indonesia


The unit of currency is Indonesian Rupiah (Rp) (IDR). Foreign currencies can be converted at banks and money changers.
Various from UTC +7 to +9.


The voltage used throughout Indonesia is 220 volts / 50Hz, similar to Australia and European countries with power plug type of 2-pin. Check out the Indonesia’s electricity and power plug example.


Indonesia is linked nationally and internationally by telephone and internet. Dialing code is +62.


Accommodations in Indonesia are easily available in places that are popular to tourists such as Bali, Jakarta, Surabaya or Lombok. You will find choices from high end luxury hotels and resorts to bed and breakfasts, homestays and backpacker hostels/guesthouses. Out of the beaten path of travelers, accommodations are limited. In this case, the most common type of accommodation you will find for those on a budget would be either a losmen or a guesthouse with basic facilities but sometimes you may find budget hotels or resorts but they are often not up to standard. Our favourite site to find accommodations in Indonesia is, as most bookings allow cancellation up to last minute giving us full flexibility.

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On the left

Getting to Indonesia


The main gateway to Indonesia is through Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta (CGK) Airport. Other popular international airports are Denpasar’s (Bali) Ngurah Rai (DPS) and Surabaya’s Juanda Airport. Many international airlines fly to Indonesia and their national carrier is Garuda Indonesia covers a lot of countries as well.

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Main entry point by sea is from Singapore to Batam and Bintan. Ferries from Malaysia is now to Dumai or Pekanbaru in Riau, Sumatra.


From East Timor is between Batugade and Atambua, West Timor. From Malaysia is from West Kalimantan and Sarawak, Malaysia to Entikong-Tebedu. From Papua New Guinea is between Vanimo in Sandaun Province, Papua New Guinea and Jayapura, Papua, Indonesia.

Getting Around


Being of many islands, Indonesia has a good network of domestic airlines to move around with. Check out our local Indonesian airlines list.


While on land most of the places are connected by buses with Java the only island that is well connected by train. See bus travel or train travel in Indonesia for more information. In smaller vicinity, one can take the car, becak, ojek or angkot.


By sea one can take the pelni boats but to own discretion, and it will also take considerable amount of time. See boat/pelni travel in Indonesia for more information.

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