Top 10 Day Trips from Jakarta

Jakarta city may be really fun to visit itself, but if you have enough days, doing some day trips out of Jakarta would just be what you need. There a lot of opportunities to discover new sights or explore a new culture, all within the range of a day from Jakarta.

Our day trips from Jakarta covers from historical sites to tasting Indonesian food to exploring nature, be it mountains or the sea, from must visit tourist attractions to simple but fun local activities.

Here are our recommended day trips from Jakarta for you:

Enjoy Indonesian food in Central Bogor

Located 53 km south of Jakarta, Bogor will offer you with a wide range of Indonesian food. Recently, many new cafes and restaurants are mushrooming on the narrow streets of Bogor. Drop by the area of Taman Kencana, Central Bogor where you can find a row of great restaurants lined up along in one alley. There is a famous Kedai Kita restaurant which people go for their famed BBQ Grilled Pizza (Pizza Bakar BBQ). After that, don’t forget to get delicious desserts at Death by Chocolate or Klapertaart Huis.

Where to stay: Popular hotels here are Santika Hotel and Hotel Salak the Heritage *.

How to get there: Take the train to Bogor station then you can take the public minivan (angkot). Pay IDR 4,000 and get off in Taman Kencana.

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Grilled Pizza, Kedai Kita, Bogor, Jakarta, Indonesia
Grilled Pizza, the Signature Dish at Kedai Kita Bogor. Photo by Angels

Visit The Historical Sites in Cirebon

Another place in the West Java you have to visit is Cirebon. Cirebon offers you the richness of their culture and history. Visit Kasepuhan Cirebon Palace to see the relics from the Islamic Kingdom in Cirebon. Also, satisfy your cravings by having a bowl of Empal Gentong which you can easily find around this city. Also before heading back to Jakarta, buy some colourful Batik patterns in Trusmi Batik Village as souvenirs.

Where to stay: Recommended hotel in Bandung is the Aston Cirebon Hotel & Convention Center *, a four stars hotel with a contemporary design.

How to get there: You can take a car or simply take the train and have three hours journey from Jakarta. There are Cirebon Express and Argo Jati. Both are departing from Gambir Station. The ticket is only IDR 85,000.

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Kasepuhan Cirebon Palace, Keraton, Jakarta, Indonesia
Kasepuhan Palace in Cirebon

Shop and get around in Bandung

This city is quickly becoming one of the most popular places to visit in Java. Especially with the number of restaurant, café, factory outlet, and boutique that are growing rapidly in Bandung nowadays. Stroll along Jalan Riau where most of the boutiques are located. After that, head to Jalan Braga and Jalan Asia Afrika to dwell in old city ambience. Alternatively, get closer to nature with Bandung’s tourist attractions such as Situ Patenggang Lake, Tangkuban Perahu, and Keraton Cliff (Tebing Keraton).

Where to stay: The popular luxury hotels here are the Padma Hotel * and Trans Luxury Bandung *. If you are looking for a more budget options, you won’t go wrong with either Harris Hotel * or Ivory by Ayola *.

How to get there: So many bus options can take you to Bandung. If you want to sit more comfortable and private, you may choose to use elf. The price is considered to be still affordable with around IDR 90,000-IDR 100,000.

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Tebing Keraton, Bandung, Jakarta, Indonesia
Great Morning View from Tebing Keraton at Bandung. Photo by Isti

Find beautiful beaches in Banten

Banten is another area that is easy to reach, with approximately 3 hours drive from Jakarta. Since Banten is located in the lowlands, there are several beaches you can visit. Our favourites are the Sawarna Beach, Tanjung Lesung Beach, and Sangiang Island. After getting your skin tanned at the beach, you can move on to learn some history in Old Banten (Banten Lama). Here, visit the Keraton Kaibon which was built in 1815 and then destroyed by the Dutch in 1832.

Where to stay: You can stay at Serang * or Cilegon * for quick access to the beaches.

How to get there: Take a bus going to Merak or Cilegon, Jakarta to Serang from only IDR 28,000 (as of 2017).

The Ruins of Keraton Kaibon, Banten, Jakarta, Indonesia
The ruins of Keraton Kaibon in Banten. Photo by Isti

Dive and snorkel at Thousand Island

Thousand Island (Pulau Seribu) does not literally consist of thousands of islands, it has approximately 342 islands. One of the most visited islands here is Pulau Harapan, which 4 hours away by ship from Jakarta. People say this island has the best snorkeling spot in Thousand Island. If you find snorkeling is not enough, then you have to explore more by diving deep under where you will find underwater paradise. You can also visit turtles in a sanctuary in Pulau Kelapa Dua and eagle care in Pulau Klotok.

How to get there: You can depart from Muara Angke by paying IDR 50,000 only or from Marina Ancol using a more luxurious boat with a more expensive ticket.

Pulau Harapan, Pulau Seribum Thousand Islands, Indonesia
Pulau Harapan of Thousand Island (Pulau Seribu). Photo by B10m

Explore the unique Baduy Tribe

Baduy is located in Lebak Regency. This tribe decided to live without electricity or any vehicles. They also do not use shampoo or soap. They chose to stay by these rules and not follow any form of modernity. Baduy is divided into two area, Inner Baduy (Baduy Dalam) and Outer Baduy (Baduy Luar). If you want to experience this unique way of living without modernity, then you should take a look to Baduy Dalam. Baduy Luar is the gateway to Baduy Dalam.

How to get there: You can take the train to Rangkasbitung from Jakarta’s Tanah Abang station. Then transit at Aweh Terminal and continue your journey to Ciboleger Terminal, the entrance gate to Baduy Tribe

Traditional House, Sulah Nyanda, Baduy, Lebak Regency, Jakarta, Indonesia
Traditional House, Sulah Nyanda in Baduy. Photo by Hendry Sudarman

Take amazing photos at Gunung Pancar

Gunung Pancar is an area surrounded by pine trees in Sentul, West Java. You can also camp and enjoy your leisure time by hammocking here. If you venture further into the national park, you will find spring water which is one of the source of clean drinking water for the local people.

How to get there: It takes only two hours drive from Jakarta city. Use Jagorawi toll road and exit in South Sentul. A direction map will take you easily to reach Gunung Pancar.

Tall Pine trees in Sentul, West Java, Indonesia
Pine trees of Gunung Pancar, West Java. Photo by Isti

Head up to Puncak (The Peak) for tea plantations or paragliding

Puncak might be the destination where most of the local people go on the weekend. Therefore, a tip is to know when the one-way road system is conducted. Usually, starting from 09.00-11.30, it will be only one-way direction up to Puncak while the one way down back to Jakarta is from 15.00-17.00. Enjoy the vast view of tea plantations or visit the strawberry garden at Berry Farm. For those who like a more challenging experience, try paragliding here!

How to get there: It will be simple to take a car. Use a long toll road and exit in Ciawi.

Tea plantations, Green View, Puncak, Jakarta, Indonesia
Tea plantations at Puncak. Photo by Irman Fauzi

Picnic at Selabintana

Another place which can be reached just 120 km from Jakarta is located at the foot of the Pangrango Mountain. Surrounded by big pine trees, it is really fun to picnic here in the greens. Roll out your picnic blanket and bring some of your own favourite snacks. Else you can also try the popular food from West Java here called Cuanki, a dish consists of tofu, meatball, and dumplings.

How to get there: Get on the bus heading to Sukabumi Terminal and then take angkot number 15. You will arrive right in front of the entrance of Selabintana.

The tasty Cuanki at Selabintana, West Java, Indonesia
Get one of the tasty Cuanki at Selabitana. Photo by Budi Nusyirwan

Fishing or boating at Situ Gunung

Another charm of West Java nearby Jakarta is this artificial lake called Situ Gunung. You can go for fishing and boating here to enjoy its tranquillity. You can also just sit at the lakeside and observe how local people pull in the trawl to trap the fishes. If you are feeling active, you can jog uphill for 4 km to Curug Sawer. Be prepared to get some swimming in too under the waterfall.

How to get there: Go to Bogor Station to take the train to Sukabumi. Get off at Cisaat Station. It is advisable to rent a public minivan to reach Situ Gunung for convenience, at an estimated price of about IDR 80,000. A minivan can take up to 8 people.

A Man Fishing with Traditional Net, Situ Gunung, West Java, Indonesia
A local fishing with the traditional net at Situ Gunung. Photo by CIFOR

Making a journey to these places near Jakarta will is definitely a good idea to get away from the hustle and bustle of Jakarta city. It is sometimes a welcome break or sometimes a much sought for adventure. These places are easily visited in a day from Jakarta and much recommended!

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Top 10 Best Coffee Shops in Jakarta – Locals’ favourite cafe

The coffee culture in Jakarta is vibrant and thriving. Nowadays, coffee shops or cafes are the places to go when you are not in the mood of being at home. Whether it is the weekend or after office hours, people in Jakarta would choose a coffee place to hang out with their friends or even to hold a casual meeting.

As the demand of coffee shop goers grows and cafes pop up like mushroom after rain, there are many (maybe too many) to choose from. With the vast amount of choices, choosing the best coffee place for yourself is no easy feat.

Here we pick our personal 10 favourite coffee places in Jakarta just for you:

Best coffee places Jakarta, Indonesia

Best coffee places in Jakarta. Photo by Verena Yunita Yapi


This coffee shop is owned by a geologist graduate. A small place located on the left side of Jl. Prof.DR. Satrio . If you are a coffee lover, this place is just for you. Kopikina is out to present the best coffee from all over Indonesia. You name it, they have it, from Arabica, Robusta to Liberica.

Address: Jalan Kh. Abdullah Syafi’ie No. 1, Tebet, RT.1/RW.2, Tebet, Kota Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta 12810

Kopikina coffee shop in Jakarta, Indonesia

Kopikina coffee shop in Jakarta. Photo by Isti

Toko Kopi Aroma Nusantara

Hidden among hundreds of stores at the 4th Floor of Mall Ambassador in Kuningan, this place is a good respite after walking around and getting lost at this massive mall. Enjoying your local coffee while surrounded by coffee bean jars of coffee varieties from all around Indonesia is definitely an experience.

Address: Mal Ambassador, Lt 4 No 18, Jl. Prof. DR. Satrio, RT.11/RW.4, Karet Kuningan, DKI Jakarta, 12940

Toko Kopi coffee place in Jakarta, Indonesia

Toko Kopi, a hidden coffee place. Photo by Isti

Bakoel Koffie

Cikini has been well-known in the area with the ambience of old Jakarta around. Bakoel Koffie is one of them which has its history dated since the 1870s. The decorations, the wooden chairs and the other classic furniture will surely give you the nostalgia at this historical coffee shop. The coffee signature from Bakoel Koffie belongs to black coffee made with the hereditary recipe from the founder.

Address: Jalan Cikini Raya No.25, RT.16/RW.1, Cikini, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta 10330

Bakoel Koffie, a historical coffee shop in Jakarta, Indonesia

Bakoel Koffie, a historical coffee shop in Jakarta. Photo by Ardy Muswardi

Ninotchka Coffee

Do you really have the heart to finish your coffee with a cat-shaped latter art in front of you? Despite this carefully and beautifully crafted kitty-shaped foam, you will not be able to resist drinking their blend of espresso, steamed milk till the last drop. This coffee shop apparently is owned by a popular Indonesia fashion blogger, Sonia Eryka.

Address: Citra Garden 6, Ruko Sixth Avenue J5A-18, Jl. Peta Utara, RT.1/RW.5, Tegal Alur, Kalideres, Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta 11810

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Filosofi Kopi

Brought to the reality based on the movie with the same name “Filosofi Kopi”, this coffee shop shows a small corner in a former obsolete building to be a place of Jakarta people to associate. This coffee place is decorated with paintings displayed at a long table in the corner and a brick wall drawn with a giant cup of coffee.If you are here after watching the film, don’t expect to get a cup of Ben’s Perfecto here or a card from Ben.

Address: Jalan Melawai 6 Blok M No 8, Kebayoran Baru, RT.3/RW.1, Melawai, Kota Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta 12160

Filosofi Kopi Jakarta, Indonesia

Filosofi Kopi. Photo by Isti

Tuku Kopi

In Javanese, “Tuku Kopi” means buying coffee. This is one of the happening coffee shops to visit around Jakarta. If you a signature coffee taste from Tuku Kopi, you should try the Kopi Tetangga. There is a philosophy behind its name. The owner hopes everyone in the settlements would be able to enjoy coffee. Hence, the coffee here is sold underprice compared to other coffee shops in Jakarta. Also, to adjust to the taste and needs of the society, there are three different coffee grinders for a light roast, medium roast, and medium dark roast.

Address: Jl. Cipete Raya No.7, Cipete Sel., Cilandak, Kota Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta 12410

Tuku Kopi for everyone in Jakarta, Indonesia

Tuku Kopi for everyone in Jakarta. Photo by @tokokopituku

Kuppie Coffee

A shopping mall may not be the place you want to go to enjoy your coffee, but do not judge before trying out this place yourself. Located inside STC Senayan, Kuppie Coffee can be enjoyed without looking out the glass door to the crowds. It is quiet inside here and you can take your time to sit, sip the taste of coffee you selected, read your favourite book, or just have some good conversation. Kuppie Coffee is probably one among the minority who doesn’t provide Wi-Fi since we are asked to transport ourselves back to 1845, a life without that addictive connection.

Address: STC Senayan GF/56, Jalan Asia Afrika Pintu IX Gelora Senayan, RT.1/RW.3, Gelora, Kota Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta 10270

Kuppie coffee Jakarta, Indonesia

The mini Mr Kuppie will serve you a cup of coffee. Photo by @kuppie_coffee

Tanamera Coffee

Purported to sell only 100% Arabica coffee from Indonesia, Tanamera has caught the attention of many coffee lovers around Jakarta. It is located in Central Jakarta and the best thing is that they only brew original coffee from Indonesia like Aceh, Toraja, Manggarai, and Malabar coffee. You can have either coffee from manual brewing or espresso from the machine.

Address : Thamrin City Office Park Blok AA No. 7, Jalan Kebon Kacang Raya, Tanah Abang, RT.8/RW.9, Kb. Melati, Kota Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta 10230

Tanamera cafe in Jakarta, Indonesia

Tanamera cafe in Jakarta. Photo by pauluswilliamk

Es Kopi Tak Kie

If you’re looking for an authentic coffee in Jakarta, Es Kopi Tak Kie is a must go to place. Founded in 1927 by Liong Kwie Jong, it is now run by their 3rd generation. The classical taste started by their predecessor remained unchanged. Ayauw, the current owner, also makes a variant blend of coffee into one glass, such as Arabica and Robusta coffee from Lampung with Toraja and Sidikalang coffee. While already widely known, thanks to the social media, Es Kopi Tak Kie got a surge in popularity. Previously you will see many old people here enjoying their coffee as usual but now, young people flock here to taste the original coffee since the colonial days of Indonesia.

Address: Jl. Pintu Besar Selatan III, Gang Gloria No. 4 – 6, Glodok, RT.7/RW.6, Pinangsia, Tamansari, Kota Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta 11120

A nostalgic coffee place in Jakarta, Es Tak Kie Indonesia

A nostalgic coffee place in Jakarta, Es Tak Kie. Photo by Jerry Toisa

ABCD (A Bunch of Caffeine Dealers)

This coffee place is actually more of a coffee stall located inside a traditional market called Pasar Santa. Please note that they are only open on weekends since this place is used for the school of barista on weekdays. There is a few uniqueness you can find at ABCD, which opened in 2014. It is owned by Hendri Kurniawan, one of World Barista Championship Judge and this coffee kiosk opens based on their stock of coffee. Check their Instagram @abcd_coffee for opening information before visiting. They also implement the concept “ pay as you like it”t. All the barista and the owner are only volunteers here to serve the best coffee to the people. They do not profit but instead use what the people pay to purchase the coffee beans and restart the cycle.

Address: Pasar Santa Level 1, Block AL.01-BKS No. 75-77, Jl. Cipaku I, South Jakarta

If you are a typical coffee addict who only needs a shot of coffee at home, you can also order the coffee via online ojek (online taxi bike) through an application. Almost all the above coffee shops have a partnership with the online ojek provider. But if you are looking for a good coffee place to escape to, then just check out the cafes we have suggested above for some good coffee and a good hangout with friends!

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Top 10 Fun Things to Do for Free in Jakarta

Top 10 Fun Things to do for Free in Jakarta

Traveling in Jakarta and not wanting to spend any more money in the many tourist attractions along your travel here or elsewhere? Already seen and done all there is as a tourist? Thinking what else to do without using up your travel budget anymore?

Well good news, there are more to Jakarta than just traffic jams, eating, shopping and all the tourist attractions that you would need to pay for. You will be surprised that there is a lot of fun things to do in Jakarta that is actually free!

Here are Top 10 Fun Things to Do for Free in Jakarta for you.

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Car Free day in Sudirman every Sunday

There will be no motorized vehicles on Jalan Sudirman every Sunday after the Jakarta government had decided to enforce this due to the success of the initial trial. Now every Sunday from 6am to 12pm, you can roam the street from Jalan Sudirman to Jalan Thamrin without any vehicles to hamper your activity. Many people come here for a run, where this 5km stretch will run from Monas in the north to Semanggi Cloverleaf in the south. Others come here for a family day out to enjoy walking around the golden triangle. At the same time, many opportunists opened up stalls selling local food and even coffee!

SJakarta Car-free day at Sudirman, Indonesia

Jakarta Car-free day at Sudirman. Photo by Brianna Laugher

After the car-free walk come and enjoy the National Monument Monas

Monas National Monument is well known and well loved by the people as it stood prominently in the center of Jakarta at Merdeka (freedom) Square park. This 137-meter monument is known stands magnificently against the backdrop of hustling and bustling Jakarta. You will get an interesting view and sort of an orientation of where you stand in this hectic city.

National Monument Monas, Jakarta, Indonesia

National Monument Monas. Photo by Victor Ulijn

Then pass by the Presidential Palace (Istana Negara)

This palace that is also known as the Merdeka Palace (Istana Merdeka) is located in between the veteran street and North Medan Merdeka street, facing National Monument at the south and Ciliwung River to the north. This neoclassic building from Dutch origin is used as the official residence of the President of Indonesia. The palace was renamed to Merdeka, which means freedom in Indonesian in 1948 when the country gained independence. This palace is a regal sight and would host various important state events like the annual Independence Day ceremony.

Fatahillah Square, Jakarta, Indonesia

Fatahillah Square, Jakarta. Photo by Brian Giesen

Check out Fatahillah Square (Taman Fatahillah)

Also known as the Old Batavia, this place is the historical part of Jakarta and located in Kotas. Fatahillah square was built during the Dutch Colonial times back in the 16th century as the heart of the walled city. It boasts many tourist attractions like the Jakarta History Musem and other colonial buildings. Walk around to take in the sights for free and also enjoy the many antics of the artisans and performers that entertain here on weekends. You may also sit around and absorb in the age-old culture of the place while enjoying the view of the fountain.

Chinatown, Jakarta, Indonesia

Chinatown, Jakarta. Photo by Jakob Montrasio

Wander around Chinatown

Chinatown, also known as Glodok, is made of narrow streets lined with malls and various stalls selling all kinds of things from antiques, laptops to food. Come here to enjoy with the flock of people the many good foods you can find here or simply find a place to sit down and have tea and people watch. There are also some beautiful Chinese temples as tourist sights to be enjoyed like the Da Shi Miao or the Vihara Dharma Bhakti temples.

Catch a bus ride around the city

Yes technically not free but the price is so ridiculously cheap at 4000 Rp it is almost as good as free. Take a bus ride around the city and have a good experience on this special bus ride that is known as Bus Istimewa, literally special bus. The name is due to the fact that the bus has its own special lane that only it can use while the rest of the millions of cars have to squeeze into the other lanes. If you do not want to be crushed by the many people that take the bus daily, try it on a weekend.

 Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta, Indonesia

Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta. Photo by Prayudi Hartono

Marvel at Istiqlal Mosque (Mesjid Istiqlal)

This amazing structure should be one of the top things to do in Jakarta even if it is not free, but here to top it off it is! Istiqlal Mosque is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia and has the highest capacity – up to 200, 000 persons maximum. This impressive building consists of four floors of beautiful sculptures and surrounded by balconies. World leaders around the world have come to visit this mosque themselves. It is located just next to Merdeka Square and Jakarta Cathedral.

Continue to Jakarta Cathedral

 Jakarta Cathedral, Indonesia

Jakarta Cathedral. Photo by Spidysg

This cathedral in Jakarta has its own unique architecture for a church, somewhat reminiscent of Notre Dame of Paris with its two tall spires. Jakarta cathedral dates back to Dutch colonial era. It opens 7 days a week for visitors or worshippers. Standing large and looming, it also brings peace and serenity and definitely worth a visit for a photo or two.

End the day with the bustling Pasar Baru (New Market)

Come here for a free walk down memory lane in Pasar Baru, enjoying the many local and family-run businesses here. You will be enticed with local goods, vintage fashions and knick-knacks. You will also find that you are spoilt with choices of good local Indonesian foods such as bakmi. Start walking from Metro Atom at Jalan H. Samanhudi and then walk towards the rear end which is the Jakarta Art center ( Gedung Kesenian Jakarta).

Or just join a Free Walking Tour

With free walking tours that, you will have a guide that will let you learn more insights into the past and present of Jakarta. These are usually what makes a walking tour worthwhile when you truly understand the places that you visit. Read about all the available walking tours in Jakarta and if you want to go straight to a Jakarta Free Walking Tour, you can find it here.

As you can see there are so many fun and free things to do in Jakarta that is possible despite the city’s crazy traffic and immensity in size. Do share if you know more fun and free things to do in Jakarta!

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The best areas to stay in Jakarta would be the north and central Jakarta, having most of the tourist attractions here. Here are a few of the best accommodations that we recommend to stay in Jakarta:

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  • The Hermitage, by Marriott, Central Jakarta
    A really beautiful refurbished colonial house made into an elegant hotel. The location is also really strategic, being near a train station and quick access to the city center and beyond. With an outdoor pool, a gym, luxurious lounge area and restaurant situated in a courtyard, this hotel also gives a romantic atmosphere with some rooms opening up to a back garden. Truly a dream.
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  • Ritz-Carlton Hotel Jakarta Pacific Place, Kuningan, Central Jakarta
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    Check out the latest prices on *
    Budget (below 50 USD)

  • Yello Hotel Harmoni, Gambir, Central Jakarta
    For those on a budget but wants an alternative to a hostel. This place comes with private rooms set in a hip and stylish budget hotel style. The location is great, just walking distance to the National Monument park. There is also a restaurant if you are too lazy to go out and brave the traffic at the end of the day.
    Check out the latest prices on *
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  • Wonderloft hostel, North Jakarta
    For those on a budget and still want to be in the city center. Located in the north, this hostel is right at the corner to the famous Jakarta’s Old City, Fatahillah Square. It has a charming mix of old colonial style with hipster-inspired interiors. Best value for money!
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Jakarta Monorail

Jakarta monorail is a planned two-line monorail system that would span 24 km in Jakarta, Indonesia. As we all know Jakarta is notorious for its traffic where sometimes spending few hours in the car is a normal experience. In fact you have not traveled in Jakarta if you haven’t being stuck in the road for an extended amount of time.

Jakarta Monorail Route Plan, Indonesia

Jakarta Monorail Route Plan, Indonesia

Hopefully with this new monorail project, that previously had been stopped and now revived earlier this year in February 2013, will be completed and alleviate the problem for the locals and to aid travelers in their visit here in Jakarta.

Jakarta Monorail Track Simulation, Indonesia

Jakarta Monorail Track Simulation, Indonesia

The monorail will have two lines – Green line is around 14 km with 16 stations and will run in the South of Jakarta and Green line of around 10 km will run from East Jakarta to West Jakarta. There will be two interchange stations that will allow passengers to change between these two lines and also onto Jakarta Busway and Jakarta railway network.

This project is projected to be completed in 2-3 years, so let’s all look forward to a better connected Jakarta. From there maybe it can grow to be the hub of traveling in Indonesia besides Bali, Indonesia’s current most famous tourist attraction.

Jakarta Monorail Sketch, Indonesia

Jakarta Monorail Sketch, Indonesia

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