Komodo Boat Trip from Lombok to Flores

As a thrifty backpacker, the adage, “You get what you pay for,” often does not apply; only suckers pay the full asking price. I always make sure to shop around and try to find a place that’ll provide me deliver the best service for the most affordable price. This was the goal I had in mind when I decided I wanted to visit Komodo Island; home to superb beaches, amazing underwater life, and of course, the elusive, Komodo Dragon.

When looking for a boat trip that would take me from Bangsar in Lombok to Labuan Bajo in Flores, with stops at Komodo, Rinca, Moyo and Laba islands, I managed to find a trip vis-a-vis Komodo Adventures and Beyond for 1,750,000 RPH (around $150USD). The price included breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, free coffee and tea, six 1.5L bottles of water, plus all of the Komodo Island fees and transport from my hotel in Senggigi.

Scary Komodo Dragons at Flores

Komodo Dragons – the least scary thing I encountered on my trip at Flores.

After asking to see photos of the boat, which looked simple yet sturdy (this was no cruise trip I know) AND which also included a Western style toilet (a luxury on this side of the world) I agreed to join the tour and handed over the money. The next morning, a van came and picked me up and brought me to the port, we waited a few hours at Lombok Café for a briefing. Everyone at the restaurant was super nice; it seemed almost too good to be true.

Captain boat Lombok Flores

Komodo adventures and beyond with only one captain!

As soon as the brief started, something felt wrong. Since it was the day after Ramadan, the man giving the briefing told us that despite there being two ships, there would only be one captain because no one else wanted to work that day. We all nervously laughed, thinking it was a joke, but nope, he was serious. After his speech, we made our way to the harbour where we were greeted by an unfamiliar looking boat.

Komodo Boat from Lombok to Flores

Our “cruise” boat from Lombok to Flores

Unlike the images I saw the day before, the boat was essentially two stories of poorly constructed wood tethering on the edge of collapse. The first floor included a small front area, a covered space in the middle with two benches, the captain’s room, plus one cabin and a squatty potty at the back. Upstairs was a covered platform about four feet tall with 20+ mats strewn across the floor; this was apparently our sleeping space. Never one to be deterred, I decided to grin and bear it and enter the boat—after all, it’s about the journey and not the vessel, right?

Komodo Boat from Lombok to Flores

Sleeping condition on the boat trip to Komodo

After 4 very long days living in close quarters on the open water, I’m happy to say I survived. The conditions on the boat did not get any better. The engine broke down on our first night, plenty of people got seasick due to the choppy waters, the food was ALWAYS a variation of mie goreng or nasi goreng, and we never did end up getting a captain which meant we had no idea what was going on most days.

Food onboard Komodo boat trip

Food onboard Komodo boat trip

Despite all of this, seeing the komodo dragons up close, snorkeling with huge manta rays, seeing dolphins, laying out on a pink sand beach, and sleeping under the stars with good people made it all worth it—plus I picked up a few new Indonesian words after becoming friendly with the crew, who while spoke no English, always had big smiles on their faces.

boat crew sailed from Lombok to Komodo Island

Happy boat crew that sailed from Lombok to Komodo island

Here are some helpful tips on how to decide what company to use and what to pack when you brave this adventure:

  • Ask friends for a tour recommendation While I cannot recommend my tour company, komodo dragon, Wanua Adventure seems to be a safe bet. Since our captain never showed up due to an engine problem on the other boat, the captain of the Wanua boat came over and decided to explain the agenda for each day since all the boats more or less have the same schedule.. very nice guy!
  • Ask about how many people will be aboard the ship. We only had 13 people on our boat, which is far less than some other boats that try and squeeze 30 people aboard. Not only is this completely unsafe, but it also means a lot of people are not fed and that there’s not a lot of room to relax.
  • Make sure the komodo park entrance fee is also included in the cost of the cruise. I’ve heard about people having to pay an additional $25 because the fee was not included in their deal.
  • Pack a separate bag filled with your essentials to bring to the sleeping deck. Luggage is stored under the boat and a pain to get to. In addition to sleeping clothes, a bathing suit, a towel and your toiletries, I suggest packing a sarong to use as a cover while you sleep, ear plugs or music to help drown out the noise of the loud engine, baby wipes since there are no showers, and a portable charger due to the high probability the electrical outlets on the boats will either be taken or not working. And if you want, take cards, a wireless speaker, a guitar if you can play, etc. for entertainment on the boat.
  • Bring motion sickness tablets. Even if you don’t end up using it, someone aboard will most likely need them and you’ll have a friend for life.

Our own private beach during Komodo boat trip

Our own private beach during Komodo boat trip

The safety of a boat trip/tour to Komodo has been criticised numerously, there are reports of accidents, so proceed with caution. Decide if this is the adventure for you and use our tips above to make an informed decision. Happy and safe travels!

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Tri-colored Lakes at Mount Kelimutu, Flores

Mount Kelimutu is a volcano in Flores, one of the many volcanoes of Indonesia. The highest peak here is the Mount Kelibara of 1731m tall.

One of the most famous attraction here for travellers is the tri-colored Kelimutu lake within the summit of the craters at 1690m. It consists of three lakes together of varying colours from each other and also at different times, making them surreal and exciting to be discovered.

One of these lakes is Tiwu ata Mbupu (Lake of Old People) which is usually blue and on the westernmost of the three lakes. The other two lakes are Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai (Lake of Young Men and Maidens) and Tiwu Ata Polo (Bewitched or Enchanted Lake), where both of them are green or red respectively and are only separated by a crater wall.

Tri-colored Kelimutu Lakes at Mount Kelimutu, Flores

Tri-clored Kelimutu Lakes at Mount Kelimutu. Photo by NeilsPhotography

Where is it

Mount Kelimutu is located in Kelimutu National Park on the island of Flores, Indonesia. It is near a small town called Moni, which is about 50km east of Ende of Central Flores Island and 4 hours ride from Maumere the city of Flores.

Why go

Map of Mount Kelimutu, Flores, Indonesia

Map of Mount Kelimutu, Flores. Map by Burmesedays

The tri-colored lakes of Mount Kelimutu are special for natural occurring phenomenon. Due to the ever-changing colours and the varying colours amongst themselves, it is beautifully haunting. The local people here consider it as a resting place for the departed souls. They believed that Mae was a god of the afterlife and those who died will sit by the lakes base on their merits in life. Therefore, it is connected to the names of the lake, when translated meant one for the souls of the people, another for the spirits of young people and lastly for the spirits of soothsayers.

These lakes change colour dramatically and unpredictably from blue or green to red or black, making it one of the natural phenomena to be beheld by many. Moreover, the precariously steep road to get there makes it so much more mysterious and mystifying.

When is the best time to go

The best time to visit the Kelimutu Lakes is during the dry season of Indonesia tropical weather, which is May to September. The best of best time is July or August, making it also the most peak time where you should make advance booking of place to stay and such.

To visit the lake, the best time is when during sunrise for its most dramatic atmosphere, which you have to wake as early as 3.30am to be able to make it.

Top view of Kelimutu Lakes at Mount Kelimutu, Flores

Top view of Kelimutu Lakes at Mount Kelimut. Photo by Michael Day

What to see

The Tri-colored Lakes of Kelimutu, of course.
The first and second lake are located next to each other while the third one is located 1.5km west of the two. The boundaries between the lake is a narrow stone wall of a crater which is very steep and with the height of 50-150 m. Scientifically, the colours of the lakes change due to the discoloration by the sunlight, the water microorganisms and the dissolution of chemicals. It also includes the reflection from the colours of the walls and bottom of the lake itself.

What to do

Catch the sunrise at Mount Kelimutu overlooking the lakes. Start by taking a truck up the 8 km path to Kelimutu lakes and then another 45 minutes upward drive just in time to catch the sunrise.

Sunrise at Mount Kelimutu, Flores

Sunrise at Mount Kelimutu. Photo by Michael Day

Hike and trek around Mount Kelimutu. You can explore the crater and then walk all the way back down to Moni if you like, or ride back the way you came.

Where to stay

If you are more adventurous, you can choose to stay in Moni which has some choices of guesthouses of minimal facilities. One of the choices here in Moni at Mount Kelimutu is Daniel Lodge * and another just at the edge is Antoneri Lodge *. For more comfortable options, you can choose to stay in Maumere * which is 4 hours away. There is also another choice to stay in Ende * which is sort of in between range between these two.

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What and where to eat

At the nearest town Moni, there are only few restaurants to choose from and some local market stalls. Remember to pack enough food for energy on your journey to the tri-colored lakes as it would take time and especially if you decide to do your own trekking. You can find drink sellers at the crater.

How to get there

By Flights
The nearest airport is in Maumere and Ende, Flores. There are regular flights between Bali and Maumere.

Smoke over Mount Kelimutu, Flores

Smoke over Mount Kelimutu. Photo by bicrom das

The nearest location to Kelimutu is Moni. You can come here from several options – Maumere or Moni, both which you can fly into. From Maumere, you can take about 4 hours ride to Moni. From Ende, the flight will arrive at Kupang airport, which you have to ride 40 minutes to Ende and then another 2 hours ride to Moni.

From Moni, it is just another 45 minutes drive to reach the lip of Lake Kelimutu. Many travelers would take this option. But you can also choose to walk, which will take 2.5 hours one way.

By Ferry boat
You can take a ferry boat from Bali or Lombok to Flores, which would take around 3-4 days depending on your cruise package that would mostly include stops at places like Komodo National Park, other villages and also here at Kelimutu lake.

The blue and the black of Kelimutu Lakes, Flores

The blue and the black of Kelimutu Lakes. Photo by java tourism

How to get around

You can rent a vehicle to get around from town to villages and the Kelimutu lakes, but you can also catch the public bus if you like. The rest can be covered by foot of some light trekking as well as tough hiking.

Where to go nearby

Komodo National Park, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Indonesia, it is the home to the famous Komodo Dragon in Indonesia, one of the few left in this world.

East Crater Lake of Mount Kelimutu, Flores

East Crater Lake of Mount Kelimutu, Flores. Photo by Michael Day

Travel Tips

Always pack enough to go food in your backpack and water as the journey on land is long while the trekking is hard and far from where you can get them.

Also, if you have trouble with long bumpy overland journeys, don’t forget to get your medication to ease the ride. The roads here are winding, bumpy and often long.

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Maumere, Flores

The largest town in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara of Indonesia, Maumere is probably not the most popular travel place but it is normally an accidental drop by due to it being an alternative port to fly in to explore the rest of Flores.

Maumere, Flores, Indonesia Map

Maumere, Flores, Indonesia Map

Why go

Go off the beaten path and explore the local living of Indonesia in the way of Flores, Nusa Tenggara. Hang around with the locals, visit fishing villages and markets and also explore the local hot springs, caves and beaches, all not exactly out to wow you but fun enough for the novelty of it. You will feel like the first explorer in these places.

Fishing Villages at Maumere, Flores, Indonesia

What to see

Weaving villages – see local artisans produce traditional ikat cloth which is lightweight and is good as souvenirs

What to do

Kids  at Maumere, Flores, Indonesiap

Uncover hidden hot springs and caves.

Chill and relax at remote and discrete beaches:
Ahuwair and Waiterang Beaches – more popular relaxing beaches with few bungalows to choose from. Real chill out and off the grid with limited electricity and what more internet. There are diving and snorkelling choices here.
Gading beach – for less crowd (of the already little crowd) with its black sand beach but the sea is too rough for snorkelling.

Climb Gunung Egon
This is an active volcano with a summit of 5.5km where its peak that can be seen from the Waiterang beach. Start at the small village of Blidit which is the beginning of the hiking trail. It can be climb in 3 hours. Remember to slather in a generous amount of sun blocks, if possible start really early in the morning.

Dive – scuba diving is here is remotely beautiful where you can even have a chance to see the whales and dolphins which are ubiquitous here. Best times to spot sperm whales are during November and December monsoons.

Where to stay

There are quite a number of accommodations to choose from here in relative to Flores. There are choices ranging from backpacker to mid-range hotels. The two popular places to stay here in Mauere that provides rooms in huts by the beach plus diving activities are Budi Sun Resort and Sea World Club Beach Resort *.

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How to get there


Fly into the Wai Oti Airport (Bandar Udara Wai Oti), which is more commonly known as the Maumere Airport. It lies 3 km from the town and you may hop onto any ojek (motorcycle taxi) to get to the town center for about 5000Rp. There are regular flights from Kupang, Sumba, Labuanbajo and Denpasar (Bali).

Maumere Airport, Flores, Indonesia

Maumere Airport, Flores, Indonesia

Pelni Boat

You may even sail on one of the local Pelni boats into Maumere from Makassar and Kupang. Frequency is about every 2 weeks but with no fixed schedule, therefore you need enough time and ad-hoc planning to work it out when you are there. Tickets can be bought at the Pelni office in town.


If you are coming by bus, in one of the rare occasions, you can get a bus from Bajawa but with a long drive of 15 hours. You can get in/out or to/from Labuanbajo by bus, with a stop in Bajawa for 1 night. There are also buses between Moni and Ende that stops at Maumere.

People of Maumere, Flores, Indonesia

People of Maumere, Flores, Indonesia

Where to go nearby

Bali (fly to Denpasar airport) for the many things to see in Bali,
Lombok and Gili Islands – can also be access via Bali or Labuanbajo
Makassar – take a pelni boat over to continue and discover Sulawesi from there
Labuanbajo (Labuan Bajo) – for diving, snorkeling and many beautiful islands and beaches
Komodo National Park – to see the famous komodo dragon. You can get there by land or air.
The famous tri-coloured lake at Gunung Kelimutu in Flores

Photo credits from top: Burmesedays and the rest Gabriel

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Flores, Nusa Tenggara

Flores means Flower in Portuguese, and it is indeed a place exuding beauty like its name.

It is one of the Lesser Sunda islands and is still largely unexplored by travelers in terms of tourism.

If you are looking for an adventurous and explorative independent traveling, this may be your answer.

Where is it

Flores is located in an Island on Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, east of Sumbawa and west of Solor Archipelago. To the southeast is timor, to the south is Sumba and to the north is Sulawesi.

Map of Flores in Indonesia

Map of Flores

Why go

Volcano Mountain at Flores Indonesia

Volcano Mountain

Visit Flores for the almost untouched island, where you can trek to see Tri-colored lakes in Kelimutu of acid volcanic water, Komodo Dragon, swim in calm pool with waterfall backdrop, enjoy your meal and mingling with locals amidst view of lush paddy fields and smoking volcanic mountain. You can even dive or snorkel off various amazing dive sites.

When is the best time to go

Go during the dry season to enjoy the full marvel of the place which is from June – October, but if you must, rainy season is possible but be prepared for muddy roads and cloudy skies that might dampen your views.

What to see

The nearest tourist attraction is the famous crater lakes known as the Tri-clored Lakes of Mount Kelimutu. The natural colors are due to the chemical reactions of minerals in the lake with the volcanic gas.

Kelimutu Three colored Lakes Indonesia

Kelimutu Three Colored Lakes

Komodo Dragons in one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in IndonesiaKomodo National Park. The park is situated in Komodo Island, where you can also dive, snorkel, camp and kayak at the beautiful island.

What to do

Diving – there are several dive sites here in Flores, the most popular is Komodo Islands which one of the top diving sites in Indonesia. Diving Komodo islands are also known to many world class divers due to the Komodo National Park’s reserve that offers what every tropical diving paradise.

Surfing – there are many hotsposts around Flores that allows surfing from beginner level to advance. This is an up and coming surfing places in Indonesia.

Island hopping – take a trip to Komodo Islands and check out the many islands, such as Padar Island, Rinca Island and Bat Island and the beautiful beaches such as Pink Beach and Manta Point.

Visit traditional villages, and stay with the local families while doing eco-friendly activities like bird watching, trekking and local dances. Also swim in waterfall pool.

Swim in Waterfall Pool, Flores

Swim in Waterfall Pool

Where to stay

Despite being off the beaten track, you can still find many accommodation options here in and around Flores, particularly in Maumere or Labuan Bajo.

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What and where to eat

If you are in Ende, remember to try out the Kopi Ende, they are coffee beans roasted with ginger and then brewed as the usual coffee drink.

How to get there

By flights

Airport at Maumere, Flores, Indonesia

Maumere Airport

Fly into the main airport at Maumere, with daily flights from Bali and Kupang.

There are also daily flights to Labuanbajo from Bali and Lombok.

By Boat

You can also get in by Pelni boats to Labuanbajo or Maumere and other parts of Indonesia. There are also other boats like ASDP ferry from Labuanbajo to Sape. Or you may just take a sailing trip from tour companies between Lombok, Bali and Flores.

Labuanbajo, Flores


By land

And if you are into adventure riding and photography, you may choose to take the long tedious (note: very long and tedious) way overland, a bus from Bali to Lombok to Bima and then Sape and then end with a Ferry to Labuanbajo. This journey will take more than 24 hours.

How to get around

Take the ubiquitous Bemo (minibus or minivans) around the island, it will guarantee an experience.

Paddy Fields in Flores

Paddy Fields in Flores

Photo credits from top: Burmesedays, Gabriel, NeilsPhotography, david.james.harris, Gabriel, leafbug and Gabriel

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