Daily travel budget for Indonesia

Travelers will find that the daily travel budget for Indonesia can range from relatively cheap to expensive depending on how you plan out. But if you stick to budget options for accommodation and food, generally it is very affordable to travel in Indonesia. You may even be able to travel in Indonesia under 25 USD / day budget!

Here are some of the breakdowns of the daily travel budget:

Food and Drinks

Warung / roadside = 0.50-2 USD
Cheaper Restaurant = 2-4 USD
Higher end restaurant = 5-11 USD
Bottle of water = 0.50-1 USD
Local beer at convenience store = 1-2 USD
Beer at bars or clubs = 2.50-5 USD

Daily budget per day for food and drinks would be 7-10 USD


Basic budget stay = 9 USD
Guesthouse / hostel = 10-15 USD
Average hotel prices = 30-50 USD

Daily budget for the stay in Indonesia will average at 9-20 USD a night.

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Local Transport

Taxi / motorbike = 0.50-1.50 USD
Rent a motorbike for a day = 7 USD
Rent a car or SUV for a day = 22 USD
Train = 7 -12 USD
Bus (long distance of 12 hours) = 18 USD

Depending on how far you travel and how long you stay in Indonesia, the budget may vary, but it would probably be around 4-7 USD a day.

Tourist attractions and tours

Museums or Temples or Mountains = 0.50 – 3 USD
Day tours and activities = 25-35 USD

If you stay independent and visit the tourist attractions yourself you can keep the budget to as low as 2 USD a day but if you add some tours, it may be up to 10 USD a day.

Other spending

Local SIM Card and data

Always budget for some spending that you did not plan for as travel life goes, there will always be some. You would probably want to set aside 3-5 USD per day for these.

For backpacking budget and low-cost travel in Indonesia, you can go by as low as 25 USD per day and if you splurge some for tours and luxuries, if may go up to around 35 USD a day. Therefore, the daily travel budget in Indonesia is 25-35 USD per day.

Although budget in Indonesia can be averaged out to such for a day, but since it is such a large country, it may vary from places to places especially in remote areas vs city or tourist popular places, like the daily budget in Bali and Lombok should be higher.

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11 thoughts on “Daily travel budget for Indonesia”

  1. Hi… I’m planning to visit Indonesia for my birthday… I would be staying in Bandung the most but also I will like to visit Jakarta… So I will like to know if me and my friend we can survive without worries at $80 daily budget… I know there it says ”Daily travel budget average range = 18 – 22 USD / day” but it seems so unreal (sorry if I’m being rude)… This will be like my first time travelling so far away and I want to plan it the best way possible… Thank you…

    1. Hi Migda, do you mean that budget is for both of you and your friend? If yes you can still survive with that budget without worries, survive is the word though. I know the budget stated here sounds low but it is the most budget you can go for independent traveling without much luxury. If you decide to splurge a little and pay more for comfort then your budget should be alright. I had budget out to around 20USD a day around Java for a month, but that is also because staying longer stretches the budget more. Have a good birthday in Bandung!

  2. Hi Migda, thanks for this, it’s really useful. A question- should you take US Dollars, or convert into rupiah before you go? And what is the ATM machine situation like over there? Thank you!

    1. it would be better if you change enough rupiah before traveling to Indonesia, this would save you the hassle if you are traveling out of the city. But at the city there are many ATM facilities and they are good for withdrawing money. You can change your USD in Indonesia but make sure it is crisp and new, they can be picky.

  3. Hi Rachel..
    I’m planning to go to Bali soon.. just want to ask whether they only accept USD only or both USD and rupee also can???

    1. you may use USD in some of the popular tourist activities like watersports and but everything else is generally on Indonesian rupiah, so it is advisable to change most of your spending money.

  4. Hi Rachel,

    Nice site, thanks.

    I was thinking of traveling to Sulawesi in December. But now I read it’s not the dry season. I don’t mind a little rain, but I’m not looking to be inundated. Should I wait to travel till next Spring?

    All the best,


    1. in December it is generally raining and if you looking to do diving it might be dangerous in some conditions. if you can maybe you should arrange the trip in a better weather. it also depends which part of Sulawesi you are traveling. Check out our Sulawesi Travel Guide for more information.

  5. Hello Rachel,

    Thanks for helping us right here!

    My wife and I already booked our flight tickets to visit Indonesia from December 28th till January 16th.

    We’re not sure which places would be best to visit that time in terms of weather because we prefer not be under rain most of the time. We would like to go diving and do hot air ballon. And finally what are the places you recommend to visit since we have 19 days travel.

    Appreciate Your Help!


  6. thats imposible to make it luxry for $35. at least you need $50 if you go for mid range

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