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Dieng Plateau was initially not one of the places I thought to travel but stumble upon it by sheer chance and it became part of the must visit for me as I make my way from Jakarta to Yogyakarta, making pit stops along the way. You see I was hoping to get a good slice of Java itself, taking it slow, knowing the people and understanding the place.

Lucky for me or not, I was there during the rainy season of December in Indonesia. Therefore, I find myself in quite some rainfall especially in the evenings, but boy, in Dieng Plateau, it is another league of its own. It rained the whole day practically from morning to sundown. It was raining when I reached at night and by noon the next day it started to rain again till I leave, I don’t know when did it stop.

Arjuna temples, dieng plateau, java, indonesia

Arjuna Temples, Dieng Plateau, Java, Indonesia

Still do not to let it dampen you on that, I must say Dieng Plateau hold its own charm despite being veiled by the rain fall. If you happen to be here during the dry season or better weather, I am sure you have even better time than me!

Where is it

Dieng Plateau is situated in Central Java, nearby Wonosobo. Most people in Indonesia calls it Dieng. It is a highland of 2,000 m. Even though nearby to Wonosobo, it is actually located in the regency of Banjarnegara.

Map of dieng plateau in central java, indonesia

Map of Dieng Plateau in Central Java, Indonesia

Why go

If you want to see something different from the rest of Java in Indonesia, here is the place. It almost somewhat exists on its own up here in the highlands. If you explore around you will be trekking through rolling hills of plantations and mountains flanking from all sides in the horizon. A fellow traveller whom I met there commented: “At this view (while looking from the road vast rolling hills of vegetable fields), it almost seem like I am back in France.” And if you are here during off peak season, you will find yourself one of the only handfuls of travellers wandering around, making this place exclusive and off your usual beaten path.

House on hilly villages, dieng plateau, java, indonesia

House on hilly villages, Dieng Plateau, Java, Indonesia

When is the best time to go

Definitely not during the wet season like me but during the dry season of April to October. You may find more people than the usual sparse crowd during the peak season of June-August there.

Also be warned that the temperatures in Dieng can be quite cold being in the highlands, therefore remember to pack proper clothing. The guesthouses here are bare and minimal, therefore do not expect any kind of heating, a sleeping bag of your own would help tremendously in your sleep.

Attractions in dieng plateau map

Attractions in Dieng Plateau Map – click on for bigger view

What to see

Sunrise at sikunir hill, dieng plateau, java, indonesia

Sunrise at Sikunir Hill, Dieng Plateau, Java

There are many craters (kawah) around here for you to explore, like Sikidang Crater (Kawah Sikidang) which is more popular, and there are others like Kawah Candradimuka and Kawah Sileri.

Arjuna Temples Complex – Candi-candi (ancient temples) dotted around, the most famous being the Arjuna complex not because of its magnificence, what not with the likes of Borobudur and Prambanan not too far off but for its really old age. Here you can find Candi Arjuna, Candi Setiyaki and Candi Bima. They are one of the oldest temples in Indonesia, dating back to 8th century built by the Sanjaya dynasty. It can be a bit disheartening to see the remaining small temples around the complex but keep in mind that it had stood the test of time for a long, long time.

Telaga Warna (colored lake) – not to be mistaken for it’s name for it is only in hues of blue and maybe some slight green. Try to walk up the hill beside it to catch a top view of the lake which can be quite beautiful if you caught it during the right light of day.

Telaga warna, dieng plateau, java, indonesia

Telaga Warna, Dieng Plateau, Java, Indonesia

What to do

Carvings at hindu temples, dieng plateau, java, indonesia

Carvings at Hindu Temples, Dieng Plateau, Java, Indonesia

Definitely trek and walk around Dieng Plateau highlands. We were being adventurous and thought to walk to all the places on the map for exploration, and it took us a good walk along the main road and then up the hills of houses and then deep into the vegetables fields and plantations. Along these treks, you will find yourself surrounded by rolling fields of greens, hardworking locals smiling at you, local houses and kids running around and also other ancient structures dotted around.

Catch the sunrise at Sikunir Hill – rent a car or motorbike to the foothill of Sekunir, then it is about another 30-40 minutes hike up (good workout to wake you up) in time for the sunrise. Here you can see the sun slowly lit up the hills of terraced rice fields with dark mountains as backdrop

Or catch the sunrise at Perahu Hill – This one you have to start earlier about 3 am and rent a vehicle to the foothill and hike up for about 2 hours. The view here is, of course, more magnificent as it takes more energy and effort.

Where to stay

You may find a handful of homestays, hotels or guesthouses by the roadside once you reach Dieng Plateau by bus as it will drop you at the main road. I chose to stay near Dieng Plateau * for easy access to the trekking and sites. When I was last there, there were barely good choices of accommodations but now as tourism has grown, there are new modern guesthouses like the Tani Jiwo Hostel * or in the cozy Green Savannah Homestay *.  Alternatively, you may also stay in Wonosobo * and take the minibus up.

-> Find the best hotel and homestay deals near Dieng Plateau *

What and where to eat

Local specialties are Keripik Jamur, a crispy fried champignon or Carica in syrup, a sweet drink.

How to get around

Dieng can be small and big depending where you want to explore. The usual tourist circuit is doable by foot if you want to take a loop around and stop by at those places to visit. If you want to go a little further, catch a local minibus and stop off at junctions that you need and cover the rest with trekking on hills and plantations.

Ancient structures at dieng plateau, java, indonesia

Ancient Structures at Dieng Plateau, Java, Indonesia

How to get there

From Jakarta to Dieng
Get a train from Jakarta to Purwokerto and then take a bus to Wonosobo. At nearing Wonosobo, ask to be drop off at a junction near Klenteng where you will catch another public minibus to Dieng.

From Yogyakarta (Jogja) to Dieng
Get a bus to Magelang and then switch to another bus to Wonosobo. Then at Wonosobo, also catch a minibus to go up to Dieng.

Rolling hills of plantations, dieng plateau, java, indonesia

Rolling hills of plantations, Dieng Plateau, Java, Indonesia

Where to go nearby

Purwokerto – what a real city would be like in Java before it get over-saturated as a jaded city, with its little park (alun-alun), good food, laid-back atmosphere, surrounded by many natural wonders and most of all the fun and friendly people.
Purwokerto – this quaint and relaxing place is off the usual beaten path of travelers in Java
Wonosobo – To catch more of village lives in the heart of Java.
Yogyakarta– for the grander temples of Central Java – Borobudur and Prambanan. It is also a place for food and shopping and other tourist attractions.
Semarang – another modern city of Central Java with ancient port.
Yogyakarta – old city, famous ancient temples and good food.

Travel Tips

Remember that Dieng can be chilly up there in the highlands, so pack enough warm clothing. It also helps to bring your own sleeping bag, for the nights are cold and the blanket provided by the guesthouse can be too thin for comfort.

Photo credits from top: Pandu Adnyana, Burmesedays, gardnergp, Rachel, Photo Dharma, Paul Arps, Daniel Julie and Rachel

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  1. Hello Rachel, my friends and I are planning to visit Dieng and are looking forward to do a trek up Sikunir to catch the sunrise. Would it be advisable to book a guide in advance to come along with us? Or could we just check with the hotel once we are there? We are not comfortable driving on our own so we are exploring all possibilities. We also have to get to Dieng from Yogya airport and we touch down at 530pm. Will it be safe for us girls to travel there on our own and how long will it take?

    1. hi isabelle, you do not need to book a guide in advance to go up to Sikunir but you may want to arrange with your guesthouse for a ride at least to the starting point during the wee hours. I did not book a place before reaching there but I was only one person, so if you are in a bigger group would be better to secure a place first. It was safe me me alone to travel up in the local bus around that time too.

  2. Hello Rachel, I’m planning to visit Dieng this October (15-17) and could you please give some advice regarding HomeStay / Guest house in Dieng but only for one person.(the price range, name, and location) ? I like to catch the sunrise at Sikidang and visit “Telaga Warna” on the same day, would you please give me some advice for that as well?

  3. Avatar The Original Indonesia says:

    Hello there Rachel,
    this is my first time reading your blog, and it’s awesome, I appreciate so much that you’re willing to travel across Indonesia and share the beauty of this country.

    Regarding this article which talk about Dieng Plateu, I myself has been interested and so much in love with this place. there are some experience that I’ve had in this place that’s been life-changing to me.

    now just to add some information,
    Dieng Plateau area is actually has more than just scenery to offer, in this place, where it’s believed and proven, you can find the one of the oldest ancient civilization in Java.

    As you know, Java has been the most populated island in Indonesia, because it was where the Majapahit Kingdom took place. Majapahit is known for the largest kingdom that unites smaller kingdoms and countries across the archipelago, which then called Nusantara. This is the first form of Indonesia, but we’re talking about that later :)

    The Majapahit kingdom took time about 11th century, and now back to Dieng, civilization has been in Dieng from the 7th century, and this area wasn’t just a small village that has no importance at all.

    Dieng has been an important part of the ruling kingdom that time, which is Sanjaya / Kalingga Kingdom, this proven by the existence of Arjuna Temple Complex, which those temple themself (or candi people call them ) had an important symbols that reflects the civilization that time, It’s a symbol of teaching, to taught the king’s family and furthermore the people how to become a good man, good woman, and also how to form a family, and also civilization. it really has a great philosophy in it.

    Other than the deep philosophy and historical meaning, you should try night tour around this area, it’s quite bright since they’ve not put lamps around the temple, so it’s safe to be there at night, but you must ask for assistance from local guide, just to keep it safe. The best part to do when you go there at night is to take pictures of the temple, with dark surrounding and some mist, it’ll create a great picture.

    I still have many thing to share about Dieng Plateau, but I suppose it’ll be better to ask your permission before I share more things.

    if you have questions about this area, please feel free to contact me

  4. Hi Rachel- great article on Dieng, thanks for writing. I’d like to go visit but the only time I can is mid-November. You mentioned it’s not advisable to go during wet season, but do you think it will be okay to go in November anyway? I don’t mind a little rain if it’s worth the beauty and nature. Thanks in advance! Also, feel free to check out my blog on other SE Asian travels –

    1. I was there anyway during the rainy season and it was fine, I explore everything with an umbrella on one day. Another day I had luck and managed to even do a long day trek!

  5. Avatar Patrick Swartout says:

    Hello. The picture you titled “House on hilly villages, Dieng Plateau, Java, Indonesia”, where is that? I’m planning a trip to Indonesia in Sept. 2019, and that is a great example of the countryside I most want to see on my trip. Thanks for your suggestions!

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