Ferry from Bali to Lombok

Is there a public ferry from Bali to Lombok? Since I read that Lombok is worth as an alternative to Bali for a peaceful getaway, I am thinking to head there for few days during my trip to Bali.
– Jane

Yes there is available public ferry that embark from Padang Bai Harbour, Bali to Lembar Harbour in Lombok. This harbour is about 1 hour south of Sengigi, Lombok. The ferries depart every hour and the journey takes 4-5 hours at the cost of 36,000Rp. You may buy the tickets at the harbour itself. Alternatively, you can try the fast boat from Bali to Lombok which takes only about 1 hour, one of the operating company for fast boat is www.marinasrikandi.com.

Author: Pearl

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