Flores, Sumba and Sumbawa Travel Guide

Your travel guide to Flores, a place of beauty like its name which means flower in Portuguese. As part of the Lesser Sunda Islands, it is home to the last dragon on Earth, the Komodo Dragon in the Komodo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Flores has a population of 1.8 million, with people mainly from Austronesian family and other indigenous tribes. Myriads of languages are spoken here. People are mainly Roman Catholic Christians with some Muslims.

Flores is another off the beaten track for traveling in Indonesia, largely unexplored and mostly for the divers and adventurous. Here you can find untouched pristine islands, magical tri-colored volcanic lakes, hiking up volcano mountains like Mount Kelimutu, swim in waterfalls in lush jungles and enjoy the scene of paddy fields with smoking volcanoes as backdrop. Flores is also surrounded by best diving sites and even snorkeling will bring lots of underwater delight, being rich in marine life and corals.

Flores, Sumba and Sumbawa Travel Map

Flores, Sumba and Sumbawa Travel Map

Flores, Sumba and Sumbawa Travel Map

Popular Route

Labuan Bajo -> Komodo National Park ->Rinca Islands -> Labuan Bajo -> Ruteng -> Ende -> Tri-colored Kelimutu Lakes -> Maumere

Places to Visit in Flores

Visit Flores for the almost untouched island, where you can trek to see Tri-colored lakes in Kelimutu of acid volcanic water, Komodo Dragon, swim in calm pool with waterfall backdrop, enjoy your meal and mingling with locals amidst view of lush paddy fields and smoking volcanic mountain. You can even dive or snorkel off various amazing dive sites.
Labuan Bajo
Komodo Island – one of the UNESCO World Heritage of Indonesia and home to the Komodo Dragon

Maumere – off the beaten path, exploring local living, fishing villages, hot springs, caves and beaches.

Mount Kelimutu – one of the famous attraction in Flores, Kelimutu lake is within the summit of the craters and consist of three lakes of varying colors from each other and also at different times.

Activities in Flores

Hike Mount Kelimutu
Whale Shark Diving or Snorkeling

Tourist Attractions in Flores

Komodo National Park
Tri-colored Lakes of Mount Kelimutu

Places to Visit in Sumba and Sumbawa

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