Guide to Hiking Mount Bromo, East Java

Mount Bromo, which stands tall at 2329 m, is the most iconic and the most hiked mountain in Indonesia. This is one of the top 10 things to do in Java and rightly so. The mountain beckons majestically despite having the entire top blown off and with a crater inside that keeps spewing off-white sulfurous smoke.

Mount Bromo is still one of the most active volcanoes in the world, and some areas are blocked off from tourists due to its imminent danger. It sits inside the massive Tengger caldera (volcanic crater with a diameter approximately 10km), surrounded by the Laut Pasir (sea of sand) of fine volcanic sand.

After an easy hike, travelers are awarded a breathtaking and ethereal landscape during the sunrise.

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Mount Bromo @ East Java, Indonesia

Ethereal Mount Bromo. Photo by Share the word

Myth has it that Mount Bromo is significant to the Tengger people who believe that the site is where their brave prince sacrificed his life for his family. To appease the Gods, the people will offer food and money by throwing it into the crater of the volcano once a year during the annual Kasada (or Kasodo) festival.

Where is it

Mount Bromo is situated inside Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park, beside Mount Semeru at East Java, Indonesia.

Map of Mount Bromo, Indonesia

Map of Mount Bromo, Indonesia. Map by Burmesedays

Why go

To be awe in nature’s best combination of beauty and danger, an active volcano that can be so foreboding and desolate yet so beautiful. The view itself is almost out of this world and be the reason enough to go there!

Upclose with Mount Bromo, Java, Indonesia

Up close with Mount Bromo. Photo by Schristia

When is the best time to go

June – August where there is less rain but more tourists. August is also the month for the Kesada / Kesodo festival for the Tengger people if you are interested.
With that said, Indonesia has relatively mild weather of just rain or shine. So anytime is a good time to go Mount Bromo. Do check out for local weather when you are there for the best clear sky for your sunrise experience. If you do not have many days, then hope for the best when you are there.
Also try to avoid weekends if you do not want the crowd.

What to see

Tengger woman @ Mount Bromo, Indonesia

A Tengger woman. Photo by Trekity

Mount Bromo, of course.

Tenggerese houses which is unique to its kind, while take some time to understand the beautiful Tengger people.

A Tenggerese Hindu temple known as The Poten that sits nearby Mount Bromo, looking both eerie and peaceful on the sea of sand.

What to do

Trek to Mount Bromo's Crater

Trek to Mount Bromo’s Crater. Photo by borderlys

Hike up Mount Penanjakan in time to catch the sunrise over Mount Bromo. It takes about 1-2 hours hike to the first vantage point. The sun rises at 5.30 am, therefore, usually, you have to plan when to start hiking depending on your fitness level. Maps and information are readily and easily available at one of the many suitable locations. An extra tip is that you may want to hike earlier to avoid the crowd and get the right spot as you may find a lot of people crowding the vantage point to view the sun rising over Mount Bromo. If you have the time and energy, there is another less-crowded vantage point higher up with an unobstructed view of the sunrise. Find and scale the slope behind the shelter to get to the higher flat land.

Trek down Mount Penanjakan and up to Mount Bromo summit. Here you can trek down and then across 3km sand of sea and then upwards to summit the caldera of Mount Bromo. It takes about 1-2 hours again depending on your fitness level.

Road through Sea of Sand to Mount Bromo's crater

Road through Sea of Sand to Mount Bromo’s crater. Photo by dhodie

Where to stay at Mount Bromo

You may find various guesthouses and basic hotels located around Mount Bromo, as that place is popular for tourists. Try to stay nearby so that you can do the morning hike up to catch the sunrise easily. Lots of guesthouses or hotels are situated at the crater rim. Take note that all the prices here, whether hotels or guesthouses or homestays, would be higher than your usual Indonesian ones as it is a popular tourist area.

Cemara Indah
I stayed here myself, and it was an overall pleasant stay with a direct view of Mount Bromo. Most important of all is that it is located right behind the trail to start trekking up for the sunrise. Recommended for those who want to do their hike for sunrise independently themselves. After that, come back straight down for the breakfast provided before trekking onwards to the crater rim. Budget to mid-range with prices starting at 50 USD.
Check out the latest prices and reviews at *

Jiwa Jawa Bromo
One of the popular hotels at Mount Bromo, with a beautiful garden for sitting out and enjoying the scenic mountain views. The surroundings of the place are well loved by guests and to top it off, they have really good coffee! Luxury with prices starting at 120 USD.
Check out the latest prices and reviews at *
Check out the latest prices and reviews at *

-> Find more places to stay at Mount Bromo on *

If you are coming from Surabaya, you are most likely to go via Probolinggo. There are also some options to stay * in this town and take a day trip up to Mount Bromo, such as the good for value Clover Homestay *.

If you want to access Mount Bromo via 4WD drive, then it is recommended to stay at Malang *, where you can enjoy the unique and luxurious Tugu Hotel *. I stayed at the mid-range Hotel Santika Premier * here with good experience.

What and where to eat

Every lodge, guesthouse or hotel normally serves food as well for travelers. There are also few independent eateries around to choose from, such as Bromo Corner Café and Waroeng Basuki, or you may head on to simple roadside warungs and enjoy basic local Indonesian food. You should also try out the hot Javanese coffee (kopi panas). All restaurants will open by 3 am as that is when most people start to wake for the hike to catch the sunrise.

Catching sunrise @ Mount Bromo, Indonesia

Catching sunrise. Photo by Schristia

How to get there

Horses and The Poten @ Mount Bromo, Indonesia

Horses and the Poten. Photo by Yv

Fly into Juanda international airport at Surabaya. There are direct flights from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Jakarta, and Bali. If you are flying domestic from Jakarta, you may take Sriwijaya that flies twice weekly. Take note of domestic departures cost is 40,000 Rp tax while international departures cost is 200, 000 Rp tax.

Distance from Surabaya airport to the Mount Bromo national park is about 70km, and the time it takes us around 4 hours due to heavy traffic and congestion. On the way, you would pass Probolinggo town, which lies on the major highway across java. Here is where most backpackers would usually share a transport to take them up to the Bromo Tengger Semeru National park. Or get a complete overnight sunrise tour from Surabaya to Mt. Bromo and back.

How to get around

If you are able, then trekking or walking is the best way to experience Mount Bromo but you may take ponies or horses across the sea of sand to the bottom of the steep stairs that leads to the crater.

Where to go nearby

Malang – Cultural capital of East Java
Ijen crater – 6 hours drive away. Magnificent turquoise sulphur lake that exudes flames, blue fire at night and smoky white in the day.

Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru, Java, Indonesia

Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru, Java, Indonesia. Photo by Kai Seidler


Bring a jacket and gloves as it may get chilly up there. In a pinch, you can rent a jacket at around 25k rupiah and buy a glove at 20k rupiah.

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Author: Rachel

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78 thoughts on “Guide to Hiking Mount Bromo, East Java”

  1. Mount Bromo Beautiful sunrise in east java. from Mt Penanjakan is one of the best place in the edge of the Tengger caldera to see sunrise. Afterward, the jeep will take us to the slopes of Mount Bromo by crossing the ocean of sand and then you will climb the slopes of Mount Bromo by following the stairs up leading to the peak of Mount Bromo.

  2. Thank you so much for the info presented, which is heaps helpful!

    My friends and I are planning to stay at Lava View Lodge or somewhere pretty close to it, then hike up to Mt Penanjakan in the middle of the night to photograph stars and wait for sunrise. Is it possible for such a journey on foot? Are there online resources which have the trail guides for download? We prefer to be well-prepared beforehand.

    Thanks once again!

    1. Yes you can hike up the Mount Penanjakan at night about 3/4am and then wait for sunrise. It can all be done on foot, just ask someone at the resort and they will point you to the starting point at the hill, from there it is straight forward all the way up. Have fun!

      1. Hi Rachel,
        Appreciate the information shared. It certainly helps alot.
        I too would like to hike up mt penanjakan and from your sharing, i understand I can probably start the hike at 3/4am if I stayed at lavaview lodge. However I notice that most tour group also depart for mt penanjakan by jeep at 3/4am if staying at lava vie lodge or nearby, would you by any chance may know how come by foot or jeep we can start at about the same timing? I would expect travelling by jeep is faster, as such I would probably have to start much earlier before 3/4am if by foot?
        Also would you have any reccomendation or contact for transport from surubaya airport to hotels near mount bromo?


        1. Hi James, those that are moving out by jeep is actually heading to another mountain view for Bromo (which they had claimed that the view is much more beautiful but I have not tried it) and the one we hike up is the one nearer to where everyone stays and do not require a jeep to get up on. I believe both are called Penanjakan and differentiated by 1 or 2. You will find more people at Penanjakan 1 that have them going there in groups with a jeep, therefore be prepared for a huge crowd there. Our experience in Penanjakan 2 was pretty quiet and earlier when we waited we were almost the only ones, and the view was still breathtaking to us. Sorry I do not have any contacts for transports to Mount Bromo from Surabaya because we went there from Malang. You may try to get a local bus there is you have the time. Have fun!

          1. Hi Rachel,
            if your photos on this site were taken from “Penanjakan 2” then it is almost the same angle as I took on my previous trip when I travelled to “Penanjakan 1” by jeep. The jeep has to take a very long route across a lava plain in order to reach the road that goes up Mt Penanjakan. Hence the travel time is rather long.

          2. The pictures are a mixture of Penanjakan 1 and 2. I have only tried Penanjakan 2 hence I didn’t know that the travel time to get to the Penanjakan 1 is long but I hope it is worth it for you! ;)

  3. Hi Rachel
    From Surabaya airport how do we go to malang.
    Where is reasonable place to stay near to mount bromo
    Wish to see sunrise

    1. from Surabaya, take a 3 hours bus down to Malang. We stayed in Cemara Indah, not exactly the cheapest place to stay in Indonesia but it is really near to the mountain up to Penanjakan 2 for sunrise and it is clean. :)

  4. Love your site! I’ve lived in Indonesia for a little over a year and love the weather and unique islands. Each place seems to have a culture that is all its own. Just an FYI, the airport tax has increased for both domestic and international flights. It’s now Rp 40,000 for domestic and Rp 200,000 for international. ;)

      1. HI Rachel! Awesome post! Was doing all my research based on your blog and wanted to know if you used Helios just for transport or took the guided tour with them? Would like some freedom to explore so not so excited about a fixed package. Advice?

        1. we did not take a guided tour, just shared to rent the 4WD with driver to Mt Bromo, this can be an option for you to explore freely if you can find others of the same idea to share with you

  5. Hi there, we will be going on a 4D3N trip to East Java. Do you think 1 night is good enough for Mount Bromo? We are considering if there’s enough time to visit the Ijen Crater and spend a night there before returning to Surabaya.

    1. hi, yes one night would be enough for Bromo, you may explore a little on the day you arrive and then sleep and get up for sunrise over Mount Bromo, and then trek to Bromo and back and be in time to leave by 12-1pm. It is possible to make way to Ijen Crater too if you want to squeeze in but in this case it would be wise to hire transport to save time, else good luck !

  6. If I arrive at the Surabaya airport at 6:30pm, do you think I will have enough time to get to Mt. Bromo for the sunrise hike or will I be pushing it for time? I have 7 days in Indonesia and fly into/leave from Jakarta. Bali and Mt. Bromo are definitely two stops I want to make. I was thinking Ijen as well, but did’t know if it would be plausible given that the forums I have read have said traveling Mt. Bromo and Ijen will take up at least 3 days. Any advice?

    1. From Surabaya to Mount Bromo from 6.30pm can be possible, just note that road condition is not that good and night traveling would take more time. You can stop by Ijen crater too on the way to Bali as it is on the way. Head to Ijen after sunrise, put up a night there and also do another sunrise at Ijen, after that head to Bali. It is possible but can be tiring.

  7. thanx so much Rachel, those are such helpful information. actually am planning to have vacation in Bali next month and after reading about mount Bromo i think i should visit it, so am asking how long it takes from bali to mount bromo national park ?? and can i get back to bali on the same day ??

    1. It is possible to do a 1 day trip to Mount Bromo from Bali, there are many tour companies that offer this from Bali. If you go via overland, it will take quite sometime and I would suggest that you stay at least one night there and catch the sunrise in the morning before heading back.

  8. hello Rachael! Love your writing and info about Mount Bromo experiences. I’ll be backpacking to Indonesia for 10 days on February next year. My plan is, sunrise at Mount Bromo, then to Ijen carter and afterward Bali via Bayuwangi. which is the best choice to go to Bromo from Malang or Probolingo if I were to take train to Bayuwangi and Ijen carter afterward? and FYI I’ll be traveling on my own without tour operator.

    1. Hi, the choice of going to Bromo from Malang or Probolinggo depends firstly where is your starting point. Then you need to see how many days you went to spend to get there. From Surabaya airport to Bromo, the shortest way is via Probolinggo. But if you want to have a scenic 4WD ride across the crater, then you may invest more days and put up a night in Malang first (3 hours from Surabaya) and then take the 4WD truck to Bromo. You can then take the Probolinggo route back from Bromo to Surabaya and then train to Banyuwangi though this would certainly be backtracking. You may consider other form of transport from Bromo to Banyuwangi besides the train for more direct route. Have fun backpacking Indonesia!

  9. Is it possible to do the bromo and ijea 3d 2n trip with a 11 month old infant baby. Have people done it ? What is your observation and suggestion on this ? What parts of the journey can get challenging with the infant baby?

    I am currently in bali with my wife and baby . Am evaluating the pros and cons of making this trip.

    1. well it can be quite a dusty trip across the caldera and it would be also equally challenging if you decide to trek up Mount Bromo itself to look down into the active crater with a child. Also taking horses would proof to be even harder. If you only want to sit on jeeps and have view of the Bromo from far it is possible.

  10. It is also advisable to bring along either surgical mask or N95 to prevent yourself from breathing in debris. The horse ride will cost 150k Rp and make sure to pay the guide AFTER the 2-way journey. Besides Mt Bromo, do spot the highest peak namely Mt Semeru.

  11. Hello Rachel,

    I really appreciate your work, after wiki travel this is the blog i refer. Rachel I’m planning to visit Bromo in December. So it it a good time to visit Mount Bromo?

    I’m still looking for a place to stay, if you have a email address please share with me. I got one from Melang, as far as i concern it’s pretty far away from Mount Bromo.

    In wiki travels they say, tourist jeeps charges according to the no of view points we are visiting. How many view points are there after Penanjakan 1 and 2.

    Can I do this hike without a tour operator?

    1. hi, december should be fine but there might be chance of rain but generally sunrise should be alright. You can try to rent a room at Cemara Indah, it is very near to Penanjakan 2. You can do the hike up Penanjakan 2 yourself without a tour, just an hour hike up.

  12. Hi Rachel,

    Can I go to Bromo with my 2.5 year old son? Could you please suggest what are the challenges I may face on the way?

    1. it would be a little challenge if you decide to hike or trek the caldera, else you may hire a jeep to take you there. the last climb of stairs up to Bromo crater will be a bit challenging too.

  13. Hi, We are coming from Surabaya but are still unsure where to stay and can we get on a tour to see Bromo when we arrive or do we have to book it earlier? is it worth doing the round trip through Malang

    1. I did a prebook trip before going to Bromo but it should be possible to arrange there. The journey to Malang by 4WD is scenic but takes time, so depending on your trip.

  14. Hi Rahel,
    I would like to go Mt Bromo + Semeru next year mid May 2015, Is it possible if I fly to Surabaya and back from Bali ? or Surabaya back to Surabaya. My trip is about 8 -9 days . Appreciate your kind advise.

    1. You can fly to Surabaya and back from Bali if you plan to visit Bali. It will save time but could be more expensive. But take note Bali is pretty far from Java itself and takes time to get to via land.

  15. Hi Rachel

    My friends and I would like to visit bromo during mid December (5 to 7 days), do you have any tour package or agent to recommend?

  16. Terima kasih kak Rachel! Aku masuk sekolah kejuruan yg mana mengambil pariwisata. Tahun depan bakalan ke Bromo buat ujian praktek guiding dan post kakak menolong dengan saaaangaaat! :) wish you all daa besttt !

  17. Hi all,
    I am planning to visit mont Bromo this August.
    My plan is to hike in the afternoon and sleep close to the crater, in order to see the sunrise the coming morning.
    any idea of a place where to sleep in that area? possibly close to the top?

  18. Hey Rachel,

    Thank you so much for the brief info!

    I was wondering if its possible to hike up even earlier in the middle of the night and do some astrophotography? It’d be so nice!

    I think I am starting to discover great places to go this December in Indonesia! :)

    1. Hi KL, yes it is possible provided that the weather is good and it is a cloudless night. I wish you luck in that and lots of fun!

  19. Hi Rachel
    Thanks for an excellent post, helped me out quite a lot.

    Me and my gf are staying at a hotel in Lawang and are planning to visit Mt Bromo. However, there are some questions I can’t really find answers for.

    1. Are there any easy routes from Lawang or do we need to get to Malang to get up the mountains?
    2. We’re not into getting there by tour. Not much for all those tourist traps. Can we hire 4×4 or even walk up the mountain?
    3. If we don’t have time for the sunrise, is it possible to get up there and just walk around without commit to any pre-defined tour?

    Many thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Daniel, yes you get get there via Surabaya and Probolinggo without needing to get to Malang. However if you want to hire a 4×4 then mainly it would be via the Malang route, and yes you can hire it without a tour if you like. It will be too far to walk from Malang. There is no need for any tour in Mount Bromo itself, we did our own walk/hike around even for sunrise and after to the crater itself. Have a good trip!

  20. Hi Rachel,
    I’m contemplating travelling solo 2 Bromo in august or september, via Malang & aftr dat, head 2 Surabaya thru Probolinggo. I noted u used 4WD from Malang. Private hire? Can i go by various means of public transport? I undrstn there’s limited trnspt via Malang.

    1. Hi Michael, yes, I took a private 4WD with my friend. I believe there should be public transports but unfortunately, I cannot help you with that. I would also suggest to share a 4WD together with other travelers, you may find them at the place you stay or else just joined one 4WD that is ready to go as most people do this as well and everyone (almost) is going to Mt. Bromo ;) Good luck!

  21. Hello Rachel,

    First of all, congratulations for all the amazing information you’ve been sharing all over your page which has been of great importance while planning my trip to Indonesia! :)

    I’m going there with 3 friends in May, starting our trip in Yogyakarta but we’re struggling a little bit on our planning to Mt. Bromo, since we cannot be able to decide whether to go there from Malang or Surabaya.
    I’ve been reading all the above-posted comments on your post but would like to ask your opinion for our plan:

    * Since we are coming from Yogyakarta, we first thought about going from there to Malang and visit Mt. Bromo from there but to catch the sunrise we would have to wake up around 12:30am or something like that, right? Is it easy to find a 4×4 trip from there and do you recommend it?
    * Otherwise, due to the long time of train travel from Yogya to Malang, we also thought about the possibility of flying to Surabaya and head to Mt. Bromo via Probolinggo but we’d arrive in Surabaya on the evening (maybe around 6pm) hence making it more difficult to reach Cemoro Lawang. Also, it seems more difficult to find nice lodging options rather than in Malang although it can be more comfortable in terms of waking up time, since we’d be closer to the mountain.

    Therefore, and bearing in mind that after Mt. Bromo we are heading off to Bali, which route/option do you suggest we take? :)

    Thank you so much!

    1. hi Jorge, I will try to answer as much as I can. In my opinion, if you are coming from Yogyakarta, both ways are feasible but I would not suggest flying. Imagine having the trouble to get to airports and back. Also there are other faster options to get to Malang from Yogyakarta, you may rent a car together with your friends or take the bus if you find the train travel a little too long. As for getting a 4×4 in Malang it should be easy as there are many tours offering it, but it would also be a good idea to try book ahead. Most times the place you would be staying in Malang would also provide this tour. I would also recommend to at least stay one night in Cemoro Lawang before the hike for the sunrise the next day. Have a good and safe trip!

  22. Hi Rachel,

    This Mt Bromo Hiking. Can it possibly be done within 3 days? On the first day we’ll be arriving at Surabaya Airport at 10.45 am and we can start right away. And our flight back home on the 3rd day departed at 10.30 am.

    1. yes, it is possible albeit a little rush, go directly from Surabaya to catch the bus to Probolinggo, spend a night there and then do the morning hike up Mt. Bromo for sunrise and a quick tour of the crater. You would then catch the midday (or any last minibus) down and then change to the main bus to Surabaya. Here you can spend the night before flying off the next day.

  23. Hello! Thanks so much for the wonderful information.

    I will be flying into Bali, and then planning to go to Mt. Bromo, stay a night, hike it to watch the sunrise the next morning, and then make my way to Jakarta.

    I saw you replied to someone else who also wanted to go to Bromo from Bali, but mentioned tours.

    Is it doable to go overland without a tour? Or if I do a tour, could I join just to get from Bali to Bromo and then choose my own accommodation and hike it myself?

    Thank you!

    1. yes it is possible to do without tour. I did not really follow a tour, just rented a 4×4 with my friend to get to Mount Bromo from Malang. You can do it all independently with local transports and then do the sunrise hike on your own. Cheers!

      1. Hi Rachel!
        Thanks for the information on Mt. Bromo tour. We are a group of 5 planning to go there this Sept 12, arriving Surabaya airport at 10:30AM. If we go straight to Mt, Bromo from the airport, we will arrive there before 4 pm right? Is it possible to visit the crater by then? Because on the following day, after sunrise, we will head back to Surabaya right away to catch our 1:30PM flight to Bali. Also, I’ve heard that Sept 12 is a holiday in Indonesia (Feast of Sacrifice), will it be more difficult to travel during that time? Thanks!

  24. Hi Rachel. This is a wonderful website with lots of info/comments and has been so enriching and insightful!

    I am planning to hike up to Bromo to watch the sunrise and explore around the crater. If we go up from Malang i read that we need to hire 4×4. Is it possible to hike on foot from Malang to Bromo then down to Cemoro Lawang? How long will it take? We are planning to head to Ijen after that. There are only 2 of us. Thank you.

  25. Hi Rachel, thanks for sharing!

    Would like to ask, if i reach surabaya airport at 2130, I cant drive, is there transport to mount bormo just so i can reach in time for sunrise? If so, how much roughly is the cost? I understand i have to reach Probolinggo then to cemoro lawang village. Or do i have to wait till the next day morning for bus service?

    also, can i finish trekking around mount bormo in the next day and get back to surabaya airport the following day?

    replies greatly appreciated!

  26. Hi Rachel,

    I will be travelling to Indonesia in November. I will stay in Bali for 6-7 days and will fly to Surabhaya at Night(around 8-9PM tickets not yet booked and can be altered) and want to go to Mount Bromo to see morning sunrise. I am solo so wont be able to hire my personal vehicle. Are there any group tours conducted from Surabhaya or what other means of public transport are available at night.
    Also I want to leave to Yogyakarta after seeing Mount Bromo same day where I will like to see Borobudur and Prambanan on next day and fly around 5PM from Yogyakarta . What is the best option available to do so. I just have 2 nights, 1 full day and half 2nd day for java
    Thanks for such a nice blog


    1. your itinerary would be a little tight. There are public bus going to Mount Bromo from Surabaya but the last bus is at 3pm. Either that you would need to get a motorbike taxi or a taxi to get your there. You can leave Mount Bromo after the sunrise and some tour around by noon with a public minivan. Unfortunately there is no direct route from Mount Bromo to Yogyakarta, you can either go back via Surabaya or go through Malang. In your case, there would not be enough time.

    1. Hi David, I believe both viewpoints are equally beautiful just that the first one would be more crowded with tourists. I saw trucks heading to that viewpoint as I sat quietly with a few people on mine (the second one) waiting for sunrise. your route looks pretty right but I suggest checking again with your local hostel/hotel people to be sure.

  27. Hi Rachel,
    Thank you this blog! It’s great and highly informative.
    I am planning to visit Mount Bromo on the 11th of Jan 2017.

    > Lombok to Surabaya, Fly, 10th Jan (morning/afternoon)
    > Transport from Surabaya airport to Cemara Indah Hotel, 10th Jan (Evening)
    > Hike Mount Bromo on the 11th Jan (Early morning)
    > Back to Surabaya, to catch a flight to Yogyakarta, 11th Jan (Afternoon/evening)

    Does that sound reasonable.
    I was wondering what is the best way to get to (and from) Surabaya Airport to Cemara Indah Hotel?
    OR should I stay in Malang (how to I get there from the airport) and get a 4WD drive from there?
    Any other tips would be most welcome!

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Jivanka, your plan sounds reasonable. From Surabaya airport, you may get to the local bus station and then take a bus to Probolinggo. If you decide to stay in Malang, you would need to fly there instead. It is usually easy to rent a 4WD from the place you stay, if you have luck you can share with those who are also going at the same time.

  28. Selamat siang! Aq mau tanya kalau aq mau hiking Bromo di musim hujan seperti ini nggk apa-apa kan? atau cuaca ini gk baik? aq mau kesana mungkin 10-12 februari. Bisa tolong informasi ke email saya teman?

    1. normally the rain comes in the evening, so you can still hike Bromo and view sunrise and check out everything by noon. have fun!

  29. Hi rachel..great much info. As i can understand there are 2 view points and if one go by foot it will take 3-4 hours both way. i was thinking to rent a bike from Probolingo and ride all the way to cemoro lawang. So is it possible to ride the bike to both the view points and to the crater through sea of sand from cemoro lawang ? Do u know any bike rental in probolingo? Thank you in advance..

    1. I am not familiar with renting a bike in Probolinggo. I believe you can ride the bike to one of the viewpoints that many tourists access with 4WD. The other viewpoint that I hike up do not require a transport, as I stayed in the hotel nearby the starting point, and it takes only an hour hike up.

  30. How long is the trek up? Can this be done by a 9 year old child? Is it possible to go by pony for the child and the adults walk? Thanks

    1. The sunrise trek takes about an hour in the dark, and would need an early rise. Going onto the crater is relatively easy, it can be done by a 9 year old. It is also possible to get a pony for the child and the adult walk beside it, just discuss with the locals there who are providing the pony. Do take note that it would not be a smooth ride due to the uneven road and the elevations.

  31. Hi Rachel,

    My daughter n am planning 4d/3nite trip. We arrive at Juana international at 9:45am on August 6. We plan to head directly to Malang for tumpak sewu waterfalls before going to our next one nite stay at Java go pagupon for sunrise hike to bromo, then to the Madakaripura waterfalls before catching our 10:00am flight to Singapore on the 9th via Probolinggo. Is I advisable to rent a vehicle at the airport and drive ourselves around? Also is there any beach we can fit into our visit?

    1. Hi, it would be quite difficult to drive around yourself, especially if you want to go through the nice off road from Malang to Mount Bromo. Also, the drive up the mountain is not an easy one. I would advise to rent a one-way 4WD from Malang to Mount Bromo and then afterwards take the minibus down to Probolinggo and then public Bus back to Surabaya (assuming you are also leaving from Juanda airport). Have a safe and fun trip with your daughter!

      -> Check out our 4 days 4WD Itinerary for Surabaya – Malang – Mount Bromo loop

  32. Hi Rachel
    I’m looking to do a one-person hike to Mt Bromo in May. What would be the recommended stay there if time is not of a concern to me. Lastly, would early to mid May be more suitable or mid to late May.
    Thanks for the advise.

    1. I stayed at Cemara Indah the last time as it has easy access to the penanjakan hike for sunrise, but if time is not a concern, there are a number ofplaces to stay in Mount Bromo there which you can choose. In the whole of May, it would be quite similar in Mount Bromo, the only thing is to hope for a good clear day for the best sunrise view, but if you stay for few days, then you will have a good chance anyway. Have fun!

  33. Hello,
    I will be staying at a guesthouse at Bromo base. I want to see the sunrise, what time do you suggest I leave my guesthouse? and how long is the hike?

  34. Very informative post! We are staying in Bali for 7 days. How long should we schedule to visit Mt Bromo and what’s the best way to get there? Do you know of any good tour groups?


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