How to get Indonesia Visa from Singapore

I am traveling in Singapore before heading to Indonesia, how do I get an Indonesian Visa from Singapore?
– Kayla

You did not mention where you are from, as for many visitors they are eligible for Visa on Arrival, please refer to our Indonesia Visa Requirements.

If you are not eligible for visa on arrival, then you may apply at the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore. It is located on Chatsworth Road, about 10-15 minutes walk from the Orchard MRT station. The single entry visit visa will take two days to process at the cost of 65 SGD. The opening hours are 9am – 12pm for application and 3pm-5pm for collection, Monday to Friday. The embassy are close on weekends and on both Singapore or Indonesia public holidays.

Visa requirements:

Passport validity of more than 6 months.
Bring along completed application form (
One passport sized photo.
A return ticket for tourist visa.
Bring extra ID to exchange for visitor pass into the embassy.
Telephone – 65 6737 7422

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