Tangkoko Nature Reserve, North Sulawesi

Tangkoko Nature Reserve, with 9,000 hectre is a home to a lot of unique wildlife like Tarsiers, the smallest primate in the world, and also the Black Crested Macaque which can only be found in North Sulawesi.

This place can be visited as a day trip from Manado, with just about 2-3 hours drive away. But if you want to see the Tarsiers, it is recommended to stay overnight as the best time to see them is in the night as they are only awake then. You can arrange trips and tours while you are in Manado to visit Tangkoko Nature Reserve else go independent and hitchhike your way here!

Black Crested Macaque at Tangkoko Reserve, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Black Crested Macaque at Tangkoko Reserve, Sulawesi, Indonesia

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  1. Good morning (here in U.S.). Wonder if you might offer an opinion. Am a solo traveler, 66 yrs old (but a tri-athlete), into a mix of diving, culture, adventure, food. Am wondering about the possibility and/or wisdom of renting a motorbike for exoloring the northern Sulawasi area. My #1 concern is since I am traveling alone, have no one to “watch my back” or support me in the event of an accident. #2. How crazy or aggressive are the drivers here? I assume there are many more motor bikes than cars or trucks, but do the drivers of these look at a motorbike as a mosquito and just do what they want because they are bigger? #3. How might a person go about finding a motorbike to rent? Any thoughts from yourself or others greatly appreciated.
    Speaking of appreciation, thank you Rachel for your time, expertise and enthusiasm you show for Indonesia.

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