Top 10 Best Restaurants in Bali

Being a top tourist destination in Indonesia, Bali has a wide range of restaurants that serves from local Balinese cuisine to international flavours to suit everyone. Since usually time is limited with so many places to visit in Bali and so many things to do in Bali too, it can be daunting to think whether you have the time to sample all the best restaurants as well!

Balinese cuisine is top notch among the Indonesian various cuisines. It is a blend of Indonesian, Chinese and Indian, making it a unique yet delicious combination. Rice is the staple here but you can be sure to find other types of main meals as it has customize to the influx of tourists. Famous Balinese food includes lawar (chopped coconut, garlic, chili with pork/chicken blood), Bebek betutu (duck stuffed with spices wrapped in coconut leaves and then cooked inside embers), Balinese sate (spiced mince meat on stick) and Babi guling (spit roasted pig stuffed with spices). Just with these few mentions had salivate our appetite. You can find these Balinese good food from warungs (stalls), markets and also nice restaurants.

Babi Guling at Bali, Indonesia

Babi Guling at Bali, Indonesia

Besides that, Bali is also dotted with a wide selection of international restaurants that are notable for delicious food and well mixed drinks. Therefore you may take a respite once in a while from the local cuisine and indulge in these if your stay in Bali is long enough for you to get bored.

Since there are so many restaurants to choose from in Bali, we have come out with our take on what is the Top 10 Best Restaurants in Bali for you to enjoy before the time runs out during your visit.

Fair Warung Bale, Ubud

All travelers who came to this restaurant rave about it’s delicious food and that is the most important for a restaurant. Here you will find local Balinese fare with a mix of a few other Asian selections. The owner and staff is known for their friendliness while the food is known for quality and freshness. You just have to head over to this restaurant to try for yourself and it is a must as it could be the best restaurant in Bali for being rated number 1 in tripadvisor!

Bebek Bengil at Bali, Indonesia

Bebek Bengil at Bali, Indonesia

Bebek Bengil, Ubud

Known as the dirty duck diner, this place is famous for of course the duck. Bebek is the Indonesian name for duck and here they cook it in few ways. You can order smoked duck or crispy duck to suit your palate. The duck also comes with accompaniments to complement your food and they are a tasty bunch Indonesian style, especially the sambal (chili condiment).

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Naughty Nuri Warung and Grill, Ubud

Here is where you get your grill fix, everything from racks of ribs to burgers to grilled pork. A place for pork lovers while being reasonably priced. Not exactly a fancy restaurant but the warung (stall) style eating can lend to a kind of setting too. Another bonus is that the Margarita here is surprisingly good as well.

Indonesia Must Eat: Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice)

Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice)

Dulang Cafe, Kuta

Most travelers come here for their authentic and delicious Indonesian food. Food that people enjoyed here are the nasi campur (rice with various dishes), sate (meat on stick), nasi goreng (fried rice), mi goreng (fried noodles), spring rolls, sop buntot (oxtail soup) and curry chicken. That said, their international offerings are also up to standard, such as their greek salad or the club sandwich. On top of it, the ambiance is good for cooling down and relaxation.

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Jimbaran Seafood Dinner

This is not exactly one restaurant per say but definitely one of the things you must do in Jimbaran anyway before sunset to get a table at one of the many restaurants that line up by the beach. The ambiance here is amazing as you dine and watch the sun set over the horizon in spectacular hues of orange and purple. Seafood here are generally delicious albeit a bit pricey, take your time strolling and peeking at the menu before deciding on which restaurant to eat.

Sunset seafood dinner at Jimbaran, Bali

Sunset seafood dinner at Jimbaran, Bali

Melting Wok Warung, Ubud

One of the best restaurants that serve authentic Indonesian Balinese food, you can be sure to satiate your appetite from them here. The menu may be limited to 10 Balinese dishes but the selection is well chosen and the food is freshly cooked.

Ultimo, Seminyak

Here is when you decide to take a break from Indonesian food, the answer would be Italian food at Ultimo in Seminyak. Many tourists attest to the authenticity and quality of the food here and the ambiance is set just right for casual dining. Service is known to be good, quantity of the food generous and prices affordable. Come early as it is normally full house by 6pm!

Nasi Babi Guling at Bali

Nasi Babi Guling at Bali

Warung Sibuni, Uluwatu

Despite the name, you would actually find European and fusion food here. A cozy place that is meant for people to come for quick bites, healthy food and drinks while also surfing the internet (wifi is provided). You will find food like fish and chips, pineapple fried rice, pork loins and sate, not your usual mix but still refreshingly delicious. The service is friendly too and the internet connection is apparently fast.

Potato Head Club, Seminyak

One of the most famous club and restaurant in Bali, this is one place that many travelers say you must go. The service is friendly, food is good while the lounge and ambiance is set beautifully against ocean view. Making a booking here is advisable as it is very popular and line outside can go to very long. Good food, good music and good view, what more can one ask for?

Rock Bar at Ayana Resort, Bali

Rock Bar at Ayana Resort, Bali

Rock Bar, Ayana Resort

Perched on the cliff overlooking the roaring sea, Rock Bar is one to reckon with during your visit here in Bali. There is always a long line of people trying to get in and it is well worth the wait. The drinks and small bites here are good but the best is because you can have them while overlooking the waves crashing sea that stretches into infinity. Come here for the complete experience though not exactly for the food.

There you have it, the best restaurants of Bali. If you are living in Bali or have been to Bali and found that we have not mentioned your favourite restaurant do let us know!

Photo credits from top: Zenubud from bali, Naotake Murayama, Monica Arellano-Ongpin, Kevin Poh, momo and Jeda Villa Bali

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