Top 10 Things To Do in Indonesia


Unknown to many travelers, there are many things to do in Indonesia, some of which are unique to only Indonesia. Be it swimming in the largest natural volcanic lake, shopping in one of the major cities in Asia, immersing in culture and history, and having adventure and activities on the sea, something different like sitting the becak around soaking in the environment. Indonesia is the place for every independent traveler, promising many experiences and adventures to those who seek them. Here are the top 10 things you must do in Indonesia:

Shop till you drop

One of the best shopping places in Asia, or some might even say the world is in Indonesia. You may find international brands in the big shiny malls of Jakarta, affordable and cheap bargains in the markets, and smaller malls.

Sit a becak to sightseeing in the city

Use one of the becak (trishaw) in cities like Yogyakarta or Malang, and just let it take you around in style. It can wind through narrow streets and immerse you in the environment better. With the wind in your face, you feel the place and let sights and smells sink in from all corners of the city.

Immerse in history and culture

Indonesia hosts two of the most beautiful ancient wonders in the proximity of Yogyakarta – the famous Borobudur temple and the revered Prambanan temple. Be wowed by the well-preserved remains of the two great kingdoms of two very different religions – Buddhism and Hinduism and then look around you to find that, currently, the majority of the people here are Muslim. Now, this is the epitome of religions and cultures’ experiences.

Hike up and watch the sunrise from/over volcanoes

Trek and hike up one of the many volcanoes of Indonesia, one being the most famous is Mount Bromo in Java; another is Mount Rinjani in Lombok. The hike up to view the sunrise over Mount Bromo is famous for many reasons, but sometimes viewing it from the volcano’s tip across the crater is also breathtaking.

Diving in the world’s most beautiful spots

Indonesia is not a stranger to the serious divers of the world, with amazing dive spots like Raja Ampat and Togian Islands. The marine life around Indonesia boasts more than 3000 species and huge biodiversity. Put on your dive gears and explore the well-preserved ocean in search of new species you have never encountered.

Trek in natural rainforest in search of Orangutan

Bukit Lawang is one of the last few places on Earth to see Orangutans living in the wild. Trek through the lush tropical rainforest in search of Orangutans; not only will you have the jungle trekking of your life, but the Orangutans will also bring your last breath away.

Island hopping and snorkeling

With 17000 islands to choose from in Indonesia, it brings the idea of island hopping to a new scale. With its clear blue sea, snorkeling is a natural thing to do at every new spot in the ocean and nearby all the pristine beaches. Snorkel off beautiful islands like Togian islands or Karimunjawa and Gili Islands in Lombok.

Surf the powerful waves

Surf in Indonesia’s many spots that promise powerful waves for beginners to experts. One of Indonesia’s few best surfing spots around the many islands it has, such as Mentawai Islands or Panaitan and even the famous Bali and Lombok! You will be spoilt for choice regarding surfing in style in Indonesia.

Join in ancient culture and rites that had stood the test of time

Up in the highlands of Tana Toraja, the people are still practicing funeral rites from more than 100 years ago or exploring the land of the indigenous tribe of Baliem Valley, Papua, that still lives like their ancestors in terms of cultures, clothing, and way of life.

Swim in one of the world’s largest crater lakes

Lake Toba, also known as Danau Toba, is the largest volcanic lake in the world, measuring 1,707 sq ft. Swim in this natural world wonder clear lake amidst mountains reflecting on the clear water. It is one experience you would not want to miss.

There you have it, the top 10 things you must do in Indonesia, of course, there are many more not mentioned here, so if you have any more things to do in Indonesia, please share in the comments below!

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