Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Bali


Quickly becoming the top destination in Indonesia and Asia, Bali has a lot of tourist attractions to offer. Though well-trodden by tourists from near and far, the wonders here, despite its crowd, are world-class and definitely worth the hustle for.

Here you can find a good range and various attractions, such as beautiful ancient temples, rice fields, romantic sunset dinners, traditional dances, mountains, and beaches. What more can one ask for during traveling with choices from art to culture to nature that are sure to please every sense of wonder and exploration?

There are more than just 10 attractions in Bali, but here is a list of the top ones for you.

Side view of Pura Tanah Lot Temple, Bali, Indonesia

Side view of Pura Tanah Lot Temple. Photo by Vladimir E

Pura Tanah Lot Temple

Arguably the most popular tourist attraction in Bali, Tanah Lot temple, lives up to its fame with its dramatic setting. It is one of Bali’s six revered cardinal temples dedicated to the Goddess of the Sea. Located at the edge of the rocks, it gives a breathtaking view and looks, especially during sunset. The temple is 100m offshore and only accessible to the Hindus. No one can reach it during the high tide. The cliff-side path to the north passes the Pura Enjung Galuh temple (behind which are the best views of Tanah Lot) and then some steps down to the beach and onwards to Pura Batu Bolong temple perched atop a rocky headland.

Kecak Dance at Bali, Indonesia, Indonesia

Kecak Dance at Bali. Photo by Meru Muhammad

Kecak Dance

Kecak dance is one of Bali’s traditional dances and musical dramas that is enchanting and one of the top tourist attractions. This dance is from the legend of Legong and Barong, a dance from the south of Bali, with a story of a never-ending battle between good and evil. It is more commonly known as the fire dance set to impress. The best place to watch it is on the temple grounds of Puri Dalem Taman Kaja, where you will find an authentic atmosphere and setting. Another popular place to watch this dance is Tanah Lot temple, with a dramatic setting.

Pura Luhur Uluwatu Temple, Bali Indonesia

Pura Luhur Uluwatu Temple, Bali. Photo by melburnian

Pura Luhur Uluwatu Temple

Pura Luhur Uluwatu or Uluwatu Temple is a famous Balinese sea temple in Bali. It is one of the nine directional temples of Bali meant to protect it from evil spirits. This spectacular temple is one to marvel at as it perched at the edge of the rock overlooking the sea as if on guard. The inner sanctum of the pura (temple) is perched at the edge of cliffs that tower over Bali’s legendary surf breaks in the south. Most travelers enjoy the view of this temple from two different vantage points, from both the northern and southern parts of the area.

-> With this tour *, you can explore the nearby beaches, climb higher on Uluwatu Temple, and reward yourself with a spectacular view from both sides and sunset over the Uluwatu Temple itself – click here for more information *.

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan temple

Lake Bratan’s temple, called Pura Ulun Danu Bratan and also known as the Floating Temple, is one of the most mesmerizing temples in Bali. The gorgeous volcanic lake of Danau Bratan is also the favorite of many local tourists but not as well known to foreigners; therefore, relatively still unknown, it is a true gem to discover. What makes it truly special is that since it caters to the local tourists, weekdays here would be the best time to enjoy the lake and the park in peace.

Pura Ulun Danu Temple at Lake Bratan, Bali, Indonesia

Pura Ulun Danu Temple at Lake Bratan, Bali. Photo by whyyan

Rice fields of Tegalalang

The rice fields of Tegalalang near Ubud are one of the top attractions in Bali because of their beautiful landscapes. Lined with rice terraces, running through brilliantly blue streams with dramatic limestones and valleys as a backdrop, the view is unforgettable. The best way to explore this area is on a motorbike to feel the calm refreshing wind while you hear every sound and see every sight in person. In the northeast of Tegalalang, you will find the classic rice terraces that are revered all over Asia. Riding here will keep you well-entranced as the greeneries stretch as far as the eye can see. If you are not keen on motorbikes, you may find one of the rice fields trekking tours that will take you around.

Rice fields terraces, Tegalalang, Ubud, Bali

Rice fields terraces

Ubud’s Monkey Forest

Thanks to its good location at the famous Ubud, Monkey Forest is one of Bali’s most visited tourist attractions. This lush forest area is perched at the bottom of a busy shopping street. It is home to hundreds of cute but cheeky Balinese Macaques. Be careful though of your belongings as they can be menacing. Tickets to the sanctuary include a useful map with locations and explanations of the three temples. It is well worth a visit and noted for its good maintenance by the local community. The forest is also home to 115 species of rare plants that are used for religious and medicinal purposes.

Monkey Forest, Ubud, Bali attractions

Monkey Forest, Ubud. Photo by ValeriosVeo

Ayana bar on rocks

We had two temples on the cliff, and now we get to drink off a bar perched on yet another cliff at Ayana bar resort * in Bali. This bar is known as the best bar in Bali, having a long line of people daily trying to get in and have a drink or two with some bites (which is surprisingly good) while overlooking the sea crashing into the rocks below. Think about drinking, chilling, and also dancing atop a cliff with the roaring sea stretching behind you to infinity. At the same time, you watch white water crash onto the side of the wall creating a spectacular natural show. If you decide which is the one bar you must go to in Bali, Ayana bar on the rocks is the place. You may get special access to the bar as a guest of Ayana Resort and Spa or RIMBA Jimbaran by Ayana *.

Bar on rocks @ Ayana, Bali

Bar on rocks at Ayana, Bali. Photo by Fabien LE JEUNE

Mount Batur

One of the more popular mountains in Bali, Mount Batur is an active volcano standing at 1700m; many travelers hike a do this short but can quite tough 2 hours hike up the mountain to have a sunrise view over Bali and its surrounding islands. Getting here from Ubud might take some time, but the climb and the view of the landscape and Lake Batur are all worth it in the end. It is also one of the popular activities to visit Bali long enough to get bored of the beaches and sea and want to do some excursions.

Hike Volcano Mountain Batur, Bali, Indonesia

Hike Mount Batur, Bali. Photo by Kevin Poh

Kuta Beach

Further down the line from the city Kuta is the Kuta beach. Thanks to its location, this is one of the beaches that almost every tourist in Bali visits. The waves are higher here, and the strong currents make it a perfect beach for surfers. The beach is always crowded with locals or tourists, mainly for the vibe and energy that circles here. At night you can find the Kuta beach parties among the beach clubs that are guaranteed to entertain. The local Hard Rock Cafe Bali is situated here, so you can eat, drink, and party all day and night. The best hotels with quick access to Kuta Beach would be the famous Poppies Bali * at Kuta or D’Kubu Legian Hotel * at Legian.

Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia

Kuta Beach, Bali. Photo by Kojach

Sunset dining at Jimbaran

One of the most popular meals in Bali for every tourist is the romantic seaside dining at Jimbaran Bay. Walk down along this beach, and you will find it dotted with warungs and candle-lit tables like mushrooms after the rain. Here you can almost literally eat fresh seafood like prawns, squids, and fish from the sea onto your table. Couple it by feasting over the sun setting over the horizon, making this authentic setting much more atmospheric. Unsurprisingly, as one of the popular areas for people to stay, Jimbaran hotels * are people’s favorite.

Seafood dining at Jimbaran Bay, Bali, Indonesia

Seafood dining at Jimbaran Bay, Bali. Photo by Güldem Üstün

Best Accommodations in Bali is my favorite site for booking a place in Bali when planning my trip. The main reason is that most of the bookings can be canceled right up to the trip, allowing flexibility. Here are a few of the best accommodations that we recommend for a stay in Bali:

Luxury (from 150 USD)

Oberoi Villa, Seminyak
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Check out the latest prices on *

Tandjung Sari Hotel, Sanur
For those who appreciate traditional architecture and design. This hotel, built in 1962, encapsulates the Balinese style and spirit. The spacious gardens are thatched roofed bungalows, pavilions, sculptures, and fish ponds. It also has direct access to Sanur beach.
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Check out the latest prices on *

Mid-range (50 – 150 USD)

Sri Ratih Cottage, Ubud
For those who are looking for unpretentious comfort with Balinese charm. Located in Ubud, our favorite place to stay in Bali, the Balinese-style cottages with carved wood furnishings are set in beautiful gardens with a pool.
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Check out the latest prices on *

Resort Courtyard by Marriott Bali, Seminyak
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Budget (below 50 USD)

Nick’s Pension, Ubud
For those seeking a mixture of peace and action in the heart of Bali – Ubud. The rooms come with traditional Indonesian architecture and air-conditioning. There is also a swimming pool, restaurant, Wifi and parking provided.
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Check out the latest prices on *

Linda Villa, Sanur
For the budget conscious, this guesthouse in Sanur is a steal, featuring swimming pools, clean, air-conditioned rooms, and a simple breakfast. It is located at a quiet place with only 15 minutes easy walk to the beach. Prices start from only 24 USD!
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  1. Well I wanna add one more dear, Nusa Lembongan island just a kilometers away from Sanur BEach. You can go snorkling or diving here. And thats pretty ^_^

  2. Hi Rachel

    There is probably at lot more than 10 “must visit places” in Bali, but the 10 you mention here are definitely on the list.

    For the trekking and volcano enthusiasts Mt. Agung is another good option. The trek is a little harder, but the views are amazing.

  3. Hi Rachel,
    My friends and I are going to Bali by August. We will be coming from Surabaya by almost midnight, for its the only way left available to go to Bali. Based on our researched over the net we need a bus or ferry ride to be in Bali from Surabaya?.. Do you have the idea about the bus or ferry ride schedule? We do not have any hotel/ accommodation booking done yet.. Can you suggest which is much likely to be the best one.. where it is just within the area of your must visit places in Bali list?


    1. From Surabaya you can take a bus/train to Banyuwangi and then you will switch to a bus to get to jetty and take a ferry across to Bali, yes you would need to take a ferry / boat in this case. Else another option is you can fly from Surabaya to Denpasar, which will save you a lot of time as the travel on land is long (8-9 hours). For place to stay you can look around Ubud area and you can check here at Agoda (affiliate link) for cheap options.

  4. Hi Rachel,

    I am planning a trip to Bali in November and looking to stay in Ubud. Is it a good idea to stay in Ubud? If so, which area within Ubud would be best to stay?
    I have been to Maldives recently and hence not interested in beaches. What would be the ideal places to visit to experience Balinese culture , besides trekking and cycling?


    1. Ubud will be a good place to stay being the epicentre of arts and culture of Bali. You can always rent a bicycle and cycle around Bali. For trekking you can look at many options from volcano to rice fields.

      1. Haiii you can go to ubud
        Its a great place
        For rafting n cycling….
        For not information you can contact Kawai bali for tour n traveling to explore bali….

  5. Hi,
    We planning go Kuta, Bali on this early Oct with our 23 months baby. We will staying for 4 days 3 nights, any places to recommend to go with our baby?
    Thank you.

  6. Thanks for all the suggestions, now really confused as to which to visit.
    I am visiting my daughters in Sydney and have 3 days in Bali, I will be on my own so any tips or must see.

    1. Hi Keith, just see if any of the above attracts you as I believe everyone has different interests. Bali can be a good place to chill or a good place to get really busy, your choice! But for 3 days you may actually fit almost all the top 10 must see places in Bali. A tip is that if you have the budget you can rent a car with a driver to save time moving from places to places.

  7. Hi Rachel,

    Any suggestion or recommend for this 2 place Bedugul Temple and Turtle Island & Glass Bottom Boat because i can only choose one of the place to visit. Kindly please advice?

    1. Bedugul Temple is also known as Pura Ulun Danu Bratan and as recommended in this article a place you should visit in Bali. Many travelers advice against going to the Turtle Island (with a Glass Bottom boat) for it is touristic place out to earn your money, the condition for the animals is poor and it is a short experience but expensive.

  8. Hi Rachael,

    With these top 10 attaractions that you have just listed, do you think it’s possible to complete all in 3 days? I am travelling with my girlfriends

    1. hi Charis, yes it is possible to do in 3 days but it will be very rush, better to rent a car and a driver to take you around as the places may be far from each other. Also you may need to forgo one or two activities if needed. have fun!

  9. Hello Rachael,

    We will be visiting Bali next December and we are going to be a group of 4 male singles. We will be spending 7 days/6 nights in Bali. We are now discussing how we are going to plan the stay. Ideally we will stay in 2 locations 3 nights each. Given that we all agreed to spend 3 nights in Kuta, we are now looking for a place to spend the remaining 3 nights. We are looking for a place not as ‘crazy’ as Kuta but still lively and good for our group. Seminyak? What are your suggestions?

    Many thanks.

    1. Is November a very bad time for visiting Bali and Kuta? I had no option so booked tickets during that month but now i am thinking whether it will be a bad option. Please tell me

      1. November is the rainy season but Bali is known to be easy to travel even during so. At the end of November is also the local school holidays, so there may be more crowds. But I am sure you will enjoy yourself regardless ;)

  10. Thanks Rachel. We’re planning to have our honeymoon in Bali next year. Some says you can’t swim in the beach during surf season… do you know when this is? Can you also recommend a trusted car hire with driver to take us around Bali?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. You should not swim at those beaches that have big waves and mostly for swimming as it is quite dangerous. You can check out our beaches in Bali and find an ideal beach for you ;) Happy honeymoon!

  11. hi Rachel

    i would like to ask u for little help…
    we are going to bali oct 1st and we will stay for 1 month and 7 days, in that time we would like to visit and search entire island. so my question would be can u please tell what would be 5 or 6 the best places to stay from where we can search around… like 5-6 area in which we can embrace and see the whole island cause we dont want to miss any single thing!
    thank you!

  12. Hi Rachel,
    Me and my husband Avishek Sarkar is visiting Bali on 13th October, 2013.

    We will be staying at Nusa Dua

    Since our visit is for a very short period, we would like to have a one day Bali trip and would like to cover the following areas.

    Uluwatu Temple – Pura Luhur
    Pura Tanaha Lot
    Pura Ulun Danu Bratan
    Mount Batur – Kintamani
    Terraced Fields.

    Can you please let me know if there are any one day tour operators who can cover these areas and what will be the approximate cost?
    Is there any other tourist spot that we can visit other than the above mentioned places?

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Rimli, one day would be quite a feat to visit so many places in Bali, some are apart from each other, I would recommend to rent a car at least if you did not go for tour operators. But if you want, you can always look for one there as there are many to choose from, sorry I do not have a contact to any of them. Besides the listed above, you may also consider sunset dinner at Jimbaran and/or a drink at the Ayana Rock Bar. Have fun!

  13. hi rachel, was doing a random search on Bali and saw your top 10 list. i haven’t been to bali and know not much about the place. so where do you recommend for a first time traveller (with the intention to cover the top 10 list above), how many days should i allocate? what kind of itinerary should i be looking at? where do i begin? where should i stay? do you have an itinerary posts for first time traveller to bali?
    also, i’m looking at going Bali early Dec, is this a good season? hear from u soon :)

    1. hi, welcome to the Indonesia Travel Guide! If you intend to cover Bali and the top 10 above, you may well stay at any of the areas in Bali mentioned here and then hire a car to get around all these places, they are not near to each other. If you have the time, the longer you stay the more you would appreciate Bali, like all travels, but if you have to choose then I believe a 4-5 days would be good. Take a look at our 5 days itinerary for Bali. December would be a rainy season for Bali unfortunately, but fret not as the rain falls normally in the evening or night time. Try to set your travels from early morning to maximize your day. Have a good trip and share some stories ;)

  14. Hi Rachel,

    We are travelling on 31st August and staying 4 days in Bali. We are staying in Canggu area in Bali dream Villa. Any places of interest you can suggest around this place. How about echo beach?

  15. Heyy Rachel..We are planning our honeymoon in Bali in December for 4D 4N..Please suggest us the best villa and the best resort under $150 for 2 days each.and also, what are the best beaches to stay

  16. Another place to recommend.AMED .A. Stunning area mountains, rugged coast and the ocean. Great diving ( yesdive)
    Snorkleing,sailing, fishing,trekking,cycling,local culture and crafts, traditional salt making, great eating and meeting place wih some night life wawawewe beach, they also have a gorgeous place to stay wawawewe II villas. Further afield for trips out, weaving, water palaces, kings palace amlapura, traditional markets. I could go on, it’s not to be missed, and if your desperate to go to the Gile islands you can get boats directly from Amed. But stay a while in Amed and explore.

  17. I am arriving in Bali on 24th September 2013 i.e. tomorrow. I hope I will be able to visit all these places during my 5 days trip to this island.

  18. Hi rachel, u mentioned that renting a car with a driver may be a good idea. How much should we expect to pay that is considered a reasonable price?

  19. Hi Rachel, were booked to go to bali on Feb 2014, what’s the weather on that month? how much will it cost us if we rent a car to go to all the top 10 lists tourist spots that you mentioned here? is the food in bali expensive?

    1. renting a car there would cost about 300,000 RP – 600,000 RP per day depending how far you cover. February weather should be fine to visit Bali.

  20. How far are these places from each other? What is the best way to be able to see them all? I have 7 days in Bali. I have heard it can be dangerous to try to drive yourself.

    1. these places can be far from each other and you would need some kind of transport or another. Renting a car along with a driver is most recommended

  21. Hi Rachel, I’m planing for a 2N2D weekend trip to Bali from Singapore with my spouse (5 months preg). Please advise suitable places to visit. would like to have a blend of leisure and explore. I’ve booked tickets – reaching @ 8 pm on 8 Oct – departing 6 pm on 10 Oct. Suggest a good resort around Kuta.

  22. Hi Rachel, for the temples as you had recommended, may I know will I be able to visit them in a day’s time as I will be staying at Seminyak W hotel and I will only be staying for 3 nights in Bali. Please also recommend restaurants with good food and scenery. Thank you!

  23. Hey. I would love to check with you. If I engage a cab driver to drive me to those places you have mention above. If I tell them by the name you gave on top will they know where izzit? I mean if I love coffee a lot and if I just tell the driver to go Coffee plantation at Bali Pulina Agro Tourism. Will they know where izzit?

  24. I love to go and visit Bali this year and my first stop will be Rock Bar. :) I always wanted to have a drink, relax while enjoying the scenery.

  25. Hi.. I going to bali on September for honeymoon..

    Please advise
    1. Place to stay with private pool. If can cook, preferable.
    2. Place to see sun rise @ sun set
    3. Romantic place to visit
    4. Convenient way to travel

    1. Bali is a lovely place for a honeymoon! I recommend The Laguna Bali, scenic views all included. I don’t think you can make your own meals though.

  26. Hi Rachel!

    Me and my friend are planning to visit Bali this spring for 4 days and 3 nights and we want to experience as much culture and visit some nice beaches as well. we planned on staying in Ubud, and we know that we can explore culture in Ubud but are there also nice beaches in Ubud worth going to? because i understand that Kuta beach is one hour away from Ubud. can you also tell us some must-do’s while we are in bali?thank you!!

  27. Hi, we would like to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary followed by my wife’s birthday in Nov’14. Would like to stay, 3 days in Legian and 3 days in Ubud. Would like to experience the culture, cuisine, heritage, natural beauty and shopping. Just to add, I would like to make it special for our 25th Aniv. We are in our late 50’s and on a budget (approx 160USD per day). Any recommendations please. Thanks Kersy

  28. Hi

    we are planning to visit Bali for 3 days. Will 3 days will be ok to cover Bali & what all are the important places to visit in Bali. Can we get Indian Vegetarian Food in Bali.

    1. 3 days is possible to cover most of the places if you get your own transport but it may be a bit rush. There is plenty of vegetarian food in bAli

  29. Hi Rachel

    I have planned a hasty short trip to bali (reaching there on 14th morning leaving on 18th ) with wife and a 5 yr old daughter. We would be staying in Kuta.
    While I have prepared the itinerary , request if anyone could help validate this.

    Day 1
    1. Besakih Temple
    2. Pura Ulun Danu Beratan (Bedugul)
    3. Ubud – Paddy Terrece – Tengalalang
    4. Ubad Art Center
    5. Kintamani

    Day 2
    1. Uluwantu (Pula Luhur)
    2. Ayana on the Rocks
    3. Jimbaran Beach

    I also want to buy nice and reasonable paintings and some stone art. I have read that Batuan (Paintings) and Batubulan (Stone carvers + Dance + Theatre) are good places. I also want to cover Pura Tanah Lot.

    Please suggest the following:
    1. Is Day 1 too tight or shall I split it (if yes pls suggest an alternate )
    2. For Paintings and Stone work, is it really important to visit Batuan and Batubulan (If I can get the same stuff elsewhere at around the same price, I can skip these)
    3. I want to see Kecak Dance, can I club it in any of these locations?
    4. Which day should I fit in Pura Tanah Lot ?

    I have 3 more days in hand but would like to reserve them exclusively for water sports.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi, to quickly answer a few that I know, day 1 is doable if you rent a car or a scooter, bear in mind the places are far apart and traffic are usually bad, so you should be prepare to miss out one or two places if needed. You can watch kecak dance at Uluwatu Temple, it starts at sunsent. If you want, you can first go to Tanah Lot for sunrise and then end the day with sunset at Jimbaran.

  30. Bali is so beautiful, it’s the perfect place to spend a honeymoon. If you’re looking for a touch of luxury I fully recommend The Laguna Bali, it’s ideal!

  31. Hi Racheal,

    I am visiting Bali in June 2014 with my husband and 4 yr old son. Your site has given me a lot of inputs….but I have few doubts. We have booked a Resort at Kuta beach and want to cover maximum things in Bali. Can you suggest how to plan the days so things go smooth. Also, we are interested in water games but with son we will have to manage one by one….so is it safe going alone? Thanks a lot for your inputs…..

  32. i want to visit bali for 7-8 days
    i want to enjoy beachs + activities +nightlife + resorts

    i would like to stay in 1-2 hotels

    which area are is the best to visit in bali
    and what hotels are the best for this area

  33. Hi Rachel,

    I will be visiting Bali from 10th to 15 th July, last minute arrangement. I haven’t planned well enough to for my visit. Could you please suggest me the places that I should visit? How can I travel around Bali

  34. Hi rachel. Im booked bali trip on aug end. Ill be there for 6 days n 5 nights. Can u advice how to plan. I want cover all the famous place n water activity. Regards kalai

  35. hi rachel,
    planning to visit bali from sep 30 2014 to 3 oct 2014
    is the tulamben shipwreck good
    want to visit tanah lot
    mount batur
    uluwatu temple pura lahur
    dolphin sightseeing
    what else would u recommend
    going to hire a car and driver
    what and where to shop

  36. Hi Rachel,
    I have also visited Bali and i visited those places and i also suggest going to Taman Ayun temple. But my favorite temple has to be the Uluwatu temple. the view there is amazing. I stayed in ubud for a couple of days and i have to admit it is a really interesting place. The best time to go to Tanah Lot temple is at sunset. The sunset at Kuta beach is also really nice.

  37. Hi Rachel,

    I must said that, i’m very excited for my Bali trip early next year, I do travel a lot due to business trip but for Bali next year, i want it something different and memorable, it’s about leisure not business trip anymore. I do my research on how i can spend my 4 days in Bali and the things that i should not miss out. Thanks for sharing your info here. See you soon Bali. :)

  38. My husband and I made an amazing discovery in Ubud=> a young Balinese biologist, who is actually a daughter of a rice-field farmer has started its own project in Ubud offering very informative rice-field walks and some natural classes for herbs and plant balms. Very authentic and not a tourist trap. Loved her philosophy about preserving the Balinese nature. Can only recommend her further.
    Her name is Dewi:

  39. Hi Rachel,
    I am planning to visit Bali this August, however, I cannot decide where to stay. I would like to experience jungle but beaches as well. Do you have any suggestions? Is it expensive to take a taxi from Ubud down to the beach?
    Thanks! :)

  40. Hi Rachel,

    We are planning to visit Bali on October 2015, should this be a good time to visit this place? It’ll be our first time to go there, we hope you can suggest a place to experience Bali in 3 Days. We would love to try swimming on one of your best beach also.

    Much Thanks!

    1. Hi Myla, suggested Itinerary would be – Uluwatu Temple, Tanah Lot, Seminyak and next day Ubud (if you have time spend longer at this interesting place) then choose a beach from our list of best beaches in Bali and on last day Pura Ulun Danu Braton.

  41. Hi Rachel.

    First of all thank you for all these tips! Me and my wife are planning to go to Bali the next month and I’ve noted all the attractions and we will rent a car with a driver to visit all of them, but we also want to visit Borobudur and Prambanan. Can you please give us some tips on how long it will take (can it be done in one day or we need at least 2 days?) and how is the best way to do it? I think an airplane to Yogyakarta is the best option as far as I red. Also, if you go to a hotel are there tour operators that can help us with this trip or we have to book online? Which is the best way to do this trip?

    Thank you!

    1. yes flight to Yogyakarta would be the best options since you have a short time. It would be easy to just book your flights online and plan your trip there when you got to Yogyakarta. You can rent a car with a driver there to take you around.

  42. Hello, I would like to find out about the dolphin watching. How does one book for this attraction? Is there a way to go about it? And what’s the price like for each person? And what time must I be there at ?

  43. Rachel!

    Thanks for this post. I will be heading to Bali tomorrow and this trip will be my second time. With your info,I am now more aware as where to head/do first. Very informative. And your replies with the other comments were even more helpful as well. Happy holidays!

  44. Hi Rachel

    I will bring my family on 7 Feb – 12 Feb 2016 to Bali. I will want to renting a car with a driver, how much should to pay that is considered a reasonable price?

  45. Hi Rachel,

    I would like to thank you first for the amazing information site seeing tips which you have mentioned above. Me and my wife are planning to visit Bali in the month of February.. and I have the following options to stay:
    I would need you to advise which one is the best option and would be near to most of the attractions and beauty places…
    Resort Name
    The Seminyak Village
    Bali Shangrila Beach Club
    Royal Bali Beach Club At Candidasa
    RVC at Hotel Rama Candidasa
    Royal Bali At Beach Club Jimbaran Bay
    Club Bali @ Jayakarta Bali Residence
    Medewi Bay Retreat
    Club Emperor Bali
    Peninsula Beach Resort
    Club Risata Resort & Spa
    Seminyak Square Hotel (formally Royal Bali Beach Club Seminyak)
    Royal Bali Beach Club at Sanur

    Thank you in advance!!!

  46. Hi Rechel
    We have booked ticket to Bali in Jan 15th and return Jan 20th Early Morning. Really apreciate if you could make a good travel itineraforry those days. Our priority is natural beauty and less priority is beaches. Because we are coming from Perth.
    Thank you

  47. Hi Rachel

    We are going to bali in june for our honeymoon, We are going to do 2 weeks there.

    Can you please help us were to visit in bali for those 2 weeks pls!


  48. Planning to go to Bali. But we have questions:
    1. How much is the rent of a car with driver?
    2.Do we need to change our currency to the currency of Indonesia?
    3.Do the resorts in Seminyak and Ubud welcome WALK-INS? because we plan to stay in a cheaper hotel…

    thanks for the answers…

  49. Hi, This is my first time to Bali n i cant wait :) Where is the best place to stay in Bali? for shopping, Beach, Sight seeing or spa? How far is the Tanah Lot from Kuta?



  50. Hi my son is going over there next week.. he is thinking of hiring a driver both car and motorbike as he wants to go to “un-tourist”places. How safe will it be? and how much should he offer the driver and where would he find one.

    1. Hi Jackie,
      The most convenience way to experience Bali is by hiring a car with driver. It will cost around 400K – 600K/day including petrol (for most of the car rental, 1 day means 10 hours). Renting a motor bike is also a good choice, but please make sure your son have an international driving license otherwise, He will have to pay some money to all the polices he meet. Average price for Motorbike rental is 500K/month. If he wants to visit un-touristic places, then he will have to stay either in Ubud or Sanur. Hope this will help.

  51. Nice post ! So many favorite places in Bali, even that’s not all is it? The places were always crowded with tourists, because it all wants to go there haha. Maybe for next post you also have to add spot diving in Bali. For sure, diving is also one of the attractions if going to Bali. Explore the depth of the sea that is not less beautiful with that 10 things haha. You also you can dive with us because we will offer excellent diving spots. Please do visit our web for more.

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