Weather in Jakarta – When to Go

Jakarta, the main city of Indonesia, is the place that many travelers fly into and would stop by for at least a few days to soak in the hustle and bustle of Asian city, and getting acclimatise with the crazy heat and mess. It has the Indonesia tropical climate of two seasons – the dry season and the wet season.

You will get a lot of sun and also a lot of rain here in this part of Indonesia. Jakarta can be also prone to flood during the monsoon season, and when it rains it can be quite a downpour. The wet season is from October to March and the dry season, which is generally the peak and best time to visit Jakarta is from April to September.

Month Maximum Temperature Minimum Temperature Average Rain
January 30°C 24°C 33 cm
February 30°C 24°C 28 cm
March 31°C 24°C 15 cm
April 32°C 24°C 10cm
May 33°C 24°C 15 cm
June 32°C 24°C 5 cm
July 32°C 23°C 4 cm
August 32°C 23°C 4 cm
September 32°C 23°C 3 cm
October 33°C 24°C 6 cm
November 32°C 24°C 8 cm
December 31°C 24°C 15 cm

Author: Pearl

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