What is the difference between Kuta in Bali and Kuta in Lombok?

Q: I am planning my trip in Indonesia for Bali and Lombok this coming August, and I am getting confused because I saw Kuta appearing a lot of times but sometimes it is in Bali and other times it is in Lombok. Can I know what are the difference between this two Kuta?
– Lynn

A: In Bali, Kuta is the well-known tourist area that has the best long beachfront that stretches for five kilometer. The beach is well maintained and dotted with various vendors catered for tourists. It is also known as a surfing paradise to many. This place is also popular for its nightlife in Bali.

As for the one in Lombok, Kuta is actually a city with a beach on the island. This place is also confusingly surprising for surfers. Although it is also visited by a lot of travelers, it is still generally quite a sleepy fishing village and more laidback. Around Kuta there are many beautiful beaches for you to choose from.

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