Batam vs Bintan Island – Which is better for weekend trip from Singapore?

I am currently working in Singapore and want to make a weekend trip out, and I heard about Batam and Bintan Islands. Which one is better for a weekend trip?
– Steph

Both these islands are well known, especially to those in Singapore, and can make a great weekend trip. Depending on what you are looking for, or if you are traveling solo or as a couple, or as a family, it will determine whether Batam Island or Bintan Island is better for you. So read on!

Which has better beach resorts?

Batam Island is famous for many world class beach resorts, such as Montigo Resort * and Turi Beach Resort *. While Bintan Island offers Banyan Tree Resort *.

How far are these islands from Singapore?

The winner is Batam Island, which is nearer to Singapore, with only 35 minutes boat ride.

From Singapore to Bintan Island, it will take 90 minutes.

Which has better activities?

There are a lot of activities to be had on Batam Island, therefore a clear winner. As for Bintan Island, it is more for a relaxing beach holiday.

Which island is good for the family?

Bintan Island, since they have the famous Club Med, which offers all-inclusive stays with children’s clubs.

Which island for shopping?

Batam Island is well-known to be a shopping destination.

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