Below is a collection of links about travel in Indonesia and generally about travel or Indonesia that I find useful and interesting.

Sites on Indonesia Tourism

Indonesia Official Tourism Website
You can find almost everything about Indonesia here!
Wikitravel – Indonesia
Need I say more about Wikitravel? Indonesia has an amazing group of people who collectively shared useful information here.
North Sulawesi Tourism and North Sulawesi Information Pages
North Sulawesi Tourism site plus traveling information and more.
Visit Makassar
Makassar Tourism site
Bandung Tourism
Official site of Bandung Tourism office.
Explore Indonesia
A portal from Gunadarma University showing the natural beauty and the diversity of the ethnic groups of Indonesia with its own customs and cultures.

Indonesia Travel Blogs

Lots of good information on Indonesia travels, mainly in Bali with some good tips for some other places, obscure and not.
Well written and informative posts on almost everywhere in Indonesia (look at their map!) with a good splash of humor thrown in.
Mixed Up Already
Lighthearted and fun travel stories from an Indonesian blogger around Indonesia and beyond.
Dream, Explore, Wonder (DEW)
Join Aggy in discovering Indonesia and the world as she travel and eats through them.
Read about a travel couple and food lovers who go around exploring and eating Indonesia with kids and family!
Life is Beautiful
Follow Nila Tanzil, an Indonesian girl who loves to travel and write. She is also the founder of Taman Bacaan Pelangi which establishes libraries in remote areas of Flores!
Follow Bee as she shares her personal travel tips (and secrets), ideas, food and stories on Bali, Lombok, Bandung and beyond!
The Travelearn
Writing in both Indonesian and English, Matius shares his travel “lessons” in Indonesia and around
The Traveling Cow
Indonesian Travel Blogger. Love Cows. Love Food. Live to travel the world. Forever in love with new destinations.
Chocky Sihombing
Blogging about travels in Indonesia and beyond!
Irham Faridh
Writing in Indonesian, Irham shares his traveling experience through backpacking style

Bloggers on/in Indonesia

Ma Vie à Someplace in This World
Lydia’s stories on one year of living, working and traveling Indonesia.
Jakarta News
Follow an expat through his everyday life in Indonesia and snippets of his travel stories too.

Inspiring World Travel Blogs

The Longest Way Home
A one man’s journey around the world to find a place to call home.
Time Travel Turtle
Even the name itself gets you smiling, join Turtle in traveling around the world and learn along with him on life and stories.
Laura the Explorer
Stories and advice about budget travel and backpacking, from first hand experience.
My Time Capsule
Join Indonesian Debbzie to travel around the world in her very own time (and space) capsule!
Backpacker Indonesia
Follow Adam and Susan, as this couple travel and blog around Asia and beyond together.
Travel Toodle
Julia travels slow and she shares her travel guides, tips and things to do in various destinations around the world.
Bali Survival Guide
1Cover’s Bali survival guide is packed full of hot tips and good neighbourly advice to keep you safe on your next trip.

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