When is the Best Time to Travel to Indonesia

Indonesia’s weather is of tropical climate and it is considered to only have two seasons which is the dry season or the wet season. Being a wide country it may vary in the different regions, like between weather in Jakarta in comparison to weather in Bali, but generally, most of the country’s dry season is from April to October and the wet season from November to March. For highland temperatures, it is naturally cooler, with some peaks in Papua covered with snow. It is also cool in the mountains in Sulawesi.

Best time to go Indonesia

would be the dry season which is generally April to October so that you can get the best out of your time without having rain dampening your activities. But it is still possible to travel in the rainy season. It may still rain during the dry season and not rain for a week in the wet season, and it usually comes down in short blasts in the evening or late afternoons. Therefore if you must, traveling in Indonesia during the wet seasons is still possible if you do most of your sightseeings in the morning and early afternoons and rest in the evenings.

Take note also of peak seasons, which are July and August during the summer vacations of the Europeans and mid-December to late January for the Australian school holidays. This is especially obvious in the famous touristy places like Bali, Lombok and Gili Islands.

As for events and festivals, you may want to look out for major celebrations like Ramadhan and Christmas which are celebrated nationwide, Wesak (Buddha’s birthday) with procession around Borobudur and Nyepi (Hindu New Year) with people flocking Bali. You may well choose to avoid these dates, check on lunar and yearly calendar to confirm the dates, if you want to avoid the crowds.

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  1. Hello there, I plan to travel to Indonesia particularly to Surabaya in the June. Can you recommend any places worth visiting that would be worth my while. I am a female traveller who will be solo. I will be there for approximately 2 weeks. Your help would be appreciated. :-)

    1. Hi! In Surabaya, House of Sempoerna have a good review from fellow travelers. Other than that try take a becak around the city and just soak in all the hustle and bustle. Things to do also includes lots of shopping with so many malls around and also try the massage, pedicure and manicure and also all the self pampering packages you can choose from at a bargain. Also check out the old town area and also various markets for you to mingle with the locals. For more information on Surabaya check out our Surabaya Travel Guide

  2. Hi! I’m planning to backpack around indonesia in august 2013. I just realized that there’ll be a major public holiday (idul fitri), do you think i should go ahead with my schedule or is it better to postpone the trip? Thank you

    1. During idul fitri the traffic will be even crazier, and places will be more packed by locals who are moving around for their holiday. Besides, a lot of business might be close as well during the major days. The only plus side is that you can experience how Indonesians celebrate their Idul Fitri, though only from an outer perspective unless you are invited into one of their homes. But if traffic and crowd is what you want to avoid and you have no time flexibility or time to spare, it would be wise to postpone your trip if you can. have a good travel!

  3. Hi Rachel,

    We (a couple with an infant) are planning to travel to Bali for 7 nights. We wish to do all/most of the places that you have recommended.
    Where (area, any hotel/resort/b&b) should we stay? We can either stay at one place or may be two places (3+4 nights).

    Your guidance will really help.


    1. I would suggest to look around staying in Ubud for the culture/nature/arts/markets or Seminyak for beach/shopping/nightlife. Else you can try Sanur or Nusa Dua which will be quieter but also more out of the way. Have a fun family trip in Bali!

  4. Hi Rachel,
    My family is planning to visit Bali for 3 days and 2 nights this Sept. if you can help us to plan places to visit. We have 2 children to go along with.
    Appreciate for your help.


  5. Hi!
    We are planning to Indonesia in October 2013. Is it possible to visit as there may be rain during our visit? What do you suggest to an independent & budget traveler for lodging & eating there? Like to go Komodo national park, and 4 cultural heritage sites(unesco). You may send me a plan for 7/10 days.

    1. hi, check out our Indonesia UNESCO Heritage Site article and see which is to your fancy. You will find these sites all over Indonesia, but with just 7-10 days, may I suggest that you visit Borobudur and Prambanan in Java, then head to Bali and then make your way to Komodo National Park. As for traveling in October, you might experience some rain mostly in the evening, it is still possible to travel but plan to start your day earlier.

  6. I’m flying into Denpasar on November 2nd, I plan to stay at least two weeks, but would like to start out with a weeklong surf retreat. Can you recommend any that have a good reputation yet aren’t ridiculously expensive?

  7. Hallo! We are planning to go to Sulawesi in february. We want to snorkel and to see life in a different country to Sweden. Is the south or north Sulawesi best, regarding rainseason and maybee windy weather?

    1. there will be heavy rain in January and it gradually die down in February. So if you are lucky you might reach Sulawesi as the dry season starts and the weather is generally good for traveling. It is almost the same from north to south, if you are looking to do lots of diving then North Sulawesi is for you.

  8. Dear Rachel.
    I have been to Indonesia few times. Only this time i plan to take the train to travel from Jakarta and stop at places as i travel on this coming November 2013. from 10 to 15 days
    Kindly suggest which city and town to stop over.
    PeterGwee ( singapore)

    1. Hi Peter, I did a train travel across Java too from Jakarta and I stopped at Purwokerto, Wonosobo, Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Malang. These are the places covered by train and interesting in their own ways. I also hear suggestions from other travelers to check out Solo if you have time. Have a good train holiday!

  9. Hi,
    Recently came to known about the bromo-ijen mountains. i would like to make a trip there to see those beautiful scenery myself.

    i wonder if you know traveling in mid-December 2013 will be a good idea (please do advise).

    any good but budget tour agency to recommend?
    thanks ^^

    1. there will be quite a number of rain in December so not exactly the best time to go Indonesia. But if you have to go, then just have enough time to be flexible if weather is not good for some hikes.

  10. Hi,

    I am planning to plan my honeymoon in Bali for 5 nights 6 days.

    what do you suggest about this trip. Where should i stay and the places to visit and is the duration of stay enough?

  11. I am planning a holiday ttrip for my family to bandung and jakarta in December . We are bringing along our kids. Is bandung kids freindly and stroller friendly .Any hotels to recommend near to shopping mall or factory outlets . My plan is below
    day1 -arrive jakararta airport , take shuttle to bandung
    day2- Bandung shopping
    day3- return to jakarta and shopping
    day4- leave jakarta airport

  12. hey rachel!

    I will be in Indonesia from the 4th of february to the 27th…
    I will move from jakarta to bali in this time…

    do you have any insight, how the weather will be that time in the near future? are the rainfalls mostly at the evening?

    I got 5 days in jakarta, I am curious for the surrounding areas! can you recommend my anything to see these 5 days?
    I consider doing the cmas diving licence these days as well…

    thanks for sharing your wisdom, contact me via email anytime if you want!

  13. Hi Rachel,

    We want to visit Bali for our honeymoon. But we are in a jeopardy as to how many days should we keep in our schedule. Also, we are looking for a roof tops hotels or in the water types. i am not sure but i just found it on google. Really need to figure it out and plan. Also, we wanted to know places around bali to visit.

    Your guidance will really help.


  14. We will going to Bali for 4D3N holidays on mid March 2015,2 adults and 1 toddler around 2 years old at that time. What would you recommend for hotel/suite/villa (with price worthy),foods/place to visit etc…tq

  15. Hi Rachel
    I’m thinking going my 1st time to Indonesia in March (because of work planning is the best time to do it..)
    however I’m seeing that for travelling and to surf (i do bodyboard) the best time is the dry season (april-oct).
    So my question is?
    Should i really go there in march? Will i enjoy sunny beachs and some good waves? :/
    Ps.: I’m not a pro surfer so i don’t need biiig waves :)

    Thank you for the help !! :)

  16. Rachel,
    Your information is beyond helpful. I will be traveling to Bali mid Jan – early Feb, rainy season. I’ll be at Golden Rock Retreat for a week then Ubud for 4 days. Could you elaborate on weather I can expect? Temperatures, any advice at all?
    Is it likely to get from one side of the island to another by car in one day?
    Kind Regards,

    1. yes you can get from one side of the island to the other in a car. As for the weather, the rain usually come down in the evening in short blast and it depends on which are in Bali as well. Temperature in Bali ranges from 25C to 31C with high humidity.

  17. Hello Rachel; I will be heading to Indonesia in July ’15, am fortunate to be staying with a family. Would it be appropriate to bring a gift for them for having me? if so, what would you recommend? I will be wanting to snorkel, & am interested in the islands. How would I go about getting to the islands?

  18. Hi,
    I would like to seek your advice for travel to Surabaya on mid of April. I have checked the weather forecast from internet there may be heavy rain during this period. Kindly advice shall I travel to Surabaya on mid of April. Meantime what is the ideal day travel in Surabaya ?

    Your advice would be appreciate.

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