Best Beachfront Hotels, Resorts and Villas in Bali

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Featuring the best beaches in Bali, here are the beachfront and nearby places to stay, from luxurious to affordable hotels, resorts and villas.

There will be something for someone who wants to spend the most time at the beach, be it with a sea view from the room, or a quick walk to the beach or a direct access to their very own private beach. For your honeymoon, solo trip or with family and friends, these places to stay will not disappoint, with their close access to the finest beaches in Bali.

Resorts and Villas at Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua beach is definitely one of the top choices for those who want a real beachfront resort experience. Dotted with many choices, every resort comes with its own privacy and secludedness. Swimming here is great as the currents and waves are low. The water is crystal clear for snorkeling.

Samabe Bali Suites & Villas

For those who wants to splurge on a special occasion, this 5-star beachfront luxurious villa will bound to impress. Offering suites with an uninterrupted view of the ocean plus a romantic bath with glass enclosure, this villa promises privacy and relaxation with style. It also comes with 24-hour butler service and free flow alcohol among many other extras. Prices starting from 600 USD.
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Kayumanis Nusa Dua Private Villa & Spa

This luxurious villa stretching across a golden private beach is one worth the splurge. Decorated with unique themes, each spacious villas come with a private pool, kitchennette and open-air garden bath. There is a 24-hour butler service, in-house spa and personal beachside breakfast. Prices starting from 500 USD.
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INAYA Putri Bali, Nusa dua

Featuring clean and modern design, every villa has direct acces to the pool that runs along with palm trees lining it. With beautiful sea view from the rooms and a quick access to the beach, it is no wonder this villa is one of the top choice in Nusa Dua. To top it off, price starts only at 150 USD!
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Hotels at Kuta and Legian Beach

Kuta beach is one of the most popular beaches in Bali, particularly famous for surfing but there are also many other activities to choose from. Here is the place to be seen and to have fun. Just a little walk down is the Legian beach, for a more upmarket crowd but with still the vibe and energy. At night you can find the Kuta beach parties among the beach clubs that are guaranteed to entertain.

Legian Beach Hotel

With a mix of modern and Balinese design, this 4-star hotel enjoys a beachfront location on Legian Beach and also a quick walk to Kuta beach. It features a pool surrounded by palm trees filled tropical grounds. The rooms are typical Balinese style with white drapes and wooden carvings. Prices starting from 120 USD.
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Villas at Sanur Beach

Sanur is one of the more relaxing town in Bali. Many people who know Bali well will escape to this place, especially for its many beachfront villas and resorts. The waves here are milder and best for swimming. The sea here crystal clear where you can even spot sea creatures like starfish when walking at the beach.

Avillion Villa Cinta

This villa offers a tropical retreat with style. With a clever mix of victorian and Balinese design, these elegant villas come with a pool and private terraces. It is just a 3 minutes walk to the beach and of course with many locations to enjoy a view of the sea as a backdrop while you relax. Prices starting from only 150 USD.
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Resorts at Balangan Beach, Jimbaran

Though the ocean currents are strong and the waves high in Jimbaran, and it is not recommended for swimming, this beach is one to be reckoned with. Especially that it has one of the most famous bars in Bali, the Rock Bar. When the tide is low, it would be a perfect beach for strolling along enjoying the sun while the waves lap at your feet.

RIMBA Jimbaran Bali by AYANA

With a 5 minutes walk from the beach, this luxurious 5-star resort features 12 outdoor pools and 19 dining options. Bright modern rooms with tropical landscapes and scenic view views, it is no wonder that this place is one of the top choices in Bali. Guests also have priority access to the famous Rock Bar.
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Villas at Padang-Padang Beach

Located close to the Uluwatu temple, this beautiful secret beach is surrounded by big rocks and overgrown plants and monkeys. The beach is covered with huge rocks and small caves for exploration and when the tide is high, it is also good for swimming. Just beware of sharp corals and sea urchins. Staying nearby here would be like a secret hideaway from the bustle of Bali.

Suarga Padang-Padang

Located just 2 minutes from Padang-Padang beach, this place is a dream, with its amazing pool with the view of the horizon and sea. The individual thatched roof villas are tastefully designed with a cozy yet elegant interior. The surrouding will also transport you to living in nature with style. Prices starting from 290 USD.
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Pink Coco

This delightful and pretty villa is situated just a short walk from Padang-Padang beach. The design of the rooms and the place are clean, modern and bright, with little touches of plants, greens and wood to complete the place. One can’t help but be cheerful and at peace staying here, and to top it off, the price is very reasonable, starting at only 70 USD.
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Resorts at Nyang-Nyang Beach

A really secluded beach with some effort to access, you will not find many places to stay around here but you will surely escape the crowds. The effort is well worth it to find this hidden beach, with white sandy beach and crystal clear blue sea. There are not many tourists here while you would see local people harvesting seaweed.

Bulgari Resort

This resort is located 150 m above sea level offering sweeping views of the Indian Ocean. Each luxurious traditional Balinese designed villas feature private sundeck and plunge pool. Its floor-to-ceiling glass bathrooms overlook the private courtyard. The beach is only 1 km away and accessible only by the resort’s very own inclined elevator. This is definitely a splurge well spend, with price starting from 763 USD.
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Hotels at Nusa Lembongan Dream Beach

Nusa Lembongan is a small island about 7km out of the sea from Bali. Dream beach at Nusa Lembongan is known for its serene sea lapping on long sandy bays. It is an island with big rocks and small vegetation with spots of sandy bays. Most people stay longer at this island to explore all the beauty of it.

Water Blow Huts

A private place to stay with an exceptional view, this hotel is only 8 minutes walk from the beach. The individual wooden huts with traditional Balinese house concept are a unique experience to stay in Bali. This top rated place has prices starting at only 70 USD.
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Akah Cottages

This very affordable hotel in Nusa Lembongan is like living in your very own home in Bali, with private terraces and beautiful gardens. Located very close to Dream beach, it almost let you think you own a beachfront house in Bali! Well rated with prices starting only at 49 USD!
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  1. Dear Rachel,

    we would like to visit Indonesia. We will fly to Jakarta and stay there for 1 night and next day we would like to go to Yogya with train and stay there for 2 or 3 days and than fly to Bali and after Bali fly to Lombok.
    We would like to visit one thing in Jakarta. What do you think about travel with train (our family are 2 adults and 3 children – 15, 14 and 6 years). Can we go from Yogya to Bromo or is that too far away?
    Best regards from Slovenia (middle of Europe).

    1. Hi Spela, yes you can take the train from Jakarta to Yogyakarta, it would not be too far and the train is generally clean and a good ride. Then from there to go to Bromo is a little bit further and you may either arrange a car to get there or train to either Surabaya or Malang before getting land transport to Bromo. It does take up a day for each of the traveling.

  2. Hi Rachel,

    My wife and I would like to travel to Indonesia next year around end of June. We are very independent and don’t like to be “steer” around to much. Prefer I nice, cozy place at a beach that is NOT surrounded by big parties, vendors and noise. We like to explore and see interesting nature, eat at the local places and/or visit UNESCO sites. Let me know what area and beach would be best for this. Thanks.

    1. steer away from Kuta or Seminyak if you want to escape the crowds. There are many off the tourist track beaches, I personally liked Padang-padang beach but it is more of a surfer beach. Also check out Amed beach which is one of the secret finds for Bali.

    2. Hi Ernesto,

      For less crowded beautiful beach I would advise Lombok, Senggigi area. I stayed in place living Asia Resort which is not expensive but beautiful.
      In Lombok you can visit rice fields, water, rain forests and monkey forests.
      From there you can take a day or two trips to Gilli Trawangan island with pristine water. You can stay few days in Lombok and few days in Gilli.

      I loved my trip.

  3. Hi Rachel,

    We will be travelling to Bali between May and June for a week and staying at Ubud. Would like to visit Lombok so could you please, advise how I can travel from Ubud to Lombok.
    Thank you very much.

  4. Hi
    -Where can we find white sandy beach ?
    -I am confused where to stay, in kuta or nusa Dua or pasir putih, can anyone help? I’m looking for the best beach with white sand and clear water. So in which of the three places I should stay
    -is there any catamaran or ferry to community from one island to another ?

  5. I know all the beaches above are the best, but why don’t you try to include Pandawa Beach? Or is it just considered as a new beach? No offense. Thanks.

  6. I love Bali but lets be honest, the beaches aren’t great and you won’t find the picture perfect paradise here, go to the Maldives if you are looking for this. Bali has so much more to offer though, personally I find the interior of the island much more beautiful than the coast.

  7. Great adventure dear. Actually, I did not hear much about Lovina Beach and it was really spectacular. I’ve got another interesting story again. By the way, Your photos are really amazing!

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