Best train from Jakarta to Yogayakarta?

Q: I am planning to take a train to Yogyakarta from Jakarta. Which train is the best?
– Mores

A: There are few types of train in Java, Indonesia. You may choose between:
Eksekutif (Executive)
With air condition, power supply, and reclining seat)

Bisnes (Business)
Without air condition and normal seat) and the

Ekonomi (Economy)
Without frills and used mostly by locals for frequent travels).

If for long distance like Jakarta to Yogyakarta, you are best off taking the Eksekutif train, which cost about 335,000 IDR depending on which company you choose. You may choose between Argo Dwipangga or Taksaka. Argo is more popular and has a better reputation. If you are on a budget and want to take Bisnes or Ekonomi, you can take Purwosaka trains, which also leave the earliest at 630am but take longer time as there are more stops. There are trains in morning and evening to choose from.

For more details on routes and time, you may check at the Indonesia official train site – (site in Indonesian)

For more information, read train travel in Indonesia.

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