Jakarta Monorail

Jakarta monorail is a planned two-line monorail system that would span 24 km in Jakarta, Indonesia. As we all know Jakarta is notorious for its traffic where sometimes spending few hours in the car is a normal experience. In fact you have not traveled in Jakarta if you haven’t being stuck in the road for an extended amount of time.

Jakarta monorail route plan, indonesia

Jakarta Monorail Route Plan, Indonesia

Hopefully with this new monorail project, that previously had been stopped and now revived earlier this year in February 2013, will be completed and alleviate the problem for the locals and to aid travelers in their visit here in Jakarta.

Jakarta monorail track simulation, indonesia

Jakarta Monorail Track Simulation, Indonesia

The monorail will have two lines – Green line is around 14 km with 16 stations and will run in the South of Jakarta and Green line of around 10 km will run from East Jakarta to West Jakarta. There will be two interchange stations that will allow passengers to change between these two lines and also onto Jakarta Busway and Jakarta railway network.

This project is projected to be completed in 2-3 years, so let’s all look forward to a better connected Jakarta. From there maybe it can grow to be the hub of traveling in Indonesia besides Bali, Indonesia’s current most famous tourist attraction.

Jakarta monorail sketch, indonesia

Jakarta Monorail Sketch, Indonesia

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