Best transport between Yogyakarta to Solo?


I am planning to have a day or two visits to Solo from Yogyakarta during my visit, I heard that they have the best batik there. Can you recommend the best transport to get from Yogyakarta to Solo and also back from Solo to Yogyakarta?
– Fatir

If you want the comfort and don’t mind paying a little bit more, you can catch the train from Yogyakarta to Solo, newly opened a few years back call Batara Kresna railbus which will only take an hour. This is 20,000 Rp more expensive than the regular train. You can, of course, choose to take the regular train as well, see our train transport in Indonesia for more details. The train is the best choice as it gets you to the city center. As for bus, there are many choices but the terminal is 12 km west from the city center. If you are doing a one day trip, maybe hiring a car would be a good idea for both ways and also around Solo.

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