Itinerary for one week from Jakarta around Java

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If you have one week in Indonesia and plan to go around from Jakarta, probably only around Java, here is our ideal itinerary for you.

Java has a lot to offer as an introduction to Indonesia and spending a week here will be just enough as a tasting to it. This itinerary will hit some of the hot spots of the top 10 things to do in Java while taking in mind of the travel time on this huge island. Our 1 week recommended itinerary will make use of Indonesia’s only extensive train network. The ride will take you through scenic routes of rice fields and small towns of Java

Day 1 and 2 – Jakarta

As you will land here in Jakarta, plan to stay at least one or two night to explore this capital city of Indonesia. It is the epitome of a mega city in Asia and well worth the hustle and bustle to get a feel of it. This city had many hidden treasures and it is well known as a shopping haven. It is also famous for its nightlife.

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Day 3 and 4

Take the train from Jakarta to Bandung city, a favourite of many travelers with a short time in Indonesia and also the local tourists. Bandung is known as a culinary place in Indonesia and it is also a shopping haven with many fashion shops like factory outlets. It also has some tourist attractions like the rice terraces, volcanic lake and crater.

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Day 5, 6 and 7- Yogyakarta

Jump on the train and ride the only extensive train network in Indonesia from Jakarta to Yogyakarta. This city is also one of my favourite spot in Java, and if anyone is to ever ask me where is one place to see in Java, this would be it. Here you will have access to the largest ancient Buddhist temple Borobudur and the ancient Hindu temple Prambanan. Besides, the food here is amazing and there are also castles and parks to check out.

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On the last day, take the scenic train back all the way from Yogyakarta to Jakarta to fly out. If you are still have more time or decided to extend your trip, you can look at heading east to Mount Bromo, one of the must visit places in Indonesia.

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  1. Hello, It will be my fist time traveling to Indonesia, and i’ll arrive and leave from Surabaya, about five days I have, where and how would you recommend me to go and i love to be at the beach more :) many thanks!

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