Top 10 Things to Do in Seminyak, Bali


There are many things to do in Seminyak, a tourist and residential beach town in Bali, but here are our top 10. It is home to some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and fine restaurants. Known as the shopping capital of Bali, Seminyak is also host to a range of boutiques and spas. It can be described as Bali’s most fashionable town, thanks to the presence of fashion stores, bars, and art galleries. 

Eateries range from the top dining spots with foreign chefs preparing international food to traditional diners handled by the locals specializing in traditional local cuisine. Fun activities like scuba diving and surfing can be experienced during the day. There are also countless other ways to relax, as proven by the existence of spas and yoga retreats.  

Seminyak boasts an energetic and lively nightlife featuring bars and beach clubs, such as Ku De Ta, which is internationally famous for its great ambiance. Nevertheless, places like Petitenget Beach and others offer a more secluded ambiance than others.

There’s a whole range of things to do in Seminyak. If you plan to visit Seminyak in Bali, then here’s the place to get an idea of what to do there. Although there are not many tourist attractions to be had, you can be sure to find yourself busy with beach activities, enjoying the best foods and the interesting nightlife.

Things to do in seminyak
Things to Do in Seminyak. Photo by Sandip Roy on Unsplash

Here are our recommended things to do in Seminyak to have a good time:

Relax at Seminyak Beach

Since Seminyak is in Bali, it is undoubtedly full of beaches where you can go and relax. Seminyak Beach is one of the best beaches in Bali. You can take a walk on the beach or lie down and enjoy a nice drink while enjoying the serene environment. There’s Seminyak Beach, which has a beautiful and spectacular sunset. On the Petitenget beach, there’s beautiful scenery and a Balinese temple located by the beachside.


Seminyak beach, Bali. Photo by Dimos Paraskevas

Bungee jumping

If you are looking for action, why not try bungee jumping? On Seminyak Beach, there is the famous AJ Hackett Bungy at the Double Six nightclub, which is known as a perfect place for bungee jumping in Bali. In Seminyak for bungee jumping, you will find yourself at a tower measuring 45m. It is pretty common for bungee jumping to be done at night, as you will find places open for this activity all night long.

Try surfing

As one of the Top 10 Best Surf Spots in Bali, Seminyak is good for intermediate to advanced surfers. If you are a good surfer and are looking for a challenge, this is the place. But if you are a beginner, do not fret, as there are enough surfing schools in Seminyak to guide and help you with the right surfing equipment in beginner surfing lessons. The most famous places to surf around Seminyak are Kuta Beach, Canggu Beach, and Legian Beach. You can also try kitesurfing here when the winds are in your favor.

Kitesurfing at seminyak, bali, indonesia

Kitesurfing at Seminyak, Bali. Photo by Farley Roland Endeman

Taste the Cuisine of Seminyak

One of the things you must do here is to try some of the best Bali restaurants in Seminyak. There’s a range of restaurants, from five-star restaurants to street stalls and all sorts of food for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner; all depending on the areas you visit. The prices vary too, from cheap to modest to expensive.

From vegetarian to Western to Javanese, all kinds of cuisine are waiting to be tasted in Seminyak. The local dishes that deserve a try are Nasi Goreng, Babi Guling, and Bebek Betutu. The perfect places to get a taste of this food are around Petitenget and Umalas. If you are up to it, you can also learn some Balinese cuisine here at many popular cooking classes in Seminyak.

If you’re looking for a good brunch, go to Café Organic and indulge in great coffee, vegan delights and interior-inspo! Sea Circus is famous for its food as much as its colorful wall – just head to their Instagram page to see what we mean. Motel Mexicola is one of the most fun restaurants in Seminyak and is a haven of avocados, tequila and positive vibes!

Experience the Nightlife of Seminyak

Seminyak has many happening nightspots. Most of Bali’s trendiest nightspots are in Seminyak. There are dance clubs, bars, and nightspots to choose from. For a great night, the hippest places in Seminyak are at Jl Double Six, Jl Oberoi, Jl Kunti, and Jl Petitenget. The most famous happening places at night in Seminyak are Potato Head Club, Double Six, Ku dé Ta, Red Carpet Champagne Bar, and Syndicate Club Bali.

Watching sunset from ku de ta, seminyak, bali, indonesia

Watching sunset from Ku De Ta, Seminyak, Bali. Photo by Graham Hills

Play Golf

Golfing is not that popular to commit to while on holiday overseas, but here in Seminyak, it is one of the things that you may take part in just because of its location. Little known, but it is also one of the best outdoor activities to do in Bali. The most famous golf course in Bali is the Nirwana Bali Golf Club, designed by the famous designer Greg Norman. The design of this golf course is such that it takes the player through the incredible scenery during the game, like terraced rice paddies and beautiful cliffs that lead down to the vast ocean. It is undoubtedly a view and a game not to be missed.

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Pura Petitenget Temple

It is impossible to be in Seminyak and not find time to learn more about the religious culture of this place. The perfect place for this is the Pura Petitenget temple, which is impressively located at the beach off Jl Petitenget. Sometimes, the temple holds beautiful beach ceremonies that you can witness if you are lucky.

Pura petitenget, seminyak, bali, indonesia

Pura Petitenget, Seminyak, Bali. Photo by Aleksandr Zykov


Going on holiday and not shopping before heading home is out of the question. Here, you do not need that many reasons to go shopping, as Seminyak is a place made for shopping. There is everything that tourists would want to buy before going back home. Since Seminyak is known as the upmarket shopping district of Bali, there’s a whole variety of things to shop for here. From clothing and accessory boutiques to jewelry to art to amenities, Seminyak is the perfect place to fill up your luggage before going home to your family and friends.

Spa and Massages

To be in Seminyak and not trying out the spa and massage treatment is a huge loss for any visitor. The spa and massage treatment is another way to relax during your visit to Seminyak. It is especially an excellent place to get your body back in order if you have taken part in some heavy outdoor beach activities. The spa and massage treatment come in many varieties in Seminyak. There are treatments with flavors like chocolate, milk and honey, avocado, and much more. There are also many variations of massages, including the local Balinese massage. Or chill at the beachside, watching the sun go down, as Seminyak is well known for its beautiful sunsets.

Chill with drinks at seminyak beach, bali, indonesia

Chill with drinks at Seminyak beach, Bali. Photo by Andreia

Have Fun at Local Parks

Parks are great ways to have fun, especially if it’s a water park. The Waterbom Water Park is great for fun, particularly if children are involved. There are many fun thrills and adventures, such as the Race Track, Lazy River, and Climax. There’s also the Bali Safari and Marine Park, which is another fun place, especially if you are traveling Bali with kids. In this park, you get up close and personal with animals like tigers, hippos, rhinos, and zebras. There is also a variety of animal shows and a freshwater aquarium.

The things to do in Seminyak are plenty. Since it is considered an upmarket place, Seminyak is filled with first-class accommodations and the best restaurants. With a sophisticated atmosphere, Seminyak is an exciting place to visit and immerse yourself in.

Best Accommodations in Seminyak is a good place to plan your accommodation in Bali because most of the bookings can be canceled right up to the trip, allowing flexibility. Here are a few of the best accommodations that we recommend to stay in Seminyak:

The Legian Bali, Seminyak
For those who want a well-located beachfront villa with modern and high-class style. This hotel comes with a pool that seems to run into the ocean, the feeling of being tucked in an oasis all by yourself, and a well-designed garden with a goldfish pond. There’s also yoga every morning and customized breakfast.
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Alila, Seminyak
For those who love minimalism, this comes with Balinese touches but keeping true to its philosophy. The hotel has 5 swimming pools, with plenty of the Indian Ocean view. With world-class service, with available spa and babysitting services. Stay here if you want a good location to access the highlights of Seminyak too.
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The Oberoi, Seminyak
For those who are looking for privacy and to splurge for a honeymoon or special occasion. With quick access to Seminyak beach, this Balinese-inspired accommodation is built on 15 acres of tropical gardens. The Frangipani Cafe inside here is famed for its cuisine. Notables are their open-air massage pavilions and outdoor pool overlooking the ocean.
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Resort Courtyard by Marriott Bali, Seminyak
Marriott is a trusted brand for many, and this one in Bali lives up to its name. This secured luxury is located just 5 minute’s walk to Seminyak Beach. A noted feature is its private terraces for relaxation, hence making it a favorite of couples.
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