Waterfalls to Visit in Banyumas, Central Java

Banyumas is one of twenty-nine districts in Jawa Tengah (Central Java) province, with Purwokerto city as the capital.

Located near Mount Slamet -the biggest mountain in Jawa island- and surrounded by valleys and rivers, Banyumas has plenty of beautiful waterfalls or “curug” the locals would say.

Not so many are opened for public, but here are five I would recommend you to visit:

Curug Cipendok (waterfall)

Curug Cipendok (waterfall), Banyumas, Java Indonesia

Curug Cipendok (waterfall), Banyumas, Java

Karang Tengah village, Cilongok sub-district – ±15 kilometers west from Purwokerto

The highest waterfalls in Banyumas (92 meters high).

Entrance ticket: IDR 7,000. They may give us a bottled drink, but I suggest you NOT to take it because they will charge you another IDR 3,000 and the drink tastes weird. Unless you want to keep it as souvenir.

Flying fox (for beginners) costs only IDR 10,000.
Roasted corn ± IDR 3,000.

Curug Gomblang (waterfall)

Curug Gomblang (waterfall), Banyumas, Java Indonesia

Curug Gomblang (waterfall), Banyumas, Java

Baseh village in Kedungbanteng sub-district – ±12 kilometers west from Purwokerto

Two waterfalls with large water debit, but amazingly peaceful under. Get lost a little bit among the kauri trees (Agathis dammara), you’ll find a path down to the Logawa river that mostly covered with bush. Be careful of the thorns and look around for the possibility to find wild raspberries. It can be very slippery in rainy season.

Curug Belot (waterfall)

Pandak village, Baturraden sub-district – ±12 kilometers north from Purwokerto.

Swim and jump from the rock with the local children.

Curug Belot (waterfall), Banyumas, Java Indonesia

Curug Belot (waterfall), Banyumas, Java

Curug Bayan (waterfall)

Melung village, Baturraden sub-district – ±13 kilometers north from Purwokerto

Curug Bayan (waterfall), Banyumas, Java Indonesia

Curug Bayan (waterfall), Banyumas, Java

You’ll read both curug Gedhe and curug Bayan on a sign post, but curug Gedhe is a sacred place for the locals, so it’s not recommended to visit because you can’t do much there.

Relax, sit on a stone, and soak your feet in the pristine cool water of curug Bayan while viewing the surrounding, or try river tubing. There are also villas you can rent cost around IDR 350,000 – 1,500,000 per night. Entrance fee IDR 4,000.

Warning: Do not swim right under the waterfall. Some people trapped and died.

Curug Ceheng (waterfall)

Gandatapa village, Baturraden sub-district – ±15 kilometers northeast from Purwokerto.
This waterfall is located in the middle of the clove plantations and became one of the popular camping grounds in Banyumas. Access is fairly easy. There is a hall where traditional performances are held at certain times.

Curug Ceheng (waterfall), Banyumas, Java Indonesia

Curug Ceheng (waterfall), Banyumas, Java

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Purwokerto, Central Java

Undiscerning, Purwokerto lies in the heart of the main island of Java in Indonesia. Often overshadowed by popular places like Jakarta and Yogyakarta, it is one of the hidden treasure of Java. Off the usual beaten path, if you have the time between Jakarta and Yogyakarta, do stop by this quaint and relaxing little place.

Where is it

Purwokerto is right in between Jakarta and Yogyakarta, serving as also one of the major train hub connecting to north or south Java train lines. It is in Central Java, Indonesia.

Map of Jakarta, Central Java, Indonesia

Jakarta in Central Java Map

Why go

Here you can go back to where a real city would be like in Java before it get over-saturated as a jaded city, with its little park (alun-alun), good food, laid-back atmosphere, surrounded by many natural wonders and most of all the fun and friendly people.

What to see

Purwokerto's Alun-alun at night

Purwokerto’s Alun-alun at night

Alun-alun – somewhat quiet little park in the middle of the city where you can see families with kids and local lovers hanging around at night. It is also dotted with various snacks stalls like barbecue corn (jagung).

Walk around the city and soak in the atmosphere while enjoying various local architectures of historical building, such as the Pendopo Si Panji, Railway Station and Museum.

What to do

Curug Belot Waterfall in Baturaden, Purwokerto

Curug Belot Waterfall in Baturaden, Purwokerto

These are the few recommended must do in Purwokerto by the locals:

Swim in one of the world’s most amazing waterfall in Baturaden – Curug Belot.

Eat the local Soto and Mendoan.

Watch Grebeg Suran (shadow puppet show) if you are in the right season (generally around Hari Raya – Muslim new year of Indonesia festival)

Hike into Pancuran tujuh through beautiful forest and then soak your tired feet after in the natural hot springs.

Visit Banyumas for the museum and strong>Dutch colonial architectures

What and where to eat

This place is famous for many street food and snacks, one of the best is the mendoan, which is fried tempe. The mendoan version here is one of the best in compare to the other versions in Java. Also don’t forget its local specialty of Soto Purwokerto, which unlike other soto in the region it comes doused with some peanut sauce, definitely a must try. The best Soto Purwokerto is at the Jalan Bank – Haji Loso. Also, try the traditional rice flour cake, hot off the pan for breakfast, you may find a really good one outside of the Satria sports stadium. Try also the Es Duren if you are brave enough to eat the king of fruits, this one doused with ice shavings, coconut milk and cendol.

Soto Purwokerto - Haji Solo

Soto Purwokerto – Haji Solo

Where to stay

Few budget choices and many mid-range to high end, you can see Purwokerto may yet to be the locals favourite getaway places. Hotel Santika * in Purworkerto may be a safe bet, and there’s also a well rated Aston Imperium Purwokerto *. For backpackers you may still have choices yet but no frills and simple small hotel. You may want to choose to stay in Baturaden * for a cooling respite, and also for its many nature hikes and waterfalls that are best visited during the morning.

-> Find the best hotel deals in Purwokerto *

Serabi, Purwokerto street food

Serabi, Purwokerto street food

How to get there

By Plane

Fly to Jakarta or Yogyakarta from anywhere around the world with various international airlines to Indonesia.

From Jakarta or Yogyakarta:


Hop on the train connecting between Jakarta and Yogyakarta and hop off in Purwokerto station, note that you would have to pay the full fare, though. You may take Argo train which is more popular with tourist for its condition but may be more expensive than the others. Refer to train travel in Indonesia for more information on the trains. The train ride is about 5 hours from Jakarta or 2 hours from Yogyakarta.


You may also catch various buses that serve to this transportation hub, Terminal Bus Purwokerto is big and comfortable, located about 4km from town. The recommended bus would be Sinar Jaya connecting to Jakarta in 9 hours or Yogyakarta in 4-5 hours.

Telaga Tujuh hotspring at Baturaden, Purwokerto

Telaga Tujuh hot spring at Baturaden, Purwokerto

How to get around

Purwokerto is a relatively small city therefore if you have the time (and strength) you may cover the place by foot, else there are the ubiquitous angkot (minibus) for a quick round the city and costing only 3000 Rp per person. If you want to go more traditional and more slowly for sightseeing, you may take the local trishaw call becak, but you have to haggle for the nonfixed price. There are also taxis around if you need.

Where to go nearby

Baturaden – take a dip at one of the many breathtaking waterfalls, hike in the forests and relax and many natural hot water springs and lakes.
Banyumas – the popular attraction here is the Puppet Museum, showcasing various puppets and cultural items and photos.
Dieng Plateau – Up in the highlands with less travelers around, explore the rolling hills of greens and discover really ancient temples.

Waterfall at Baturaden, Purwokerto

Waterfall at Baturaden, Purwokerto

Map credit to Burmesedays

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