How to get to Dieng (Wonosobo) from Jakarta?

My friends and I want to go visit Dieng Plateau near Wonosobo in Central Java. We will be heading there from Jakarta. Which is the best way for us to get there? Should I take a train to Purwokerto or Yogyakarta? Which of this place is easier to get to Wonosobo and how do I get there? Is there a bus straight up to Dieng? Please suggest me the best way possible to get to Dieng. Thank you!
– Bran

If you are coming from Jakarta, it makes more sense to take a train to Purwokerto instead of Yogyakarta so that you can save time and distance. Also from Purwokerto it is more straight forward to get to Wonosobo, in just one bus ride. When reaching Wonosobo, stop off at the junction near Klenteng or tell the driver in advance that you are heading for dieng, then from there catch a public mini bus to Dieng. You might need to walk a little to get to a stop for minibus, ask a local for direction and it shouldn’t be more than 15 mins walk away.

Read more at our Dieng Plateau travel guide.

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  1. please search at google.. travel jakarta must pay Rp200.000,- go to wonosobo by car.and then in wonosobo,juat call me and youre lucky..i live in wonosobo.i know where cheap hotel in dieng.

  2. You can go to Dieng by bus or train with the price of Rp. 200.000, – s / d Rp. 250.000, – and will arrive in Dieng soon! Visit sites or :)

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