How to go from Jakarta to Gili Islands?

Hi, I am going to Gili Islands next week and I have yet to find out how to get there from Jakarta. Do you know what is the best, easiest or the options to get to GIli Islands from Jakarta? I was thinking to take a train from Jakarta to the end of Java before crossing through Bali then onwards to Gili but it seems like such a long route, is there a better way? If this is the only way what are the details?
– Amanda

For the quickest way from Jakarta to Gili Islands, you may fly directly by air with many daily domestic flights to choose from, else there are also stopover flights at Surabaya from Jakarta. You will fly to Mataram or Senggigi and if too late you would need to stay over a night before crossing over to Gilis the next morning. Flights from Jakarta to Gili Islands are popular therefore it is advisable to book ahead of time. Airlines that serves from Jakarta to Bali are Garuda Indonesia Airlines, Lion Air, Batavia Air and Merpati Airlines. You may also fly to Bali and later go over to Gili Islands from there by boat.

Author: Pearl

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