Lombok or Gili Islands?


I am planning a side trip after Bali and was wondering whether I should go to Lombok or head straight to Gili Islands? I want to do some diving and enjoy beautiful beaches.
– Plang

Gili Islands are technically a part of Lombok, but that said, there are boats serving to Gili Islands from Bali directly, and there are different boats connecting Bali to Lombok.

Gili Islands

If you are looking for remote islands with fewer tourists and no motor vehicles, though more sparse in tourist attractions, then Gili Islands are for you. There are however still quite a lot of things you can do there.

Also, if you are heading to Gili Islands, check out yet another question – Which Gili Islands is for you?


Else if you want to have more choices and more activities, there are many things to do in Lombok itself, besides just diving and beaches.

Both Gili Islands and Lombok will give you many options for diving and beautiful beaches.

Either way, head to our Lombok and Gili Islands Travel Guide to learn more. Enjoying both of them is possible!

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