Surabaya to Mount Bromo – How Many Days?


Q – I would like to visit Mount Bromo and I think the best place to fly into is Surabaya? May I know what is the days needed to go up Mount Bromo and back? I would like to do this trip myself if I can or if not can you suggest a tour?
– Sue

A – The minimum days you need for Surabaya to Mount Bromo and back would be 3 days and you would need to time yourself pretty nicely. Fly into Juanda Airport in Surabaya, preferably in the morning and then get a bus to Probolinggo and then change to minibus to get up to Mount Bromo.

Stay one night in Mount Bromo and wake up really early to hike up Penanjakan to see sunrise over Mount Bromo. Then you can trek to the crater itself and go up Mount Bromo for an up close view. After that, make your way back in time to catch the local minibus down to Probolinggo at noon, then change back to the bus back to Surabaya.

You can spend a night in Surabaya and then fly off the next day, depending the flight hours you can maybe chuck in some last minute shopping in Surabaya!

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