Top 10 Outdoor Activities in Bali


Bali is the place to go in Indonesia to have fun, and it offers all sorts. The best beaches, nightlife, shops, bars, restaurants, and many more.

Among tourists, the most popular type of fun in Bali come in the form of outdoor activities and adventures. If you are planning a visit to Bali and would like to enjoy yourself out there of what the best nature can offer, then look no further than right here, where you can get inspiration for the top 10 outdoor activities in Bali to enjoy.

One of the most popular outdoor activities is whitewater rafting. Rafting in Bali is not just an exercise for tourists; it also provides a way to view what Bali has to offer in terms of rice terraces, lush green scenery, rainforests, and rivers. The perfect rivers for white-water rafting activities are the Ayung and TelagaWaja rivers. There are nice rafting activity packages, which include lunch, showers, insurance, and towels if you shop around.

White Water Rafting

There are also nice diving spots in Sanur, near Denpasar, and Nusa Penida or Nusa Lembongan islands. Guides are provided in diving packages in Bali, as well as many other exciting deals. There are crystal-clear waters where diving can be done and also where there are large varieties of tropical fishes and sea turtles.

Hiking Mount Batur

Mount Batur comes up when hiking activities in Bali are discussed. This is because Mount Batur is a great place for tourists that enjoy nature and hiking. Located in the east of Bali, the sunrise is not to be missed when hiking Mount Batur in Kintamani because it is a view of nature in its purest form. Hiking this 1700 meters active volcano, which takes about two hours, is the ultimate outdoor activity for tourists that visit Bali.


Freediving is a great way to get up close and personal with some of the best diving destinations in the world. It is a great way for underwater enthusiasts to enjoy a wide variety of marine life in the ocean. It is quite an imagination how beautiful the underwater scene is in Bali since Bali is known to be in the center of the coral triangle, which boasts the biggest range of marine life in the world. One of Bali’s most popular freediving spots is the best-kept secret – Amed; where you can sign up for one of the numerous freediving courses here.


Diving is one of the favorite outdoor activities in Bali, as there are many interesting dive spots in Bali. One of the most popular ones is the Barat National Park. In Barat National Park, the Pulau Menjangan is considered one of Bali’s best spots for diving. Another popular spot is located at Tulamben where you can find the wreck of the Liberty, a US Army Transport ship sunk by a Japanese submarine in 1942.


Canyoning is an extreme sport in Bali that is considered a popular outdoor activity among tourists. In many ways, canyoning plays a huge part in helping tourists get closer to the unspoiled nature of Bali. It is a great adventure where tourists, in groups or on their own, can get close to exciting streams and many kinds of plant species while canyoning in the forms of walking, caving, scrambling, jumping, sliding, and abseiling. Many canyoning packages are available with this extreme sport, including professional river guides, equipment, towels, and much more.

Surfing or Kitesurfing

It is well known that Bali is among the best surfing spots in the world. The west coast of Bali is really popular among tourists for its surfing activities. Everyone, from a beginner to an expert, is welcome to surf in Bali. There are courses for surfing available on hand to help tourists who are beginners. There is also a range of surfing clothing in Bali, so tourists do not need to over-pack their luggage with surfing gear. There’s also another kind of surfing that can be enjoyed in Bali, which is known as kitesurfing. Kitesurfing activities in Bali come equipped with the same kind of facilities that are offered for surfing activities.

Bungee Jumping

Bali’s most popular type of outdoor activity comes in the form of bungee jumping. It’s quite a popular activity among extreme sports lovers as bungee jumping gives tourists a rush of adrenaline like no other sport. Certainly not for the faint-hearted, bungee jumping is available in many hot spots in Bali, including a cascade and a high tower.


Trekking is a popular outdoor activity among tourists visiting Bali. Best done in the early morning, trekking provides some of the best visual sights tourists can witness in Bali. Tropical Trekking is considered a very affordable outdoor activity, and most of the packages include hiking sticks, hotel transfers, torches, breakfast, a guide, and wet weather gear. Trekking can also be done in jungles, villages, and rice paddies. There are naturally many trekking tours to choose from in Bali.


Snorkeling is a fun activity that many tourists in Bali enjoy. It’s a great way to get close to underwater nature, surrounded by a huge range of exotic fishes and other sea creatures, without needing a lot of gear. It is one of the simplest yet most fun underwater adventures in Bali, where you can find many snorkeling tours and packages that will take you out to sweet spots around Bali for the best snorkeling experience.

In Bali, a range of outdoor activities is available for tourists to quench their adventure thirst. Bali has everything ready for tourists to enjoy, from water sports to activities on land. You just have to choose which activities interest you and book your time before you land in Bali to avoid missing out on the fun outdoor activities.


Golf is a relaxing outdoor activity to try out while visiting Bali. Though it does seem out of the norm, golfing is quite popular among tourists visiting Bali. This might be due to the fantastic view that golfing offers tourists in Bali, and in fact, there are many different kinds of golf courses available in Bali, including a 9-hole course and an 18-hole course. There’s a spot in the mountains near Bedugul that is quite popular among golfers in Bali.

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