10 Best Hotels in Labuan Bajo


Looking for the best hotels in Labuan Bajo? Besides Island hopping, there are more things to do in Labuan Bajo. You can also just relax in the world class resorts or hotels here. A staycation at some recommended hotels in Labuan Bajo, where each of the hotels has its uniqueness.

Without further ado, let’s find these hotels out!

Best Hotels in Labuan Bajo – Luxury with Ocean View

AYANA Komodo Resort (from 290 USD)

Hotels in labuan bajo -  ayana komodo resort (from 290 usd)

While staying here you can take their luxury trip to the islands with their private boat. So, you don’t have to worry about looking for any trip suppliers who provide island hopping trips. Other experiences that you can try here are:

  • AYANA Marine Life & Coral Planting. You can have fun by learning how to maintain healthy reefs for our nature, especially for the ocean. Their in-house marine biologist & team experts will teach you how to do that.
  • Stand-up Paddleboard & Kayaking. One of the most popular water activities, you can get this experience in Ayana and blend with nature atop crystal clear water in a sturdy canoe or a stable longboard that glides effortlessly while you relax amongst stunning scenery.
  • Romantic dinners with your loved ones. There are several packages for your dining experience, and it’ll create a memorable memory of your romantic story. You can try their Floataway Romance –fringed with candlelight; romantic music creates a heavenly ambiance as you dine on Ayana talented Chef’s 5-course dinner-, Candlelight Dinner, Dine by the Pier, Pesta Lobster -legant oceanfront setting with our chef’s mouthwatering cuisine-, and Floataway Romantic Picnic with a sunset view.

They also have various fine-dining restaurants inside the hotel; you can try food and beverages from Indonesian, Japanese, and Western. You can browse their facilities and further information by visiting their official website.

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Plataran Komodo (from 300 USD)

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Unlike Ayana, Plataran Komodo has multiple choices of resident villas built with Indonesian house style. So, when you come in, you will taste the delightful Indonesian traditional room combined with a hint of modern and luxurious style.  Plataran also has similar facilities and activities to Ayana, such as Island Hopping trips, Romantic Dinner with your lovers, and so on. But, there is an interesting activity here, it’s called “Sunrise Hill Breakfast”.

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Best Hotels in Labuan Bajo – Midrange with Ocean View

Meruorah Komodo Labuan Bajo (from 110 USD)


The name “Meru” means “Peak” which is taken from Sanskrit language, and “Orah” is the name of Komodo dragons by the locals, meaning “The Peak of Komodo”.  This hotel is used to be calle “Inaya Bay Komodo” until the president of Indonesia, Mr. Joko Widodo changed it to Meruorah. Meruorah hotel is now run by the Indonesian government.

To stay at Meruorah, you have to spend at least $110/room/night by booking through online travel agencies (i.e. booking.com, agoda, etc). This 5-star hotel chain is more affordable than Ayana and Plataran.

This hotel has common facilities are no different from any other hotel. They have a rooftop pool, gym centre, bar, and restaurant. If you just want to chill with drinks and enjoy the view, you can hang out at The Bay in Merourah. You can also enjoy breakfast at Cafe et Lobby, in the hotel’s lobby.

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Sudamala Resort, Komodo (from 130 USD)


With a touch of modern Indonesian bungalow architecture, you can get an amazing experience and the best scenery of Labuan Bajo. This 5-star resort is built to look like Balinese bungalows, but it’s still decorated with a touch of Flores culture. You can enjoy your stay here with the tropical vibes. Sudamala is close to Laprima Hotel.

Sudamala is suitable if you just want to enjoy the view of the beach and relax your body after your island trip.

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Best Hotels in Labuan Bajo for Your Instagram Feeds!

Loccal Collection (from 80 USD)

Have you ever been to Greece? If you’re vacationing in Indonesia, you don’t need to go that far! In Labuan Bajo, this hotel is built to resemble the architecture of Santorini. 

You can see the sunlight in the afternoon and beautiful sunsets in the evening dancing over the waters. That’s how we describe Loccal Collection. Besides the unique architecture, you can hang out at their restaurant, “Sangkar Lobster”, on the 5th Floor. They the have Indonesian and Western cuisine. This place is also perfect for your Instagram pictures! 

Loccal Collection also has experiences in their hotel, such as Cave Spa, Souvenir Shop (Manta Galeries), Komodo Cruise, and Gym Centre. You can check further information about Loccal Collection by visiting their official website.

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Best Budget Hotels in Labuan Bajo

Laprima (from 65 USD)

Best budget hotels in labuan bajo

If you want to explore Labuan Bajo and have enough budget to enjoy the beauty of its nature, Laprima is the best choice for your stay. Fun fact, Laprima has the largest swimming pool compared to other hotels in Labuan Bajo!

Make sure you book the right room at this hotel, with a view facing the amazing ocean of Labuan Bajo (Premiere Room / Superior Sea View Room).

You’ll taste how to interact with Flores people while staying here because 90% of the employees are locals born in Flores. 

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Mohini (from 45 USD)

Mohini is one of the hidden gems in labuan bajo

Mohini is one of the hidden gems in Labuan Bajo. Why? Because the architecture of this hotel is aesthetic and far from the city center. Mohini can be considered if you love to spend your night with a little silence while enjoying the view of Labuan Bajo.

On the top of the resort is a cafe to enjoy the same views, facing the landscape of the hills and the wide ocean. If you stay at another hotel/resort, you can visit Mohini’s cafe for coffee and meals.

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La Cecile Komodo Resort & Cafe (from 40 USD)

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La Cecile has a similar resort type to Mohini. This stay has an eatery and provides regular Live Music Performances every Thursday and weekend. The ocean view is very clear from the top of the stay; it feels so romantic when you see the skies when the sun goes down.

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Best Hotel in Labuan Bajo for Backpackers / Solo Traveler

Seaesta Komodo Hostel & Hotel (from 15 USD)


Are you a backpacker and love to discover places yourself? This is the right stay option for you! Seaesta is a decent stay with some room type options that can be considered on your budget as a solo traveller who just wants a place to take a rest and continue their travel for the next few days.

According to their descriptions on the website, “The hostel at Seaesta Komodo hotel offers the luxury of privacy whilst staying on budget. All of our spacious dorms contain 8 generously-sized, comfortable beds each with privacy curtains. We’ve paid attention to detail, equipping our modern dorms with international bedside power points, bedside shelf, personal light and locker. The lockers contain built-in power points which enable you to lock away your valuable devices while they charge, freeing you up to do other fun stuff. Shared toilets and hot water showers are featured.”

They also have a cafe and bar at the rooftop for you to chill and enjoy the regular Live Music Performance every Thursdays and Weekends. They also have Yoga classes.

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Best Secluded Hotel in Labuan Bajo

Le Pirate Island (from 50 USD)


To get to Le Pirate Island, you have to cross the sea by a speed boat. This kind of paradise is suitable for those who want to get far away from the busy area nearby Labuan Bajo.

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