Daily Travel Budget for Bali and Lombok


Here is a breakdown of daily travel budget for Bali and Lombok for independent travellers, who tries to keep the costs low as backpackers but still have some luxury and fun once in a while as some say tourists.

Budget in Bali / Lombok is definitely higher than the usual daily budget in Indonesia, but then again it is expected due to the its popularity and demand.

Food and Drinks

Street food meal is 1 USD – 2 USD
Cheap restaurant meal is 3 USD – 5 USD
Fast food meal is 4 USD – 7 USD
A large bottle of water is 0.70 USD
A bottle of beer is 1 USD – 2 USD

Budget for food and drinks daily is 8 USD – 15 USD


Basic budget stay is 5 USD – 10 USD per night.
Mid-level private room is 10 USD – 25 USD per night.
Guesthouses or hostels is 10 USD – 25 USD per night.
Average hotel price is from 30 USD per person per night

Budget accommodation daily is 10-20 USD.

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Local Transport

Options are cheap here with local bemos to minibuses and also long distance buses. There are also many budget flights options and in Java, you can take the train. Very rough estimation of this budget (as it highly depends on your travel style) would be 5-7 USD per day.

Attractions and activities

If you stick to mostly free attractions and local paid ones without a guide, the budget can be as low as 1 USD – 2 USD. If you want to pamper yourself a little more and join some tours and activities, the daily budget can go up significantly depending how many days you’re spending in Indonesia as well. You may add the below average prices to your total budget:
A massage is 5 USD – 10 USD
Other common day tours and activities are 20 USD – 35 USD

Other spending

Local SIM Card and data

You should also always have some money for the unplanned stuff, so I would say at least 5 USD per day for these miscellaneous.

Daily travel budget in Bali depends on your style of travelling and it will average at 25 USD – 40 USD per day.

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