Komodo National Park, Flores – Diving, Pink Beach and Accommodations

Being one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Indonesia, Komodo National Park in Flores is one of the must visit places in Indonesia.

The park is situated in the Wallacea Region and identified by WWF and Conservation International as global conservation priority area.

Where is it

Komodo National Park is in Flores, Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. It is located in the center of Indonesian archipelago, between Sumbawa and Flores.

Komodo National Park Map, Indonesia 

Komodo National Park Map by Burmesedays




Why go

It is the home to the Komodo Dragon, known as Ora to the Indonesians, and as a refuge for many other wild terrestrial species, with mixture of Asiatic and Australian origins. It is also rich marine life, consisting of over 1000 species ranging from reptiles like sea turtles to mammals like dolphins and whales, and also 250 species of reef coral. There are even chance of sighting flying foxes (fruit bats) at night across star-filled night sky.

Komodo National Park, Indonesia 

Komodo National Park. Photo by leafbug



When is the best time to go

It is tropical all year round thus always good to visit but it has more rain at the end of the year and could be really hot during August/September.

What to see

Komodo Dragon Indonesia 

Komodo Dragon. Photo by Millzero


The Komodo Dragon of course, touted as the living fossil. Walk around them upclose and personal but be forewarn and beware as there are reports that they can be dangerous if agitated.


There is also other varieties of wildlife like the Timor deer, wild horses, wild boar, buffalo, long-tailed macaques, palm civets, fruit bats and Rinca rat.

Pink Beach – Besides the Komodo dragons, little is known that there is a secret beach here which is known as the pink beach (known as the Red Beach by the locals).It was named as such because the sands are pink in color, mainly composed of corals, broken shells and calcium carbonate from the marine life that lends to its color. It is said that there are only 7 beaches in the world that have pink sand. Coupled with its unspoiled nature and the ethereal pink sands, this pink beach is indeed an experience to be had. Being sort of a secret and of the unbeaten track, you will find the beach uncrowded and that you can swim and sunbath in peaceful bliss.

What to do

Dive to immerse in the rich marine life and coral reefs. It could be strong currents but the viewing is still amazing. Diving in Komodo National Park brings high chance of rare marine life and coral reefs.

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Snorkel at the Pink beach, where you can have a chance to swim with sea turtles, manta rays and rock-hole island among incredible arrays of corals and fishes.

Camping and kayak – if you got enough of watching Komodo dragons or wildlife, fret not as you can do more outdoor activities like camping and kayaking. With kayak, you can even explore more places that are too narrow for the boats to get to, which undisturbed, are naturally rich with reefs and fishes.

Trekking – you can also trek around the islands discovering wonderful views of the sea and nearby islands


Komodo National Park, Indonesia - Eagle Sea 

Eagle at the Sea, Komodo Island. Photo by leafbug



Where to stay

You can find guesthouses within the park itself or you may choose to stay in Loh Liang (Komodo Island) or Loh Buaya (Rinca island). Else better budget and choices would be in Labuanbajo where you can take a trip to the park in the day. You may also choose to stay in the motorboat that takes you to the island as they do come with cabins and rooms. Many tourists had good reviews on Komodo Resort * just next to the Komodo National Park.

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Komodo Dragon walking 

Komodo Dragon walking. Photo by Richard Liblanc



What and where to eat

Most people come here for the activities and not really the food as it is limited in choices but there are some budget eateries nearby the park headquarters in Pulau Rinca.

How to get there

By sea – there is a ferry/boat service from Sape in Sumbawa or Labuanbajo in Flores, twice a every week.

By air – the best way is to fly to Labuanbajo from Denpasar, Bali without the need to transit on another flight or boat. Sky Aviation serves regular flights on this route.

Komodo Dragon walking at the beach 

Komodo Dragon walking at the beach. Photo by Adhi Rachdia



How to get around

The park is not that huge so most places can be cover on foot. Else you may charter private boats around as there are no public or regular boats.


Komodo Dragon Defense Stick 

Komodo Dragon Defense Stick. Photo by david.james.harris


Stay safe as the Komodo dragon do have histories of attacking human. So beware and do not get too close, and always stay close to your guide and listen to warnings. While out trekking to find them, a pole is very useful not only as a support but also in need as a weapon for defense. Komodo Dragon’s bite is suspected to be venomous and can cause massive blood loss, therefore, it is wise to stay alerted and safe.


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  1. Hello Rachel! Your blog is AWESOME!
    It has been helping me A LOT through our trip! My wife and U are traveling the world and we are now in Indonesia gor one month. Most all our activities were based on the advise from your webpage. We are currently in Lombok heading to Gili.
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  2. Oh, I would So love to visit these islands and see the dragons in the wild. We’ll add this one to our list. The scenery is amazing and being close to these creatures is quite a thrill!

  3. been there in 2012 and it’s amazingly beautiful island….nice and abundant marine life around too, I enjoyed a lot snorkeling and skin diving…

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