The Ultimate Pacitan Travel Guide


This Pacitan travel guide will unveil the beauty of this hidden gem in the southwest corner of East Java, Indonesia. Pristine beaches, magnificent caves, and captivating local culture make Pacitan a unique destination.

Discover the best times to visit, things to do, cuisine, and the best beaches in Pacitan. Prepare for an extraordinary journey to Pacitan Regency, a hidden paradise awaiting your exploration.

Pacitan travel guide, east java, indonesia
Pacitan Travel Guide. Picture by Husniati Salma on Unsplash

Where is Pacitan, Indonesia

Pacitan is a regency located in the province of East Java, Indonesia. It is situated on the southern coast of Java Island. The regency of Pacitan borders the Indian Ocean to the south. The regencies of Ponorogo surround it to the west, Wonogiri (Central Java) to the east, and Trenggalek to the north. The capital of Pacitan Regency is also named Pacitan and serves as the area’s administrative center.

Pacitan is approximately 200 kilometers southeast of Yogyakarta, around 150 kilometers northwest of Solo (Surakarta), and roughly 250 kilometers northeast of Surabaya. These cities serve as major regional transportation hubs, providing various transportation options to travel to and from Pacitan.

Why visit Pacitan

Pacitan is worth visiting for its beautiful beaches, excellent surfing spots, fascinating caves, adventurous rivers, scenic landscapes, and opportunities to experience Javanese culture and cuisine. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or cultural immersion, Pacitan has something to offer for every traveler.

The regency is blessed with scenic landscapes and natural attractions. Pacitan boasts beautiful waterfalls like Curug Lawe and Curug Banyu Anjlok, hilly terrains, lush forests, and rice fields. These natural settings offer opportunities for hiking, trekking, and enjoying the serene beauty of the countryside.

Rice fields in pacitan, east java, indonesia
Rice fields in Pacitan. Picture by Galih Setyo Putro on Unsplash.

Best time to visit Pacitan, Indonesia

The best time to visit Pacitan is during the dry season from May to September when the weather is sunny and ideal for outdoor activities. However, Pacitan can be visited year-round, and the region’s tropical climate ensures relatively warm temperatures throughout the year. 

The wet season, which usually lasts from October to April, may bring occasional rain showers and higher humidity. While the wet season can still be enjoyable, it’s advisable to be prepared for potential rainfall and plan outdoor activities accordingly. Consider avoiding significant holidays for a more peaceful experience.

Things to do in Pacitan

Explore the many caves in Pacitan

Gua Gong (Gong Cave)

Located in Bomo Village, Punung District, Pacitan, Gong Cave is a mesmerizing natural wonder. Its beauty is so captivating that it is widely recognized as one of the most stunning caves in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

Deep within the cave, approximately 700-800 meters below ground level, lies the crystal-clear waters of Sendang Bidadari. Additionally, the cave is home to unique rocks that produce a sound reminiscent of a gong when struck, giving the cave its name.

Gua Tabuhan (Tabuhan Cave)

In addition to Gong Cave, Pacitan boasts a wealth of other popular cave destinations, including Tabuhan Cave, located near Gong Cave. The unique feature of Tabuhan Cave is its stalactites, which produce musical sounds reminiscent of a gamelan ensemble, inspiring the cave’s name.

Gua Putri (Putri Cave)

Another must-visit cave destination in Pacitan is Gua Putri (Putri Cave), located in the same area as Gong Cave. The unique feature of Putri Cave is its well-lit interior, allowing visitors to fully appreciate the cave’s beauty without the need for headlamps.

Gua Luweng Jaran (Luweng Jaran Cave)

Luweng Jaran Cave is another highly recommended cave destination in Pacitan. Its unique appeal lies in its extensive underground passageway, which stretches for an impressive 48 kilometers and connects to other caves.

Pacitan Surf

Pacitan is a haven for surfers, with consistent waves and ideal conditions for surfing. 

Pantai Watu Karung (Watu Karung Beach)

Watu Karung Beach, located in Watukarung Village, Pringkuku District, Pacitan Regency, is renowned for its towering waves reaching up to 4 meters in height. However, beginner surfers should exercise caution due to the presence of rocks in the ocean that can pose a hazard. 

The exceptional quality of the waves at Watukarung Beach is well-known among avid surfers both domestically and internationally. The area also offers homestay accommodations for visitors, with an admission fee of IDR 5,000.

Pantai Srau (Srau Beach)

Srau Beach, located in Candi Village, Pringkuku District, Pacitan Regency, is a must-visit destination with three distinct areas to explore. The beach offers a dedicated surfing spot, a play and photo area among the perforated corals, and a hilltop vantage point with stunning views of the sea and surrounding coral formations. The challenging waves at Srau Beach are best suited for experienced surfers. Parking is available for a fee of IDR 5,000.

Pantai Teleng Ria (Teleng Ria Beach)

Teleng Ria Beach, located in Sidoharo Village, Pacitan, is conveniently situated near the city center and boasts a coastline stretching approximately 2.5 kilometers. 

The beach is famous for camping, outbound activities, and other tourist pursuits due to its central location and 24-hour accessibility. Teleng Ria Beach is also an ideal training ground for novice surfers, while experienced surfers can enjoy the varied wave conditions along the extensive coastline. Admission is priced at IDR 10,000.

Pantai Soge (Soge Beach)

Situated along the Southern Cross Route (JLS), Soge Pacitan Beach offers stunning natural beauty that is not to be missed. The beach, located adjacent to the main road, is a major attraction along this route. Its unspoiled natural surroundings, crystal-clear blue waters, and breathtaking scenery make for an unforgettable experience. The beach is well-maintained and features sizable waves, making it a popular destination for skilled surfers.

Admire its majestic waterfalls

Jurug Gringsing

Jurug Gringsing is a stunning yet relatively undiscovered waterfall attraction in Pacitan that is well worth a visit. The area is in Krajan, Ploso, Tegalombo, and Pacitan Regency and boasts unspoiled natural beauty and refreshing, crisp air. 

A 10-minute walk from the parking area takes you through a scenic forest to the waterfall. On-site amenities include public restrooms, food stalls, rest areas, and selfie spots.

Air Terjun Pantai Banyu Tibo (Banyu Tibo Beach Waterfall)

Yes, you read it right. It’s a waterfall on the beach! Banyu Tibo Pacitan Beach in East Java offers a unique and unforgettable experience. Unlike most beaches, Banyu Tibo features a natural waterfall that cascades directly onto the beach, creating a stunning visual spectacle. This rare and captivating sight is the main attraction for visitors to the beach and is not to be missed.

Grojogan Dhuwur

Grojogan Dhuwur, located in Barong Kulon Hamlet, Candi Village, Pringkuku District, is a breathtaking waterfall surrounded by lush greenery and the soothing sound of cascading water. The waterfall features a large natural pool with crystal-clear blue waters. Grojogan Dhuwur is fed by three main streams that flow continuously, creating a mesmerizing spectacle

Go boating on its many rivers

Sungai Maron (Maron River)

The Maron River, located in Dersono Village, Pringkuku District, Pacitan Regency, is often compared to the Amazon River for its natural beauty. Visitors can rent a boat to explore the 4.5-kilometer-long river and enjoy the stunning scenery. Lush vegetation lines the riverbanks, while the clear, blue-green waters add to the enchanting atmosphere.

Kali Cokel (Cokel River)

Kali Cokel, located in Watukarung Village, Pringkuku District, Pacitan Regency, is a river of stunning natural beauty. Like the Maron River, Kali Cokel offers breathtaking scenery, with the advantage of maintaining clear waters even during the rainy season. You can rent a boat to explore the river and follow its course to its endpoint at Watukarung Beach. Stand-up paddleboarding is also an option if you like to be more adventurous.

Kali Barong (Barong River)

Kali Barong, located in Candi Village, Pringkuku District, Pacitan Regency, may not be as well-known as other tourist destinations, but its natural beauty is just as captivating. You can explore the river by renting a sharp boat (Prau Mancung) that can accommodate up to three passengers or using a water bike. One of the unique attractions of Kali Barong is the Ceklukan art performance, a musical ensemble created from the sounds of the river and performed by 6-7 musicians.

Hiking/trekking in the great outdoor 

Gunung Geger

Gunung Geger is a popular hiking destination in Pacitan. It offers a relatively easy and enjoyable hike with rewarding panoramic views from the summit. The trail is well-marked, and you can witness stunning sunrise or sunset vistas from the top.

Bukit Sipitung

Located in the Donorejo village, Bukit Sipitung is a scenic hill that provides a challenging yet rewarding trek. The trail takes you through lush vegetation, and at the summit, you’ll be greeted with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes.

Seribu Batu Songgo Langit

Translated as “A Thousand Rocks Reach the Sky,” this area offers a unique hiking experience with rock formations and diverse flora. It’s an excellent place for nature lovers and photographers, with opportunities to explore fascinating geological formations.

Best beaches pacitan
Best Beaches in Pacitan. Foto von Oktavisual Project auf Unsplash

Best Beaches in Pacitan

No trip to Pacitan is complete without experiencing the breathtaking beauty of its beaches. Often referred to as a paradise of stunning shorelines, Pacitan is home to many picturesque beaches. Here are some of the top beaches that I highly recommend visiting.

Pantai Banyu Tibo (Banyu Tibo Beach)

A beach not to be missed is located on the southern outskirts of Pacitan in Widoro Village, Donorojo District, Pacitan Regency. Known as Banyu Tibo Beach, this stunning destination is a must-visit when traveling to Pacitan.

Banyu Tibo Beach offers a truly unique and unforgettable experience. The beach is home to a rare and captivating natural phenomenon: a waterfall that cascades directly onto the shore. This stunning sight is the main attraction of Banyu Tibo Beach and is not to be missed.

Pantai Kasap (Kasap Beach)

Kasap Beach is a premier tourist destination in Pacitan, often called the Raja Ampat of East Java. This stunning beach boasts white sand and crystal-clear blue waters, offering visitors an unforgettable experience. Located in Ketro Hamlet, Watukarung Village, Pringkuku District, Pacitan, East Java, Kasap Beach is a natural paradise to explore.

Kasap beach, pacitan, east java, indonesia
Kasap Beach. Picture by Arif Hida on Unsplash

Pantai Buyutan (Buyutan Beach)

Pacitan is renowned for its unique and distinctive beaches, each with a special character. Buyutan Beach, for example, features coral formations shaped like the crown of Dewa Narada. 

Here, you can choose from various accommodations in the area or opt for a more adventurous experience by camping in the designated savanna near the beach. The sound of the waves provides a soothing backdrop for an evening spent around a bonfire, enjoying delicious food and gazing at the starry sky above.

Pantai Srau (Srau Beach)

Srau Beach is 45 minutes from downtown Pacitan and easily accessible by two-wheeled vehicles. Known as the paradise of white sand beaches in East Java, Srau Beach offers a vast expanse of stunning shorelines. The beach is divided into three distinct areas, with area 1 featuring a landscape similar to the white sand beaches of the southern Java Sea.

Pantai Klayar (Klayar Beach)

Situated in Sendang Village, Donorojo District, Pacitan Regency, about 40 km west of Pacitan City, Klayar Beach is a stunning destination on the southern side of East Java, bordering Wonogiri in Central Java. 

This beach is renowned for its unique beauty and mysterious allure. It features white sand, giant coral formations resembling the Sphinx in Egypt, sea flutes, natural fountains, waterfalls, and stunning rock formations. Klayar Beach is more widely known among foreign tourists through online media than among domestic travelers.

Pantai Karang Bolong (Karang Bolong Beach)

Despite being a relatively new tourist destination, Karang Bolong Beach is well worth a visit. Located approximately 33 km from the city center in Kendal, Sendang, Pacitan Regency, East Java, the beach is easily accessible by private vehicle. Karang Bolong Beach is characterized by its towering rock cliffs with distinctive holes, offering visitors a stunning and soothing natural landscape.

Best Hotels in Pacitan

What to eat in Pacitan

Your visit to Pacitan would only be complete with trying its unique cuisine, which ranges from hearty meals to snacks. While some of Pacitan’s dishes may be similar to those in other regions, the flavors and spice blends are distinct. Specialties like Soto and Kupat Tahu have unique recipes that set them apart.

Sego Gobyos

A spicy rice dish with keningkir leaf vegetables and various sides like tofu, tempeh bacem, crackers, and chicken opor. Best enjoyed at night.

Soto Pacitan

Local variation of soto soup with celery, fried onions, bean sprouts, soy sauce, and fried peanuts. Unique for its inclusion of fried peanuts and is budget-friendly.

Sego Godhong Jati

Rice wrapped in teak leaves served with urap, stir-fried tempeh (kering tempeh), serundeng, and salted fish or crackers. The teak leaves impart a distinct flavor.

Kupat Tahu

Dish with Kupat (lontong), tofu, fried peanuts, celery, and bean sprouts, served with flavorful gravy. Often enjoyed with prawn crackers.


Low-calorie alternative to rice made from dried cassava typically served with shrimp paste or onion sauce and accompanied by fresh vegetables.


Rice cooked in coconut milk, pounded until smooth, and shaped into cubes. Best enjoyed with chili paste or alongside crispy fried tempeh.

Pacitan Food Souvenir

As a region located by the Indian Ocean, Pacitan is known for its tuna-based food souvenirs, including Lumpia Tuna (tuna spring rolls), Nugget Tuna (tuna nuggets), Sosis Tuna (tuna sausages), and Tahu Tuna (tofu stuffed with tuna).

In addition, there are several other tempting food souvenirs from Pacitan to try:

  • Banana Sale (Sale Pisang) is made from thinly sliced sun-dried bananas for three days, then sterilized for four hours in the oven until dry. It has a sweet, rich, and distinct flavor.
  • Sweet Rengginang (Rengginang Manis) is a Pacitan food souvenir shaped like a thick cracker made from glutinous rice. Its sweet and savory flavors make it a delicious afternoon snack for coffee or tea.
  • Jenang Sari Rasa Pacitan is made from rice flour, coconut milk, brown sugar, sesame, and glutinous rice flour. It has a delicious sweet and savory taste and makes a great souvenir due to its durability and longevity.

How to get to Pacitan 

How to get to Pacitan from Solo

Using the Solo-Surabaya highway and crossing Ngawi City, the journey by car will take 3-4 hours. 

Best Option: To reach Pacitan Solo, take a bus from the Tirtonadi terminal heading to Pacitan. You can choose between economy or executive class buses; the journey typically takes 4-5 hours. The Aneka Jaya Bus is one option for traveling between Solo and Pacitan. This non-AC economy bus has 3-2 seating, with ticket prices ranging from IDR 25,000 to 40,000 (around USD 2 – 3) per person.

Road to pacitan, east java, indonesia
Road to Pacitan. Picture by Oktavisual Project on Unsplash.

How to get to Pacitan from Yogyakarta

You can take the Solo-Surabaya highway by car to get to Solo, which takes approximately 1-1.5 hours, and then proceed to Pacitan as detailed above.

Best Option: A direct bus from Yogyakarta to Pacitan is convenient. Several bus operators offer routes between the two cities, and the journey takes around 5-6 hours. Bintang Terang is the only bus operator available, with departures starting at 06.00 WIB and the last pickup at 21.00 WIB. The bus also provides direct service from Adisucipto Airport to Pacitan, with one of the main drop-off points being Jalan Yos Sudarso Pacitan. The ticket price is around IDR 80,000 per person (around USD 6-7).

How to get to Pacitan from Surabaya

The journey by car will take 4-5 hours, using the Surabaya-Mojokerto Toll Road and passing Ngawi City. 

Best Option: Taking a direct bus from Surabaya to Pacitan is the most straightforward option. Several bus companies operate routes between the two cities, and the journey takes around 6-7 hours.

Alternative Option: If you prefer a combination of train and bus, you can take a train from Surabaya to Madiun and then transfer to a bus or minibus bound for Pacitan. This option allows for a comfortable train journey before switching to a shorter bus ride.

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