Train Rail Map, Timetable and Fare Price

Train (kereta api) in Indonesia is quite well connected within Java and using it would be easy with these information.

I myself had traveled on the train from Jakarta to Yogyakarta and it was a smooth and comfortable ride. I alighted at Purwokerto, on of the connecting cities in central Java.

Train Rail Map

Indonesia West and Central Java Train Rail Map

Indonesia West and Central Java Train Rail Map

Indonesia Central and East Java Train Rail Map

Indonesia Central and East Java Train Rail Map

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Train Timetable

Check here at their Indonesia official train website ( for the timetable for each destinations, like between Jakarta to Yogyakarta, or Jakarta to Surabaya or Yogayakarta to Malang. Unfortunately the site is only in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) but you can read the names of the places, note that Tanggal is date, Stasiun Asal is From and Stasiun Tujuan is To.

Train Fare Price

Also at the official train website, after selecting your to and fro destinations, you will find the price listed for different type of trains and also different companies of train.

Check out more information on train travel in Indonesia and How/where to Buy Train Tickets in Jakarta.


Author: Rachel

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7 thoughts on “Train Rail Map, Timetable and Fare Price”

  1. Hi Rachel,

    Having recently travelled around Java using the train network, we wondered if this article may be of use to your readers…. We had a very looooong wait to purchase our ticket in Jakarta for Yogyakarta, but really enjoyed the journey :)
    Hope it’s useful.

        1. there are trains starting from Jakarta at 0800 arriving Yogyakarta about 3pm. If you want an overnight train, then the train departs Jakarta 2015-2045 in the evening and arrives in Yogyakarta 348-415 in the morning

  2. I will be touring Indonesia in June 2017 around 20Th
    I will be hoping to take a train from Jakarta to Purwokerto with my partner on the 22nd of June returning to Jakarta July 7th 2017.
    Can you advise whether you can purchase two FIRST CLASS return ticket and what the cost will be in Indonesian currency.

    1. you may expect about 30 USD per person each way for a first class ticket. bear in mind though the luxurious trains are sold out early, do book in advance.

    2. Hi Petersen,

      I’m mufid, Indonesian.
      Just avoid to travel at the End of June 2017. Its because on June 25th or 26 th all muslim in Indonesia celebrate ‘ied Mubarok’ that caused the citizen in major city back to their hometown. Indonesian Railway (KAI)’seats will be full for 2weeks before and after the day.

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