Train Rail Map, Timetable, and Fare Price

Train (kereta api) in Indonesia is quite well connected within Java, and using it would be easy with this information.

I traveled on the train from Jakarta to Yogyakarta, and it was a smooth and comfortable ride. I alighted at Purwokerto, one of the connecting cities in central Java.

Exploring Java by train is convenient and affordable, allowing you to witness the breathtaking beauty of its islands while immersing yourself in the local culture.

Train Rail Map

The train rail map of Indonesia provides an overview of the country’s extensive train network. Operated primarily by PT Kereta Api Indonesia, the network covers various regions and cities.

Take the train from jakarta
Take the train from Jakarta

Train Timetable

Check their Indonesia official train website ( for the timetable for each destination, like between Jakarta to Yogyakarta, Jakarta to Surabaya, or Yogyakarta to Malang. Unfortunately, the site is only in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian). Still, you can read the names of the places; note that Tanggal is date, Stasiun Asal is From, and Stasiun Tujuan is To.

Or you may also use to check Indonesian train schedules and prices online in English.

Train Fare Price

Also, at the official train website, after selecting your to and fro destinations, you will find the price list for different types of trains and also other companies of trains.

How or Where to Buy Train Tickets in Jakarta and Indonesia?

In addition to buying train tickets at the respective train stations, an alternative option is available. Travelers can conveniently purchase train tickets at any Indomaret outlet in Indonesia. Although a small transaction fee applies, this method is worth considering for saving time and transportation costs. Present the receipt at the designated Indomaret counter at the train station before departure to exchange it for a train ticket.

Alternatively, we recommend buying your train tickets ahead and online at They are a trustworthy ticketing agency directly connecting to the Indonesian Railways (KAI) ticketing system. It’s the simplest way for travelers from overseas to purchase tickets online. does charge a small booking fee.

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