Important Indonesian Travel Words

When you are traveling in Indonesia, these words could be useful for when you need to ask around or tell people.

It is also useful when referring to thesigns at tourist places such as bus / train stations or attractions.


Train – kereta api / kereta
Bus – bis
Airplane – pesawat terbang
Boat / Ship – kapal
Station – stasiun
Airport tax – Bandara pajak / pajak bandara

Tourist Places

Tour / travel – wisata
Tourist attractions – objek / tempat wisata
Park – taman
Lake – danau
Shopping mall – pusat perbelanjaan
Beach – pantai

General Travel Words

Weather – cuaca
Festival – perayaan
Itinerary – rencana perjalanan
Peak season – musim ramai / puncak musim liburan
Tourist – para wisata / wisatawan
Budget – anggaran
Map – peta
Female – perempuan
Shopping – belanja
Fare – ongkos
Price – harga
Best – terbaik

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