Do I need a Travel Insurance for Indonesia?

Being an independent traveler myself, I have to say that one of the best decisions I made was to get a travel insurance whenever I go traveling to anywhere in the world, and Indonesia is no exception.

There are many times that I had unexpected things happening which caused me to be thankful that I had bought a travel insurance in retrospect.

Personal accounts on travel insurance

Travel curtailment
On my first extended backpacking, it was in Europe and with Murphy’s law, I got called from my family back home that my dad had to undergo a heart surgery (don’t worry my dad is healthy and well now), so I had to cut short my trip and pay to change my return flight to earlier. Also, I had to waste a few of the pre-bought domestic flights in Europe. I manage to recover all the extra expenses needed to get back early and also money spent but unable to use. The few thousands redeemed is worth so much more than the few hundreds worth of insurance that I bought.

Loss of belongings
In another time I was back in Netherlands for work and at the most unlikely place, which is in a well-known hotel, my handbag got stolen right in front of my friend at the breakfast table. There are some really professional thieves out there and you can never be too careful sometimes. This is where the travel insurance comes in and helped me recover some of my losses from the valuables in my handbag.

Travel Insurance for Indonesia

Minor accident
During the trip in Cambodia, I took the liberty to rent a motorcycle to explore around a small village and an island. Everything went well on a whole day exploring but who would have thought, a short trip out the next day got me falling off the bike due to a flat tyre that I had overlooked. Lucky for me there was nothing major, but in retrospect, if there is anything that would have me ended up in a hospital there, then I would definitely be glad that I have a travel insurance to cover for it.

Foot infection
In my most recent independent traveling, it was in Myanmar which I, unfortunately, got a foot infection. This is possibly due to the many times we had to go barefoot in many of the temples and prior to that, I had some blisters due to trekking in hills. With this, of course, I had to seek medical treatment after and once again the travel insurance came to the rescue.

Why you need a travel insurance for Indonesia

So as you can see anything can happen despite our best intentions to keep safe. There are many external forces and sometimes it is due to our own negligence. If I needed travel insurance anywhere in the world from Europe to Asia, then I believe Indonesia is of no exception. In your travel to Indonesia, a travel insurance is a must although we all do wish we do not need to do any claims on it. Above all else, the best value from a travel insurance is that it buys us peace, it let us know that we are covered in the event of anything major that is unexpected.

Why World Nomads

For independent travelers who are always on the go and sometimes be gone from their home country for an extended period of time, World Nomads which you can deal with online from anywhere seems to be the answer. They also cover for residents of Indonesia and many other countries in the world that are traveling to anywhere else, depending on the insurance coverage that you bought of course.

Few of the things you should know about World Nomads travel insurance:

What does the travel insurance cover
Besides the usual medical care, lost or stolen personal belongings, trip cancellation or curtailment, personal liability and medical expenses, you should check what does the policy covers. Take note of any extra add-ons and also any clause to all those claims you are entitled to. The best advice about buying a travel insurance is to read the policy properly before deciding.

Adventurous activities
World Nomads is also different from quite a number of travel insurance because they insure adventurous activities. But do check out first what are covered and which plan that would suit your appetite for adventure.

Making a claim online
With World Nomads, it is one of its kind where you can actually make your claims online from anywhere in the world and not just from your home country. This is definitely good to know for long terms travelers of the world. This would also mean you can do your claim right from Indonesia itself if there is a need while traveling there.

How to buy?
You can buy the World Nomads insurance online with credit card here or use the form below.

If you buy a travel insurance from World Nomads through Indonesia Travel Guide, we may be paid a commission for the sale, but rest assured we know that World Nomads is a trusted insurance provider that many independent travelers around the world vouch for. Have fun and safe travels!

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