Bali Arts Festival in Denpasar, Bali

Bali Arts Festival, which is held from June to July every year, including this year 2018 Bali Arts Festival (June – July ), is inarguably one of the most famous festivals in Bali, Indonesia.

People from far and wide will travel to Bali and visit Denpasar every year during this time to catch the Bali Arts Festival. It is consists of a full month of daily cultural performances, handicraft exhibitions and many more arts-related activities.

About Bali Arts Festival

Here is where you see the whole of Bali come together in Denpasar to showcase their love for arts in terms of music, dance and beauty.

You will get to see performances from all remote corners of Indonesia, almost forgotten ritual and village dances, food and offerings, classical palace dance and even contemporary dances from the schools of Denpasar.

Sample of classical dances are legong, gambuh, kecak, barong, baris, mask dances and even contemporary dance choreography derived from old village dances and activities.

In history, the idea of Bali Arts Festival was conceptualize when the people of Bali want to promote cultural tourism. With the pride of the Balinese culture and the mantra of “tourism should not be for Bali instead Bali for tourism”, the culture and tourism organization further cultivate arts of Bali with opening of various schools of dance and arts.

Usually, a cultural parade will mark the opening of the annual festival in Bali and will take place in the Niti Mandala Park in Renon, Bali.

This important part of the festival will bring thousands of performers to showcase their music and dance talents along the street parade while clad in colourful traditional Balinese costumes.

After the parade, the official ceremony will be held in the evening on the open stage of Bali Arts Center.

Besides the cultural performances and dances, visitors will find that the area is lined with food stalls, exhibitions, competitions, fashion, flower arrangements and handicrafts. Visitors who travel to Bali will be able to sample Indonesian food and even do some shopping as hundreds of local artisans will participate in the festival.

Bali Arts Festival in Denpasar Bali

A huge stage will be set up in cultural complex of Bali’s capital city Denpasar, known as the Art centre. This place marks as the heart of the Bali Arts Festival. The Art centre is an epitome of classic local architectures with various designs and a lovely garden. It also houses museums of artifacts of Bali’s history. Those who travel to Bali are most welcomed to join in the festival in Bali if they are around here such as in Denpasar during the month-long Bali Arts Festival.

All photo credits to Pandu Adnyana

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