Day Trip from Jakarta – Bogor’s Botanical Garden, Cimory Restaurant and Taman Safari

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So on my long stay in Jakarta, I was itching to head out and escape the hustle and bustle of Jakarta and found that my answer is not too far away. Bogor just about 1-2 hours away depending on traffic on a weekday, is the answer to a desperate traveler in Jakarta or a fellow jaded resident looking for a quick getaway.

In my trip I manage to cover Kebun Raya Bogor (Botanical Garden) in Bogor which is a reminiscent of the grand Dutch era gardens for the royal family, inclusive with a castle within the compound, which unfortunately for me that day was having a ceremony (upacara) thus close to public, but it does look majestically inviting from the outside.

Another 30 minutes away, an hour if traffic is heavy, it was heavy for me on an ordinary weekday, is the Taman Safari (Safari Park). But before that, stop by Cimory Restaurant for a quick fill up of a decent meal overlooking mountains and random modern construction all over but nevertheless still pretty. With the cool wind blowing and view of rolling mountains, it almost transported me back to when I was at the hills in Italy.

After lunch, just another 10 minutes away is the safari. Well worth to bring the family here, especially a delight for kids. It ranges from a ride through the safari where animal dwell in free range, a baby zoo for more intimate view and take pictures if you like, bird park hosting many wild birds, and even some zoo-like enclosed animal, my favorite the white tiger, majestic itself against a backdrop of a replica of Taj Mahal.

Was my trip worth it? Oh, definitely it is. Cool mountain area with beautiful flowers and animals, it does tickle the naturalists while entertaining the young and restless.

If you are looking for a weekend getaway instead and want to take it slow and stay for the night, there are hotels and guesthouses to choose from. Not only you can explore more of Bogor town and take a full day at the Safari, you may also go to Puncak, a famous mountain chill out place for locals.

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